Korean McDonalds vs Taco Bell vs Lotteria

It’s time for- Food Adventure Program For Awesome People! The fast food edition So, one of the things we find fascinating whenever we travel to other countries is that we wanna see the kind of fast food that they have because every single fast food chain has something different in every other country And we’ve never actually talked about the Korean fast food here and the Koreanization of some of the big chains Koreanized McDonald’s, and the special things that you can only order here in Korea Yes… Na na na na na na na na naaaaa How am I supposed to jump? I got my pervert stick here. [M] Oh no, Simon can’t get out of the shot [S] I can’t- I can’t jump out of my own shot [S] This is impossible now [M] Okay look, ready? [S] How am I going to- [M] Ready? [S] How about both of us jump? Na na na na na na na na naaaaa Taco Bell! Okay, we’re here at Taco Bell, and they have 2 special things on the menu that we’ve never seen before [M] So we ordered both of them. We ordered the grilled bulgogi burrito [S] Yes And we also ordered the fiesta burrito [M] Bulgogi’s actually- [S] It’s a really thinly sliced beef in a really sweet kind of juice [M] Yeah, it’s been like- it simmers on top of this hot pot [M] Ooh ooh! I wanna eat like the people do in the Taco Bell commercials, which no one does in real life [S] Let’s do it Woah, this bulgogi here is so sweet, it’s like candy meat. Really, really sweet and juicy. You got the spiciness of the sauce and then the sugariness of the bulgogi You know what it tastes like? I feel like I’m having a ham and pineapple pizza. [M] Sweet [S] Yeah, it’s kinda like if you took all the meat and replaced it with pineapple [M] Okay [S] That’s what it would taste like (Accented) Okay, sugar on this meat is nice Yeah, I’m actually not gonna finish this, I did not like it enough Oh, I wanted to show everybody, these ones have the messages on it, but it’s written in Korean [M] This one says oh~~ no~~ [S] Oh no [M] Oh no McDonald’s! Looks like a McDonald’s. What do we have here? [S] Martina goes right for the toys. [M] What? Me? [S] How old are you, Martina? [M] No [S] Behave [M] We have- let’s see- a double bulgogi burger [S] Okay [M] A bulgogi burger, we’ve got more bulgogi to deal with [S] Let’s go for the double bulgogi burger [M] No [S] Of course, we gotta go for it. [M] But, here’s what I’m saying [S] What? [M] The bulgogi burger is still bulgogi and double bulgogi is twice as much bulgogi [S] Look, It wouldn’t be McDonald’s if we didn’t overstuff the bread with gratuitous amounts of meat, so we’re gonna get the double bulgogi burger [M] I prefer not to [S] We’re going for it [M] Um, no [S] Double bulgogi burger [M] Oh god [S] Oh man, that does not look good Sexy hey~ Oh jeez [S] Uh… guys? We got this saucy mess of a burger and we’re really concerned [M] What happened here? [S] This bulgogi burger is a disgrace [M] I don’t want to try it [S] We gotta do it, come on. For science! It’s not good I’m not even gonna dignify that meal with digestion, it’s gonna go right into the diarrheas That does not feel wholesome, guys [M] We did not finish it [S] Woah… Number 1: Visually, it looked like it had been soaked in grease [S] I felt like I could wring that out like a towel [M] Yeah Ring ding dong, ring ding dong And it didn’t actually taste like beef or pork, it tasted like a mixed meat Not good, guys Lotteria! We ordered their European Fresco burger, which I actually have no idea what’s on this burger [S] Well, I’m sure that Europeans would know what’s in this, because this is from Europe. Europeans, what this fresco cheese is? [M] I don’t know [S] I have no idea The cheese comes out and it goes ‘fresh!’ and it slaps you [M] We also got 2 sides, we got ojingeo rings, so we got squid rings, like this. [S] 3 of them And it just- literally, you order it and it comes with 3. And we also ordered the red crab nuggets There were 6 of them but they gave us 5 This looks like the nicest place we’ve been to so far [S] It’s a slice of cheese that’s been battered and deep fried [M] There’s a really small beef patty, I mean the smallest beef patty I’ve ever seen in my life [M] That’s the cheese [S] Look at the big cheese, look at the baby patty [M] Alright [S] I guess. Let’s go on to the squid rings Tastes like squid paste [S] That’s not real squid [M] Aw, that’s a shame [S] It’s just a squid cake, mushed up [M] Well that sucks, I really wanted to have- [S] Laaaaame. I wanted some squid also [M] Supposed to be a crab nugget [S] Snow crab nugget [M] Shaped like a heart [M] Fish cake [S] Crab cake [M] Deep fried crab cake [S] Still not a fan This is what a krabby patty probably tastes like [S] So that’s this week’s Food Adventure Program For Awesome People, I feel very… [M] Sleepy [S] Bunged up [M] We barely ate anything, but I still feel gross from the amount of fast food we just consumed [S] Yeah, we had a bite of everything and I just don’t feel good in my tummy anymore If you guys have any special dishes in your country, like if you have a McDonald’s in Europe and you have some special thing, I wanna hear in the comments what your special burger is, or what your special Taco Bell stuff is And I don’t wanna hear any comments from you Americans and Canadians being like “Oh, the cool ranch tacos are the best!” because I’m not bitter. [M] You know what, I think we should just go hit the gym [S] For the next 7 hours [M] Yeah, we need to burn off our bulgogi butts [S] Cause we be up in the gym just working on my fitness, she’s my witness

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  1. Depending on the season, we have taro pies, banana pies, and haupia (Hawaiian coconut pudding) pies at McDonalds in Hawaii in addition to the standard apple pies

  2. McDonald's in Holland has the McKroket. It's a bun with a beef-ragout croquet and mustard. It's okay-ish, but almost every other random snackbar in Holland sells tastier kroketten.

  3. I live in Australia and in my town (not sure if it's anywhere else) we have Taco Bill and it's a restaurant

  4. as a canadian, fuck fast food… mcdicks had a mclobster thing going on a while ago… i dont think id ever want try it though.

    but cod nuggets from M&M's is the whip.

  5. Lol what?!? I love the bulgogi burger!! I thought that was the best tasting burger at Korean McDonald's lol

  6. u r both lucky 2 have each other open minded 2 food, I make me in a positive state watch both of u specially d Korean bbq, black pork n outdoors

  7. im Filipino by d way, if I love pork belly, try n research Cebuchon, dey serve diz in West Covina Ca., Totos Lechon

  8. "It wouldn't be McDonalds without stuffing the burger with gratuitous amounts of meat." Here in Cali you can barely get two pickle slices, let alone that much meat XD

  9. lol in korea or china or anywhere else other than america you eat healthier wjolesome foods and when introduced to preservatives you can really taste the chemical compounds … thats my guess anyway lol

  10. In portugal we have soup at Mcdonalds, and we have Bifana, which is in rustic style buns, with pork and mustard and you can add a fried egg to it.

  11. I live in Korea. I love the McDonalds bulgogi burger. It's really delicious. I only had Korean Taco Bell once, got the bulgogi burrito. It was also delicious as well. And Lotteria is ALWAYS good. These guys in the video are lame.

  12. when I went to Korea in 2005, I had a shrimp burger and pomegranate soda from a Loteria in the subway mall. It was pretty good.

  13. If you guys are ever in Las Vegas, there's actually a pretty popular KoMex (Korean-Mexican fusion) food restaurant there. Apparently it's a popular spot to get brunch after a night of partying on the strip?

  14. Warnings for not Korean : I don't know what happened to Lotteria in this video, but DON'T GO TO LOTTERIA EVER. NEVER. I am korean and I think Lotteria is the WORST fast food shop in korea and I am not the only one that thinks lotteria is WORST in korea. lol

  15. Fast food video about Japan would be awesome 🙂 I liked KFC in Japan, I thought it was as nice as a fast food place can be. Also as a side note in Finnish McDonald's we have rye bread burger. I don't think it exists anywhere else.

  16. We used to have a mc beer. which was just beer. I think some mc Donald's still have it but most had to stop because of drunk people

  17. you guys always make me smile when I'm going through a rough time. You guys make me feel good about being dorky, different and also you taught me to appreciate the small things in life. Thank you Simon and Martina. You helped me through depression made my life better.

  18. Just recently started watching Simon and Martina and I stumbled upon this video…it's just so odd to see Simon without facial hair and Martina without colorful hair.

  19. I ate MC donalds in Miami, i'm soooo sick, and i'm am person who could never throw up, so i just had to sleep it off 🙁

  20. In the UK we have an annual "tastes of America" at McDonald's there's a different burger for different states every week. My favourite is the new York stack because it's served on a seeded bagel instead of a bun xx

  21. I don't know if anyone has pointed this out but no fast food chain (especially those with widespread stores) in Indonesia can survive without selling chicken+white rice in their menu (even Burger King succumbed to this trick)

  22. In Germany I once asked for a hamburger. I got a bun slathered with mayo and a big hunk of ham. Turns out I should’ve asked for a beefburger.

  23. I dont know about other countries but Singapore Mac Donalds have this burger called "Mc Spicy" and its pretty much a fav around here from Mac donalds. Simon and martina Should try it

  24. To be honest, I always skip videos that has Simon with tank tops, reason is that it grosses me out when I see his pits.

  25. Kiwi burger is seasonal at the maccas here, it has a friend egg and beetroot, tomato, lettuce and cheese. It's alright from what I've tried but I'd rather get the same thing at a fish and chip takeaway than a McDonald's 😂

  26. Simon should have had to eat ALL OF IT. It's really not a food review unless he eats all of his and at least half of Martin's food.

  27. omg simon looks like the most irritable nerd on this phase of his life HAHAH a face u wanna punch, but pls im no hating i love u guys but lol😂😂

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