– Hey friends, so you are
gonna do some afternoon large family freezer cooking with me. I got a few recipes that
we’re gonna do this afternoon, hopefully, in just like
two to three hours. We’ve got some other projects going on around the house and I
have this limited time. If you saw some of my past vlogs I shared, I’ll never get another freezer cooking day in again and I also had some
grocery haul saga drama, where we just had a week where I kept trying to get in a freezer cooking day and life was going on,
wasn’t gonna happen. And you know how that goes. So I joked with some
other moms on Instagram, one mom was joking about how, you know, sometimes plan B doesn’t work and sometimes plan C doesn’t work, and I say: by the time we get to plan D, or F or G (chuckles) then I just give up, and like, okay, we’ll try it again later. So I didn’t think I would
get a freezer cooking day in until our next big grocery haul, but this afternoon I actually have a little block of time, and I think it’s gonna happen, cause here we are here doing it. So, here’s my little mad scientist plan here on this little whiteboard, we’re gonna do baked
oatmeal breakfast muffins, we’re gonna do blueberry, and chocolate chip, and applesauce. We’re gonna do freezer hamburger patties, we’re gonna do freezer
turkey burger patties, and I’m gonna do a bunch of tuna cakes for the freezer. All of these recipes are gonna be over on largefamilytable.com for
you to see individually, if you’d like. I’ll also have a post
entailing all the details of this freezer cooking afternoon. Hey Daniel puppy, are
we making some muffins? (baby talking) Hey, look at mommy. Did you go out with daddy some? (baby talking)
Vroom! (baby talking) Did you go to the parts store?
– Mm…yeah! – Did you go to Walmart? – Yes. – Did you go to get a treat? – Yes. – What treat did you get? (baby talking)
– Cookies? – Good job wiping the counter, Daniel. Good job. So we have enlisted our super
mega, large family sized bowl. I think this bowl is like a… – And I’m wiping the counter. – And you’re wiping the counter, you are. If I remember correctly,
it’s a 30-some quart, I’m pretty sure it is, I’ll have my amazon
link in the description below if you’re interested
in checking it out. But, there it is and I got this bowl for freezer cooking days in particular, when we are doing–good
job–a whole lotta mixin, whole lotta mixin going on. So, I’ve got a bunch of
different oatmeal out, we’re gonna use most of this for the baked oatmeal muffins, but I also need some for the tuna cakes. Oh boy, Daniel, I’m
gonna–yeah, you smell it, you come over here, now
you get to dump these in. Okay, dump it all in, dump, dump, dump, dump, dump, dump, dump, dump, dump. Good job, that’s one,
so that was four cups. Say four cups of old-fashioned oats. – Four cups of (baby talk) fashioned cups. – Old-fashioned cups (laughing) okay. Good job, Daniel, okay,
come on over this way. Push it in, good, so it’s eight. We’re doing 12 cups total
of old-fashioned oats and I’m gonna actually do the baked oatmeal chocolate chip muffins, since the kids are working hard on getting their bedrooms
cleaned right now. That’s where the younger kids are, all upstairs with Travis cleaning and bigger boys are doing schoolwork and Daniel’s here making muffins and Benjamin’s watching us. So, next we’re gonna put in eight teaspoons of baking powder. I’m gonna do all the dry ingredients in here and then the wet, and then we’ll blend them all together. – The main reason… – Yeah!
– Yeah. – The main reason you
do that is to make sure that your baking powder
blends well with ya… It’s important when you’re doing muffins. So I would also tell you
to put in four tablespoons of cinnamon and I’m out, ahhh! I do have some allspice and some cloves, but I’m gonna save the
little bit that I have of each for the applesauce
baked oatmeal muffins and for the blueberry
baked oatmeal muffins. I figured with the chocolate chip muffins, since we have that winning ingredient, we can get away without
having some cinnamon. (laughs) Are you busy eating some, Daniel? Yummy, okay. We’re gonna now… Mommy’s gonna carry it over here for you, and then I want you to dump it in. So we got four cups brown sugar and then take your wooden spoon, let’s take our wooden spoon, and mix-y, mix-y, whoo! Good job, Daniel! You’re gonna put some little things in this little bowl and then we’re gonna mix them up together, okay? Not gonna use that one right now, but we’re gonna use this vanilla, so we’re gonna do two tablespoons of vanilla now in our little wet bowl. Okay Daniel, now we’re gonna do one cup of oil, okay. Now we’re two cups of applesauce. We’re doing four cups of milk, okay. Whoop, a little bit more, total four, almost there, oh boy, okay now. Oh yeah, yeah, okay. You turn around the other way, I know you like to touch and pat it all, it’s such a good Montesorre
sensory experience. Okay, pour it in, buddy. Whew!
– Yay! – Oh yay! Milk, milk, milk. – Milk, milk, milk. Mommy’s gonna get our
picture too and video, nice. (baby talking) Look at that! Fun. Yeah, you can mix that, it’s fine. Gotta find my scissors, but this bag of chocolate chip–semi-sweet chocolate chips from Walmart is four cups, so we’re gonna let Daniel have fun and dump the whole thing in. Oh boy Daniel, you wanna dump this in? Oh baby, okay, wow! Oh boy, now you can
mix em with your spoon. Mix em with your spoon, good job. Okay, so our–hold on one second, sweetie. Our chocolate chip baked
oatmeal breakfast muffins, they are ready and we’re gonna put em… Yeah, we’re gonna bake em now, aren’t we?
– Yes. – Yes, let’s go. – Okay, so we’ve got three dozen here, I’m gonna put em in the oven at 375 for about 30 – 35 minutes, and we still got some more left, so we’ll make more after this. Next up, I’m gonna do
about 10 pounds worth of ground beef hamburger patties and then I’m gonna do
five pounds of turkey burger and hopefully get
those tuna cakes in too, my camera battery is only on 35% and I have all my other
batteries charging. So, I’m taking lots of
pictures and hopefully, I have enough battery power
to actually film this all. So, actually since my big bowl is in use over there with muffins, we’ve got a little over 20 minutes left on the muffins in the oven, so I’m gonna work on these
ground beef hamburger patties. I’m gonna use a pot–because I’m just that kind of creative lady–to mix my hamburger patties in. To start, I’m gonna go
ahead and put in four tablespoons of garlic powder, we’re using about six
tablespoons of paprika, four tablespoons of cumin and then, about another four tablespoons of parsley. Gonna put those in first
and then get my hands dirty with the ground beef and mixing them together and making
them into patties. So there are all those spices looking so beautiful in the pot, if you hear any background bass, Travis has the music thumping upstairs and it’s funny, Naomi just reported, he’s got the microphone to Naomi’s karaoke machine that she got for Christmas, and so he’s encouraging the kids and telling them things to do and telling where to put
their laundry, and everything all by a microphone, there we go. And here are our burgers–I got 24, 25, 26, 27. 27 burgers out of that 10 pounds of ground beef. Of course my burgers are very thick, they’ll be very juicy, so we’re gonna flash freeze these in the freezer right now and then bag em up. So we’ve got our first
batch–three dozen baked oatmeal chocolate chip muffins
are cooling over here, and then running over here, we’ve got two more dozen of that same recipe and then our bowl is empty. So, that batch made five dozen. Okay, and then I’m gonna set the timer here for 30 minutes. Next up, what am I doing? I’m doing turkey burgers, that’s it. So for the turkey burgers I’ve got a cup of parmesan cheese, we’re gonna use two
tablespoons of garlic powder, two tablespoons of parsley flakes, and I have five pounds–actually, I have six pounds, six
pounds of turkey burger. So, that’s what we’re using
in our turkey burgers. Okay, so now I’m gonna dump
in the turkey burger meat. I’ve taken a break for a minute to get a load of dishes going. I’ve got some muffins–bout
two dozen or so, in bags over there. I got some more over
there on the counters, Mr. Daniel’s playing. So, here’s kind of our
overview, round and round. (baby talking) Gonna get these dishes
going, hold on sweetie, gonna get these dishes
going and take a break, and there’s Mr. Benjamin. Here is our baked oatmeal
blueberry muffin mix, getting ready to be put
into our little muffin tins. And Miss Amelia–who is
gonna be five tomorrow, Miss Chocolate-on-your-face?
– Me. – Are you having a happy birthday? – Mm hmm. – What kind of birthday
are you gonna have? – Elsa. – An Elsa party? And where
is your Elsa party gonna be? – At the rollerskating… – At the rollerskating rink, yes! You’ve been cleaning up your toys, making room for your happy birthday? – Yeah, it’s all done. – It’s all done? I’m so glad. I’m so glad, you are gonna
have a wonderful birthday. Okay, so there are our baked
oatmeal blueberry muffins, and I’m grabbing my phone, cause I kinda take pictures. See, I can’t just freezer cook. I am freezer cooking and I am making a Youtube video out of it, and I’m sharing it on Instagram stories, and I’m taking pictures for blog posts. Cause I can’t just make my muffins, I gotta help you make muffins too. So, it gets a little more
complicated then just cooking. But we’re doing it, aren’t we? That’s right, Amelia’s gonna know how to make all the muffins. So, we are taking a little
freezer cooking break, we’re gonna read Beauty and the Beast, we’re gonna read Baby Animals, we’re snuggling with Benjamin, but Benjamin’s getting–if we can get it, you getting five teeth, five teeth, ahhh. Okay, I just pulled out these three dozen blueberry baked oatmeal muffins. Gonna put two more dozen in there, and feed the baby some more, and then we’ll get on to tuna cakes. So, since I’m out of cinnamon, I’m gonna use ground
allspice for our applesauce muffins and we’ll use two tablespoons. So, this is our applesauce
baked oatmeal muffins. (baby talking) Looks a whole lot like–Daniel… Looks a whole lot like regular oatmeal. – Yes. – So we’re gonna put em in our muffin cups now and make our applesauce muffins. So, I just got the counter–good job, thank you Daniel–just got the counter all cleaned up from all the muffins. And now I’m gonna do a quick sweep on this floor here. (upbeat classical violin music) okay, now the floor is back together, just in time to start
one last freezer recipe. I’m gonna rinse out
this large, super mega, large family style bowl here, before we start on the tuna cakes, too. And I’ve been keeping
up on our little board. So, let’s see, we’ve got
applesauce muffins done, so, blueberries done,
chocolate chips done, and applesauce is done, except we do have enough for two to three more dozen once this batch of three dozen comes out of the oven. Hamburger patties are done, turkey burgers are done, those are in the freezer, I’m gonna pull those out and put those in baggies. And now we’re gonna do the tuna cakes. (music playing) So, for the tuna cakes, I have total, 120 ounces of tuna here, that I’m gonna drain and we’re gonna use. So, this is 120 ounces worth of tuna recipe, here we go. Okay, so I’ve got 120
ounces of drained tuna in our mega, large family-sized bowl. And we’re gonna do four
cups of old-fashioned oats, we’re gonna do two dozen eggs, a tablespoon of rosemary, two tablespoons of garlic powder, two tablespoons of parsley flakes. Here are three dozen of the applesauce muffins that are done, here’s our other stacks of muffins waiting to go in the freezer. So here is what the tuna
cakes batch looks like right now and now I’m gonna mix it all up. So, here is my stack
fresh from the garage, of flash frozen patties and of course, Benjamin hears me talk and he says: Hey mama, talk to me. Here’s how the hearty hamburger
packs are working out, I’m getting about six of these, cause they are so nice and hearty, into a pack and I’m just laying em flat, that way I can get more
stacked in my freezer. And here they are on the pan, and I’m just putting em
in these freezer bags. Here’s the update with the tuna cakes. I’ve also been making
them for dinner tonight, so I have done a total of 16, and we’ll have some leftovers. That has actually only given me 14 here to flash freeze, but I’m still gonna do it to show you guys the process and then
this will be one dinner with some side items for our family at some point in the upcoming month or so. Here’s how the tuna cakes that I just got done cooking are looking. So I lined everything
up before I go marching it out to the big
refrigerator in the garage. We have a total of five dozen muffins, we’ve got two dozen
parmesan turkey burgers, and a little over two dozen
big hearty hamburgers. So, for the tuna cakes, I
got two and a half dozen, because I made 16 for
dinner and I got 14 now that are over here my little pan, gotta get those out in the
garage to flash freeze, and tomorrow I’ll put
them in their baggies. So here’s the honest reality time, from…it took me six hours and 25 minutes to do all of this–the five dozen muffins, and all the dozen and dozen of burger patties and all that. Of course, a regular momma who doesn’t have to film and take pictures, just all the extra carrying on that I do, I bet it would take you about three hours. I also stopped several
times with Benjamin, and Daniel and little assistants, and yeah, so that’s how long it took me. So, outside here in the freezer, we have my whole bottom
drawer full of this five dozen muffins and then up here, along with a bunch of
frozen spaghetti sauce, we have all of our burgers on the shelf. And here, I have the
pans of the tuna cakes that are gonna flash freeze, and I’ll just get these in the morning, and then I’ll show ya. Put em in the bag and
give you some other info. So guys we are back to this tuna cake flash freezing. And when I say flash freezing, it froze for well over a day. Let’s see, I did my freezer
cooking day on a Thursday. I put these tuna cakes in at bedtime, then Friday, we just party hard, having a huge birthday
celebration for Amelia, and we had it at the rollerskating rink, we had all kinds of friends, and it was just party, party, party. I actually had the tuna
cakes on my to-do list before we went out the door, and can you believe it, it just didn’t happen. So, today the kids started
archery this morning and then that was a lot
of driving and such, so, back home now, we’re rested, time for these tuna cakes, I’ve circled back to them and you can see they just kind of look like oatmeal cookies, they’re just frozen solid and so another thing that has happened, is I’m out of my big freezer bags, so I’m actually gonna
freeze them–maybe two or three at a time in these
smaller sandwich bags. But that is okay, you
know I wouldn’t do them, I wouldn’t freeze them two to three months in these bags, however,
we will probably use these within the next week or two. Also, go over to largefamilytable.com and all of these freezer meal recipes, large family style, that I shared, are up over on the blog. Also with pictures and directions on what you actually do when it’s time to cook these freezer meals. And before we put these in a bags, I don’t want you to forget, I need you to text the word FREEZER, the full word freezer, you should see those words popping up on the screen, text the word FREEZER to 44222 and I’m going to send you back my free Mega Freezer Meals Planning Pack. It’s over seven pages, I think we got eight pages, or so, in there, there all planning sheets to help you plan your
own freezer cooking days. Whether you do large scale, small scale, however you wanna go about it, you need my free Mega
Freezer Meals Planning Pack to help you get squared away and organized for your day. So now we’re gonna bag these up. Oh, so they’re all so cute, this all probably would
have fit in just one gallon freezer bag if I had any left. But that’s okay, because as always, we make the best with what we have on hand around here, right? Now, I wanna show you
a real quick slide show of my freezer cooking pictures from this freezer cooking afternoon I did this week. (classical music playing) Okay friends, I hope you
enjoyed looking at all those pictures, again, one more time, text the word FREEZER to 44222 to get my Mega Freezer Meal Planning Pack, or if you don’t have that texting option, or it’s not working or whatever, look for my link in the description below and it will take you to where you can snag my free Mega Freezer Meals Planning Pack for your freezer cooking days. Okay, see you next time with another brand new video. Bye, bye.

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