LARGE FAMILY FREEZER MEALS | DAY ONE | Massive Freezer Cooking Meal Prep 🔪

– Hey friends! So we are really just getting started. We’re a couple hours in but
we’ve been going pretty gentle for a large family style
freezer cooking day. I’ve got me list of everything
we’re attempting to tackle. If you’re new here I’m
in my third trimester with baby Benjamin David,
he is baby number eight. And just got a new freezer
last week and I am all inspired to get a wonderful stockpile
of freezer meals for my family for days when I can’t think,
when I don’t wanna cook, for when we have the new baby. I got things- I’m a working
mom too, so I’ve got a five day business trip coming up next
week and I’m going on that with one of my good
friends and everything, but it’ll just help at home. What I’m doing is a bazillion meals today. Now out of these meals, like for example, I’m hoping to do four
to five pans of lasagna. We’ll probably eat two pans
or so of that this month. The other pans are just gonna be to have in the freezer for when we need them. Any recipes that I don’t
spell out correctly or even get my mouth
open as the day goes on, any recipes you need,
there’s gonna be a link in the description below
and that’s gonna take you through over to It’ll have every recipe
for anything I show ya. I’m gonna show you my plan. Things might very well not go as I plan. I may only get half of this done. This freezer cooking day
might become two days. I don’t know how, I don’t
know, I got nothin’. So let me show you what’s happening here. Okay, so, here’s what I
wrote out this morning to help keep my brain straight. I’m hoping to do about five
meatloafs for the freezer, tuna noodle casseroles, bakes
ziti, lasagna, taco meat, chicken, broccoli and rice bake, chicken enchiladas, fried rice. I’m also hoping to have
leftover hamburger to just have precooked and ready for
spaghetti sauces and chili. I’m also hoping I have
some chicken breast left, that I’ll just freeze as
precooked shredded chicken, that is so convenient for, ya know, soups and other recipes, and chicken alfredo, and whatever else it
is I may want to cook. If my meats cooked, it’s
just one less thing. I do love my slow cooker, I’ll
show you what we got goin’ on over here, but while I’m
cooking today I might as well get those things done. Then I hope to do over a hundred
peanut butter and jellies for the freezer, over a
hundred grilled cheeses, this is gonna be as simple
as two slices of bread, two slices of cheese, and
then, ya know, on a day that we want to do grilled
cheese, we can just pull them out and I can grill them
frozen, it’ll be perfect. I hope to do several
loafs of blueberry bread, applesauce bread, and banana bread. I also hope to do a whole
big stash of egg and cheese breakfast burritos, french toast, and even some egg casserole. So, again, that’s the plan, dive into it, I’ll show you what I got. Daniel’s fussin’, he’s done
with lunch and ready for his nap so I’ll get him down here in a minute. It’s a big team effort
and like I said, so far, it’s 2:15, as I’ve gotten
ready through the day and as our day has gotten
moving, I’ve just been working on basic prep stuff here and there. Like Jayden and Zian have taken turn chopping vegetables for me. Zian’s on the onions
now, which is helpful. They’ve also both taken
a turn taking Mr. Daniel on some walks, so he’s
ready for his nap now. The only- oh Daniel! It’s okay. He really wants, they’re
watchin’ those pancake tutorials on YouTube where the artist makes different pictures out of pancakes. (door closes) Hey guys. So, anyway, other kids are ready to help. They’re gonna help me a whole bunch, but I’ve just told them I needed to do some prep work gently
throughout this morning. So I’ve got about 10 pounds
of brown rice cooked. I’ve got a big pot of pinto beans that have been going all morning. I’ve been doing, a total, I’ve had about 25-30 pounds of ground beef. My exact totals, again, are gonna be over on the blog post description below. So with the ground beef,
what I’ve been doing is, a lot of times when I do
freezer cooking, in the past, and in my prior freezer cooking
videos, I do my ground beef on the stove top, but I thought today, since I was doing so much, why
not just do it in the oven? So that’s what I’ve been doing. This ground beef, I just
pulled out, so I have some more pounds of ground beef in
there now, I’m gonna pull out. That’s gonna be, again,
for the lasagna, burritos, baked ziti, and all
kinds of stuff goin’ on. And the instant pot right
now, I have about 10 pounds of boneless, skinless chicken breast. I just use my poultry button
and the instant pot adjusts to the weight of that, this
is my 8 quart instant pot. These bananas, I know they
look gross, but they weren’t already frozen, these were just bananas, slowly dying on the counter,
so what I do when I need to do banana bread is, I just put them through the microwave for a little bit. So that’s gonna be, we’re gonna get the bread machines going here soon. This is just a bowl of
grease from hamburger. This is all my rice. And then over here, I’ll show ya, we got some bread, more bread over here. Here’s my baking pans, some brown sugar. Now this meat hasn’t
actually been out too long, so I’m fine with it sitting out. I’m gonna work on defrosting
it through the microwave and, ya know, between
cookin’ it in the instant pot and who knows what else I’m gonna do. We’re gonna get this processed. I’ve got some Italian dressing sitting out on the counter, I’m gonna do some bags of Italian chicken for the slow cooker. Again, that’ll be easy for even my family, they can set one of those up, dump ’em in the slow cooker, even
if I can’t my mouth. I got a bunch of tuna for
the tuna noodle cassseroles and more things in the pantry and such, but this is how the kitchen
is looking at the moment, and I’ll give you another update soon. So, I’ve gotten a lot of
questions already today, on Instagram and Facebook where I shared the pictures of what I was doing. Lots of people have asked me about doing ground beef in the
oven, so I’ll show ya. This is each, close to
five pounds each pan. And I feel like my oven
temperature’s a little wonky. This was frozen to
start, I cooked it on 400 for probably closer to 45 minutes or so, and I took it out, one at a time, and just kinda chunked it up. So now I’m gonna chunk it up
some more with my spatula, that’s my technical
term, I’m gonna drain it, and we’re gonna work on
processing it from there. So here’s about 15 pounds
of cooked ground beef. I did it all in the oven
and, like I mentioned, it’ll go in different recipes. Okay, so updating you guys
on what’s going on here. I just got the meatloafs done,
I went ahead and did four. And… what else have I gotten done… I feel like not a lot. The banana bread is in progress. And the grilled cheese
are done, Naomi did those. Zian is currently working on
the peanut butter and jellies. He’s been my runner and helping me move all kinds of things too. So, Naomi’s been taking a break, I’m gonna get her back inside
and get her on french toast, and I’m gonna clear my oven area now and I’m gonna get Jayden doin’ the eggs and he’s gonna do the
egg and cheese burritos, so I guess I’m gonna circle things that are in progress here. Circle that. And the next thing I’m gonna
do, I’ve just been thinkin- Hold on, sweetie pie- thinking how, ya know, my next steps. So I’ve got everything
ready, I can do enchiladas. And then after that I have everything I need to also do taco meat. – [Child] Momma? – Honey, hold on one moment,
I see. Put it in the trash. Then after that I need
to work on, let’s see, I probably after that can
do chicken, broccoli, rice, ’cause I’ve got chicken
done and I’ve got rice done. So after that I need to do
the noodles, I need to do noodles for tuna casserole,
need to do the ziti noodles, and I need to do lasagna noodles, and once the noodles are done, I can put those meals together. I may or may not get to fried rice today, I’m lookin’ at that and
I’m just not feelin’ it. And then I’ve got all my ground
beef cooked and everything. So let’s see, gonna
circle the french toast. My bread machine’s just
beeped for the bread, so I can get another loaf
of banana bread going, and then I’ll probably
start working on some blueberry bread, so I
think we’re gonna do it. I got no thoughts on the
egg casserole right now and you can tell my voice is
tired, but we’re doin’ a lot. Here’s a kitchen overview
of what’s goin’ on. Jayden’s gettin’ him and
Zian ice cream sundays, cuase that helps get the work done. I’m getting all kinds of
stains on my belly here. And my husband is building
bike racks outside with the younger kiddos, so
they’re bein’ productive too. I wanted to show you
guys what I’m workin on right now with the chicken enchiladas. I’ve got, excuse me,
chipped finger nail polish, five pounds of shredded boneless,
skinless chicken breast. I did this in the instant pot today. I’ve got about a cup
of chopped green onion and a few yellow onion,
and I’ve got four cups of cooked brown rice, four cups of beans. I need to add now I’m gonna do about six cups of shredded cheese, I have, let’s see here, a fiesta cheese blend. And then, these are,
this is enchalada sauce, the cans are on the larger
size, so I’m thinking three of these is gonna be more than
enough, but I will of course go by my eyeballing
school and see how many we really need here in a minute. What I ended up going with, since again, these are bigger cans, I just used two of these cans, since they are 28 ounces. So you’ll just have to
adjust the ounces, ya know, this comes in small cans, big cans, however that works, but two of these. And now I’ve stirred it all
up together, so I’m going to put these on the wraps
and wrap them up in a pan. I’m actually gonna do a pan
of this for dinner tonight, we’re gonna have it on paper plates, so I just save on dishes a little bit, and then I’m gonna see how many pans I can get done in the freezer. (bright music) Okay guys, so this is what our
pan of enchiladas looks like for tonight, I’ve got all
kinds of interesting stains I’ve collected on my shirt now. We also have a whole watermelon I’m gonna cut up, so this’ll be plenty. Of course you can top your
enchiladas with olives, or sour cream, or more
cheese, or anything you want, but I think this will
be good for us tonight with all the cooking
we’ve got going on today. And so, since these aren’t
going in the freezer first, I’m gonna do these for
about 20-30 minutes on 350. Whenever we have our
frozen baking pans full, we will do those at about
400 for up to an hour. My oven is a little sketchy sometime, so I have to check things, but
that’s a general guideline. Now I’m gonna get my little freezer cookin’ station going with these. Okay, so here’s one of the baking pans with 10 enchiladas in it,
so now I’m gonna top it with about a cup of cheese and another half a can of the enchilada
sauce, put some foil on it, label it, and then that’ll be our first freezer enchilada meal, ready to go. Here’s the second pan ready
to go into the freezer. Not the enchilada sauce, but I
just put half a can on there, wrote the directions and
that’s gonna go in a stack. So I was able to get- (child yelps) Yes, I hear you Daniel,
Daniel’s ready for dinner. I was able to get three of these done with the chicken enchiladas. The fourth one is dinner tonight, I would’ve loved to
have gotten five total, four for the freezer and one for tonight. Okay guys, so instead
of talking hand you’ll have talking belly tonight,
see all my lovely stains? So I wanna show you end of the day freezer cooking confessions, look at this, it just goes on and on. Now the dish washer’s
going, but I am totally done for the day, I can’t do this anymore. I’m gonna go to bed. Actually, I’m gonna have
some blueberry bread and a glass of milk and
then I’m gonna go to bed. So these are just a lot
of our big pots and pans, like I did my rice in that pot,
I did my beans in that pot, used the Instapot all day, ya know, to do almost 30 pounds of chicken. Different baking dishes and
such, so yeah, there it is. And that’s pretty much
how it’s gonna stay. We are packing up shop for today. Look, yeah, reflection,
what we did get done today, so we got a lot of these items prepped. And my tone has changed,
we got done, let’s see, three loafs of blueberry bread,
three loafs of banana bread, four pans of chicken
enchiladas, the four meatloafs, about 30 breakfast burritos,
50 peanut butter and jellies for the freezer, and 50
grilled cheese for the freezer. Yeah… and so, there’s still
a lot more meals I wanna make but again, I’m callin’ it quits,
we’ll start again tomorrow, but tomorrow we’ll have so
much of this prep work done that hopefully it doesn’t
take another full day. Hopefully, in about four
hours or so I can get the rest of the meals put back together. So these things are just
staying out for tonight. I do still have two more
loafs in the bread machines, but we’ll pull those right before bed, and this counter is now clear,
and so, yeah, that’s it. I’ll see you guys in the morning. (bright music)

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