LARGE FAMILY MEAL PLAN #1 | Eating Freezer Meals & Batch Cooking, too!

Hello friends! This is something new
that I am just starting. Real quick, if you’re new here, my name is Jamerrill, this
is Large Family Table, and we end up talking a whole lotta lotta about food in all it’s
forms, a whole lotta food, because if you’re new, again, I’m a momma of eight, there’s a lotta food feeding a family of ten that
goes down in this house. And we talk about a whole
lotta home schoolin’. So, brand new this week, I have had so many requests for my
large family meal plans, large family meal planning help, people wanting to see what exactly I feed my family all day every day,
what goes down food wise. I share a lot of recipes,
a lot of grocery hauls. But I wanna say for years you all have been asking for the
full large family meal plan for the week, and over on
my blog like the top article ever
is when I did a one month large family meal plan
where I did all the 90 meals and 60 snacks for 10 people for the month. So to make that a little
more manageable for me, I’m gonna give you the
large family meal plan for the week starting with today. I’m starting to film this,
it’s a Sunday evening. So I guess I’ll be going Sunday evening through Saturday evening. This morning for breakfast
the kids had muffins from the freezer, I made
Travis and I an omelet. On the way home from church we took a nice long country ride home, so I ran to the grocery
store to get cat food, got myself a salad, got the kids some of those like dollar lunchables, so what I’m doing now is dinner. Of course we have a ton of freezer meals, but Gabriel and I have been
saying that we want spaghetti. So I’ve got, this is
about four to five pounds of pasteurized ground beef. I’m gonna do a big 14-quart
pressure cooker full of sauce. I’m going to have mine on
this spaghetti squash here and I’ll do regular ol’
noodles for the kids. Just chopped this spaghetti squash. I already put a cup of
water in there, too. To do spaghetti squash in the instant pot, you just cut ’em in half,
you scoop out the insides, put in a cup of water and then put it in the instant pot for 10 minutes. Over the last year and a half or so, I have continued to just let these electric pressure cookers be
a bigger part of our life. Even if I’m not doing a full meal in the pressure cooker, I feel like I’m using a pressure cooker
for something every day. So like now, I happen to be using both pressure cookers tonight
to do my big batch, sauce, and then to do my spaghetti squash. But some evenings I
might just be doing rice or potatoes or some
other steamed side item. And then some nights, you know, I’m just using one or
two pressure cookers. The five pounds of ground beef is done. I’m gonna pull that out and get some tomato sauce in there and some spices. So this is the big batch sauce. So also doing some meal
prep for the coming week. I have 20 of these five
ounce cans of tuna. I’m gonna prep a bunch of tuna salad for us to have for lunches
for the next few days. Either on wrap, spread, or on
actual lettuce for a salad. And then I’m gonna do
some veggies and fruit. Okay Liam, so you can
help with this tuna salad. I want you to take all that
mayonnaise and get it in there. – Like this?
– Yeah, that’s fine. You can also just put the spoon in there. Here’s the whole big batch of tuna, ready to go in the
refrigerator for the week. So I got this really cool
lookin’ cantaloupe cutter, I wanna say this was a five dollar gadget, I got it a few months
ago hadn’t used it yet, well that’s pretty neat,
here’s how this turned out if I can find this little
chopper thing on Amazon I’ll have a link in the description below for you if you’re interested. So in here I have made
five pounds the spaghetti, the small shell noodles,
and then in here we have a nice big pot of sauce, this
will be for dinner tonight and probably dinner tomorrow night, and we may even have it as a like a lunch choice option over the next few days we’ll see how long it lasts. So the kids are eating around the counter, watching a documentary but this
how their plates are lookin’ and here’s my big obnoxious plate, there’s half a spaghetti
squash under there, the other one is in the instant pot and I bet I’m gonna eat
all this with no problem, but at least its not a noodle. So it’s bed time around here, we’re getting ready to do bedtime stories gonna show you the food that’s leftover and all the food that’s prepped
and ready to go for the week So up here I set out two
packs of pumpkin pancakes and a pack of french toast sticks the kids will eat those
over the next few days, we have some baked potatoes that are left, I just steak roast last night, these were left over I thought
we’d have them for lunch today however we ended up eating, picking something up on
the way home from church. So these will get eaten
over the next few days, we will see when, it’s Sunday
evening now so let’s see this is my spaghetti squash
I had with my dinner. We have the leftover
spaghetti so this is dinner for tomorrow, which is perfect
cause we have Taekwondo, so I just, am gonna heat it up, I might pour it all in a baking
pan and warm it, we will see I’ve got some cauliflower,
it’s more cauliflower I need to process, got some
other lettuce back there. This is the tuna salad I went
ahead and prepped for lunches this is the cantaloupe which the kids are so ready to get into this
so, that will be gone tomorrow and then we have some veggies in here I’ll be using throughout the week. Got a little bit of yogurt left three packs of muffins are out also, apples, these three grapefruits I wanna try and get rid of these this week cause they’ve been around a bit so this is how we are
starting out the week. Late night confessions,
it’s only 10:30 but, anyway, just got kids read
to, got everybody in bed and I really want to eat,
like peanut butter and bananas so I’m trying to behave myself, I’m gonna make myself a
peanut butter protein shake I’ve got some protein powder, almond milk and then this PBfit powder,
I also will put some ice and stevia in here, just making myself a late night protein shake that’s not actually eating a
jar of peanut butter. Happy Monday friends,
so for breakfast today these are the french toast sticks I set up from the freezer last night, gonna just warm these in the
microwave for about a minute, and then we have all of
this cantaloupe I’ve prepped yesterday, so the kids are having french toast sticks and cantaloupe. This is Benjamins cantaloupe and a little french toast
stick, there’s Naomis, this is Liams he’s a cantaloupe machine, all of the french toast
stick have been eaten, some kids want some seconds so I’m gonna go ahead and
defrost these pancakes, now I get lots of
questions about defrosting frozen pancakes, of
course if you do it right, you’re gonna put a
layer of parchment paper between each pancake so you
can peel individual ones, however, I don’t need individual pancakes, I need a whole lot of pancakes. And then this is Travis and I’s breakfast, he did not want Swiss cheese
on his but I put some on mine. So the kids are getting
ready to run out with Travis, he’s going to the tracker supply store, I’ve gotta make a bunch of phone calls and go through mail and such so here’s the tuna salad I made yesterday
I’m toasting it on bread and I’m gonna try and push those
bananas as a side item today. I prefer to chop apples
but the bananas gotta go. And then here is my mom lunch
so this one I was able to fold like a sandwich, this
piece is a little smaller I’m just gonna shove it
in my face like that. So right now I’m getting
ready to run five of the kids back out to Taekwondo, we’re heating up the leftover
spaghetti shells from last night and that’s gonna
be real quick leftover dinner. So guys it is another morning
it is Tuesday morning, I didn’t video it but last
night I went to Denny’s which is a local restaurant
with a whole bunch of home school mom friends,
we stayed out late havin’ home school mom chat, I
wanna say till midnight it was lots of fun, but I behaved myself, I ordered an omelet and I
ordered bacon and I behaved, yay! So as far as the kids this
morning I have to actually go out to the dentist and
do some errands today, so I’m gonna help them get some breakfast, they’re gonna have pumpkin pancakes again this is the second bag that’s left, and then we’re done with those freezer meals that I set out Sunday. This is the grilled
chicken bacon ranch salad at McDonalds I’m having this for lunch, Zyans having a Big Mac and fries
and I’m having a diet coke. Kids are at home eating
stuff with Travis and we’ll all be back together
for dinner tonight. So it’s Wednesday, last
night let me tell you what happened to our meal
plan, I had on my calendar and I forgot when I did
my meal plan this week, I got three big boxes of food for a sponsored opportunity from Hello Fresh, and this video isn’t sponsored by them, but this is just like, back and behind the scenes stuff right. So whenever I do that I cook up all the boxes and then it just makes a ton of food for my family for several days, all that to say, so now today, Wednesday we have a ton, sausage, spaghetti and some chicken and some meatloaves anyway so we’ve now added that
into what we’re eating, works out well for us though
because today is my work day, that’s why I’m in this big sweater, it’s 45 degrees outside but my favorite place to work is out on my front porch, especially with all these
leaves changing et cetera, so this morning for breakfast
the kids are just like, I don’t care if it’s breakfast, have your choice of leftovers
we need to eat this stuff, and I’m having some of
the chicken that was left, from my big Hello Fresh cookup. And I think that’s pretty
much what we’re going to be eating on this Wednesday. Good morning friends,
well I’m in the same hat, same sweater I think that I was
wearing in yesterdays clips, but they’re clean I’m going
with it, we’re moving forward, so today is Thursday and what’s happening, we’re going to the
childrens museum today and then we have Taekwondo tonight, another dynamic we have going on is I have two cleaning ladies
that come once a week or once every other week, since I’m also a working mom they give the house good top to bottom scrubbing, and we need to get going pretty
soon in order to have a nice chunk of time at the
childrens museum so kids are doing some quick pickup
and getting ready for the day, I’m actually packing
breakfast to take with us because we have a 45 minute drive, this is gonna be the breakfast bag with the muffins and some breakfast cookies, these are pretty big so they
can just break them in half, and then I’m gonna encourage
everyone to eat a banana with a bread item and then
apples are underneath, and then this will be
our big lunch bag with our frozen sandwiches,
cookies, chips, raisins and then I’ve got another
bag of breakfast cookies, those are from the freezer
too, we’re just gonna be out all day so this should feed my people. Also before I run out the door, I had three big steaks I had set out two or three days ago to defrost, that my husband was gonna grill, he hasn’t gotten to that yet so what I’m doing today, cause
obviously I wanna use up those steaks, I dumped
them in the slow cooker, there’s a sirloin in there
and I think a top roast, I’m gonna put these two
bags in there because keto low-carb wise, these
radishes end up tasting like potatoes and then I’m
gonna chop up two onions, this is gonna cook on low all
day for up to eight hours, and then Travis and I can have
this for dinner this evening. The kids we still got a lot of leftovers, you’ll see that they’re gonna
be working on eating that. So we are at the childrens museum, Amelia would you like to show our friends how your sandwich has worked out. – Yup
– [Jamerrill] So this was a frozen sandwich, is it good? – Yup
– [Jamerrill] Yup it’s perfect you’re on your second one, aren’t ya? How’s your sandwich Daniel? – Good.
– [Jamerrill] Good. Okay so back for dinner
and gonna flip around to go to Taekwondo, we have
her leftovers laid out, this is the sauce from the spaghetti, I did earlier in the
week, I’m going to freeze what is left here, I will use this in a spaghetti bake or
chili or something later, these are baked potatoes,
we’re gonna eat those up, several of these, this bag, these carrots, these sweet potatoes,
this mashed potatoes and actually this, this is like
an Italian sausage spaghetti. Got all three steaks in here
with some radishes and onions and let have let them slow
cook all day while we’re gone, oh I think I said that
earlier on the video, I did I told you that, so here’s how they’re looking now and that’ll give Travis and I some low carb options. Okay so we’re having lunch, and one of our good friends
who came over to visit, what did they bring us to go with our sandwiches Daniel, What you get? – Chips
– [Jamerill] Chips, our friends brought us Doritos, so the kids are having of course, freezer
PB&Js that are defrosted but they’re also getting Doritos and then, hello dirty dishes, I’m gonna cut apples and we’ll have some apple slices with it and that is our lunch for this Friday, for breakfast it was, french toast sticks, this is what’s left from those, and then I had two eggs, and we shall see what’s
happenin’ for dinner. Well I don’t know how well I did on this first attempt of what we ate this week, large family meal plan thing
that I attempted to film, I know I didn’t film
anything the last few days and we’ve still been
eating the last few days, so I kinda fell off
the wagon with that but hopefully you get my overall point of what I would like to do, I
would like to be able to just take the camera around
and show you how I’m planning and prepping and
defrosting and cooking and recreating with leftovers and all of those little food things that I do in snippets to become this large family
meal plan, weekly video so let me know what you
liked about this video, let me know what you
would like to see more of and I’m gonna pick up my camera
and start again tomorrow, record another full
week and try to capture all the things that you are looking for, because y’know here at Large Family Table, I’m all about, helping
you feed your people, but wait, but wait there’s more you don’t have to stop watching, click this video right here and you can keep watching some of my very
best large family cookin’.

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