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– This is “Last Chance Kitchen,” brought to you by
Hidden Valley Ranch. [dramatic music] ♪ ♪ Well, it all comes down to this. – [sighs] – This is the final challenge
in “Last Chance Kitchen.” ♪ ♪ So the winner of this challenge
gets a spot in the competition. Off to the finals in Mexico. ♪ ♪ Who wants to go to Mexico? – Me–well, I just come back
from there, so… [laughter] – So, Casey,
what would it mean for you to win “Last Chance Kitchen”? – This is my third time
doing this show, so, I think to win this way
would mean everything. I want to win the title. That’s why I’m here. It’s down to me and Brooke. We were both in the finale
cooking on our seasons. So it’s very ironic that the two of us are fighting
for that spot. – Brooke. You hate “Last Chance Kitchen,”
Brooke. – You know, I guess don’t knock
it till you tried it, right? [laughter] – Okay.
[chuckles] – At this point,
I’ve spent four years hating on “Last Chance Kitchen.” It’s safe to say that I appreciate
“Last Chance Kitchen” right now. What if I come back
and win it all? How ironic would that be? – So, over the course
of the competition, we challenged you all on skills
that every chef should have. We had you cook everything
from fine dining to barbecue. The only way
to really ensure that you stay in this competition is just to cook great food
consistently. ♪ ♪ So for your final challenge
in “Last Chance Kitchen,” we’re gonna test just that:
consistency. How are we gonna do that,
you ask. So you’re each gonna make
two completely different dishes. – Two dishes. – Here’s the catch. ♪ ♪ I’m only going to judge
one of those dishes. – Wait, what? – When time is up, you’re gonna place those cloches
on the dishes, and I’ll decide at random
which one I’m trying. – Cool. – So, obviously,
it’s in your best interest to make both dishes
equally good. We’re gonna give you
45 minutes on the clock. It all comes down to this. ♪ ♪ Your time starts now. [cheers and applause]
– Come on, Brooke. [lively music] – I’m thinking
I’m gonna do a soup, and I see cauliflower
right in front of me. I know I can make
cauliflower soup very quickly. Hi.
– Hi. Brooke and I actually
cook similarly. She and I get a lot of flavor
out of simple ingredients. My plan is to stay away from
the dishes Brooke produces. – Here you go.
– Thank you, Chef. – Sure.
– Hey, Jamie. – What’s up, guys? – Brooke, what are you making? – I’m gonna do a soup and a salad dish. – A soup and a salad’s
super ballsy for the finale,
but it’s Brooke, so… – I think that it is important
for chefs to cook consistently and not just have
one star dish. So I want to show my versatility
on this challenge and prove that
I deserve to be here. – Casey? – Steamed cod and a beef and peach dish. I’m gonna do steak. I’m gonna do a steamed fish. It’s a lot of components
with lots of flavor. If I can just set up
the steamed fish, I can focus on just making
a really good steak dish. ♪ ♪ all: Oh! – What are you guys
ooh-ing and ahh-ing over? ♪ ♪ First thing I need to do is concentrate on getting my soup
to be perfect. I add my cauliflower
and I add my milk, and I’m just gonna simmer that and then work on my garnishes
from there. – 30 minutes! – Soup’s working.
What’s next, Brooke? – Soup’s working. I’m gonna start on
my ground pork and make a little salad
to go with it. My intentions this season are to do better than
I did last time. And the only way to do that
is to win. – 25 minutes! – Make sure you taste
those peaches. Like in Whole Foods,
you go and, like… [laughter]
– Touché, my friend. But I’m gonna compress them,
so… Making this steak dish
is just all about every component being
perfectly cooked. I need steak
with a nice rub on it. I need to get
the potatoes cooked so that I can get those crisp
in duck fat. I need this compressed peach to
really have a lot of flavor. ♪ ♪ – What is that? – Red onion. Soaking it in ice water. I’m shaving vegetables to get them in some ice water to get them
nice and light and crispy, because that pork is
really rich. – 20 minutes, ladies. ♪ ♪ – Just searing a steak
may seem simple when that’s the only thing
you’ve got going on. But I’ve got stuff in the oven, I’m basting, I’m resting, I’m steaming. There’s a tremendous
amount of pressure just to get two dishes
put on the table. – Brooke, what do you got
going on over there? – Cauliflower soup. – Cauliflower soup, yeah. – I taught Katsuji
how to make it, so I thought maybe
I could take credit for it. [laughter and cheering] [tense music] – Go to sleep. – Oh, there you go. The old spoon rest. – What does that mean,
spoon rest? – She’s got a spoon
underneath her steak, so there’s circulation
around it. It doesn’t overcook on one side. – What you doing
with the blender, Casey? – Making a lettuce cream. Lettuce cream,
I can make in a minute. I just want the steamed fish
to be resting in this light little
cream sauce. – Can I get some tasting spoons? The most difficult part
of all of this is keeping your eye on
so many different components. And I want to make sure that I’m not waiting till
the last minute to plate. – You guys have ten minutes. [unintelligible chatter] [upbeat music] – Aah. – Yay. – Casey.
– Hi. – How you doing?
– Good. – What’s going on?
– Oh, you know. – Whoa. – Is that over? – I don’t know.
You tell me. – Right.
– You’re cooking it. – All right,
I have another one. That whole little “mmm” noise
can rattle you, and you’re thinking,
what does he want, rare? Because this is perfect. – What are you making? – I’m doing a steak dish.
Classic– just classic stun ’em flavors.
– Classic steak dish. And what’s the second dish? – And I’m doing a steamed fish. – Steamed fish with what? – Lettuce cream. – Lettuce cream, okay.
– A little of fennel, cauliflower…
– Okay. You nervous at all? – Sure.
There’s a lot on the line. – What’s on the line? – A lot!
“Top Chef,” the title. – You didn’t come back here
not to win, right? Is that it? – Right, that. All right,
I have another steak. I’ll slice both at the end, I’ll see which one is the best, but at least
I have a safety net. [tense music] – Hey, Brooke.
– Hi. – So what did you make? – So I made just a simple
cauliflower soup. A little bit on the, like,
creamier side with no cream, just milk. – Is that a hot soup? – It is a hot soup. Oh, I just–I just… God damn it.
– [laughs] – Really?
– What? – You’re gonna go there? I’m plating too early. I’m jumping the gun. – [laughs]
What? – [sighs]
– I’m just asking if it’s a hot soup and…
– Yes, it’s a hot soup, and you will get it hot.
– It’s… – Holy sh–. [laughs softly] I also have a ground pork salad. – How is putting it in
the blender gonna make it hot? – [sighs]
You know what? It’s the only vessel
I have handy right now, and you’re stressing me out. [distant laughter] – [laughs]
You’re like, “Tom, go away.” – Hot soups are usually
served hot. That–good form.
– After you temped Casey’s steak she dropped another one.
[laughs] – Look,
it’s gonna be piping hot. Careful not to burn your mouth. – Re-chef. [laughter] – Six minutes. – Wow. – Did they really just say that? – I just want to
achieve this goal. I want to check it off. I want to know that
I can do this. Brooke, this is my time. Sorry. – Whoo-hoo.
– I’m getting so nervous. – This is a nail-biter,
ladies and gentlemen. – Casey, get your plates.
– Yeah. – You can actually
feel the tension. At this point,
it’s anyone’s game. If someone makes a mistake, and if it’s under the cloche and I don’t pick that one, I’m never gonna see it. And so, this is
an interesting challenge. I’m gonna leave the kitchen
while they play it out. – Piping hot soup. [laughter] [tense music] – Holy cow. The steamed fish is perfect. The lettuce cream is beautiful,
it’s light. I love it. – Three minutes, Brooke,
three minutes. – I’m feeling equally good about both of my plates, which makes me feel fantastic because I don’t know
which one he’s gonna choose, and I would be happy with him
eating either one. – Ohh, how is it? – Perfect.
– Awesome. – I now slice my steak, in which it was perfect. Thank you, Tom. I get the choice pieces
that I want to put on top of the potatoes. I know in my chef mind,
I’m like, that is gonna taste good. – How much time? – 20 seconds.
– 18. [suspenseful music] – This sh– crazy. – I know it’s crazy.
– It’s crazy. – Here I am,
standing at the chance to cook in the finale
or go home, and this is all I’ve got, these two dishes. all:
Five, four, three, two, one. [cheers and applause]
– Time. – I have no idea
what just happened. Like, it’s like I blacked out
and woke up and there were dishes here. ♪ ♪ – Okay. – Hi.
– So, what is under here? Play the shell game?
Little… – Sure.
No? [tense music] Eh… ♪ ♪ – Fish it is.
– Okay. ♪ ♪ – So what is this? – Steamed cod over aromatics, ginger, onion, garlic, and a little bit of
crispy cauliflower. That’s a lettuce cream, so it has
a little bit of romaine, a little bit of bitter in it. – Thanks, now, this one
can’t go to waste, right? ♪ ♪ – [laughs softly] – So, what is this? [laughter and cheering] – Seared strip, somewhat of a spicy rub, crispy potatoes on bottom, collard greens and chorizo, and pickled peach. – Looks good.
– Yep, thanks. – Here you go, guys.
Have at it. – Yeah.
– Thank you, Chef. – Awesome. ♪ ♪ – [sighs]
Okay, so… ♪ ♪ Soup. – Piping hot soup.
[laughs] – Piping hot soup. ♪ ♪ What’s in the soup? – Cauliflower,
a little garlic, white onion, and milk. The garnish has olive
and a little dill and pepper and preserved lemon. – All right, nice. Let’s see this one.
Ah. – That’s the apple fennel salad with ground pork,
but instead of Thai flavors they’re like,
curry-style flavors. – Okay, so it’s like a–
kind of a larb? – Kind of a larb.
– Okay. Here you go. – Thank you. ♪ ♪ – I have to say,
both dishes were really good, but that’s to be expected
at this point. Casey, I thought
your fish was perfectly cooked. For steamed fish, you managed to
get a lot of flavor in there. I liked the fennel salad on top. Gave it a nice little texture
without being too clunky. Really nice. Brooke, I thought doing the soup
as really kind of gutsy. And for no other reason that people generally don’t do
a lot of soups on the show. It’s not something that’s showy. It’s hard to balance a soup. I thought the garnish was
really interesting. There was a lot of
different flavors happening from the preserved lemons
and the olives, and I thought
really well-balanced. ♪ ♪ You guys have cooked great food
all season long. – I’m gonna throw up.
[laughs] Just a minute ago,
I was out of this competition, and now I am one name call away
from being in the finale. – I think I just peed. This is my last go at “Top Chef”
and at that title. I want to close the book
with a win. – The winner is off to
the finals in Mexico. ♪ ♪ – And next on “Top Chef”… Welcome to Estadio Chivas. – The mascot of Chivas
is the goat… and we’re gonna cook it. – I’m sure you guys are
dying to know which chef is gonna claim
that fourth cooking station. – Aah. – I want to embrace
what we have here. – We look forward to
embracing you. – When was the last time
you had a margarita that had tweezers? Looks kind of like
the bottom of a fish tank. – That is not
the type of comments that I want to be hearing. – If we perform and we win,
it’s redemption. – At this stage of the game,
we don’t expect a bad dish.

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  1. You see Brooke's back, but maybe she's Sheldon's sous chef?

    In fact, she turns around in another video, and it's Emily. Most likely Sheldon's sous chef.

  2. Guys it might not be Brooke. In the trailer for the next episode you can see katsuji helping Sheldon. Also it shows that that's not Brooke, it emily

  3. lol when they show Sheldon at the end stressing out about his tweezified cocktail you definitely see Brooke's ponytail

  4. It also seemed Brooke to me and my initial thought was "Wow, bad editing!" because I thought that that gave away who won LCK. But after reading the comments, you're right, they probably have sous chefs so even if Brooke was there, it doesn't necessarily mean that she won LCK.

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