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namaste welcome to bhavnas kitchen today I’m going to show you how to make
garlic chutney I have my own version of making this chutney there
are a few variations that I adopted over the period of time depending on the
availability of the ingredients and I’m sure you’ve looked about this idea so
let’s begin so to prepare the garlic chutney here I
have ingredients a music fresh garlic so here I have like about 1/2 cup of garlic
cloves I’m using two kinds of red chillies because I want my chutney
little mild so I’m using paprika powder which is very mild made out of red
capsicum and this is hot red chili powder but you can use your favorite red
chili powder tamarind paste usually the whole tamarind is used but I always have
tamarind paste in my freezer so I’m just using that pre-made tamarind paste
Imli paste salt namak s for your taste and oil you can use whole red chillies
if you use whole red chillies then you would have to soak until soft and then
prepare the paste of that red chilli with water but I just prefer to use red
chilli powder just quick and easy so first I’m going to chop garlic now if
you have a very small tiny our cloves of garlic you can keep the garlic whole but
since I have a big cloves of garlic I’m going to chop them chopped garlic using
cutting board and knife or you can just use the electric chopper which is my
favorite and you can get the nice consistency of
garlic as you can see here heat up the pot on a medium heat and take generous
amount of oil if you want to preserve chutney longer make sure you use enough
amount of oil when the oil is slightly want add garlic make sure do not burn
garlic just a quick cook with garlic so keep the temperature on off low once you
add the garlic when it slightly changed the color you can add the rest of the
ingredients so stay by the stove add salt knock and
now ready to add red chili powder next ready to add tamarind paste Emily and
just a book little bit oil starts separating and that’s where you just
want to turn off your stove you do not want to cook it longer so wait until the
chutney boosie’s out oil like this then it will stay longer as you can see all
has separated so the chutney is ready turn off the stove carefully take out
into the serving bowl so you saw how easy it is to prepare
garlic chutney and now you are ready to sew this chutney we cut already bill and
you or you can answer with any regular meal menu alik even or you cannot spread
on some sandwiches or you can prepare some what about EE just to go ahead and
use in any recipes that you can think of so this technique and jazz of many many
recipes I usually prepare this chutney during winter time so it stays good at
room temperature even but if you want to keep it longer since you cannot consume
a lot of this chutney it just require very little amount of and it may last
long so you may want to refrigerate in that case whenever I shared my complete
meal menu when I shared on my social medias a lot of time I got requests for
making this chutney and so I thought it’s time for me to show some basics
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watching and see you soon

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  1. Hi Bhavna. Your all videos are nicely documented but this video is very clear. I mean the camera quality is much better this time. Keep it up sharing wonderful recipes. Love you.

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