100 thoughts on “Latino Dad Cook-Off

  1. Lol she literally contradicted herself. The dish was supposed to be based on chicken but she wasn’t excited about “just chicken”. Gadiel should have won hands down llf

  2. I'm crying they said gadiel was going to make platanos. And when he said he was making it they acted faked surprised 😆

  3. Are we going to ignore how hot Gadiel is?
    • Can cook
    • Sexy
    • Dominican
    • In the army
    • Polite
    • Bilingual

  4. This had me cracking up! I loved how they busting each others balls throughout the whole thing. You can tell this was a good natured competition.

  5. I love Gadiel. I thought you were gonna win for sure. Maya, come on girl, a chicken sandwich, fries, and macaroni salad. Two out of three of those items were not grilled. I am disappointed.

  6. If ur Mexican dad don't grill with a beer in his hand and cuss in Spanish every 20 seconds whole telling crazy ass stories from his home town in the mountains and shit, he ain't a real Mexican dad😂

  7. Not relative pero escuché que los latinos que no son mexicanos se enojan Cuando los llaman mexicanos que diesen ustedes

  8. When I listened Ivan talking bad about Himalaya salt I was ready to fight, that shit is so good for you health 😂😂😂

  9. I find it interesting how when Latino(a)s Speak in English they sound slightly the same, but when we speak Spanish our origin country comes into play.😊

  10. Ha when Gabriel said cooking is in the blood I was weak Dominicans can’t cook 😂😂😂😂😂 some of them can most can’t

  11. Hey hey guys! Don’t fight over who’s better, I love y’all! Y’all look interesting cooking 👨‍🍳 jiji 🤣

  12. Major PLOT TWiST!! 🤣🤣, I saw Ivan’s presentation and was like welp I’m Dominican rooting for the Dominican but that Puerto Rican dish def gon win 😂

  13. I swear he literally flavored his food with charcoal fluid.  Damn son, where you all learn how to grill????  Putting mayo and butter on the corn and then grilling it?  I don't know but we grill the corn first and then add all the goodness afterwards.  🙂

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