Le Premier Foodtruck Polonais de France

Hello, my name is Julien Caruana and i’m about to create the first Polish Food Truck in France Cooking in my life is, at first a family matter. My father was a cook and, together with my mother, they had a restaurant Then, my first work experiences and summer job were linked to cooking and catering I decided to create a Food truck based on the Polish cuisine because, 7 years ago, i met the woman that became my wife (she’s Polish) And she introduced me to the Polish culture and the Polish Cuisine Through my several visits to Poland and meetings with her family I discovered a cuisine that was qualitative, generous and friendly. The concept of my food truck is really simple and stands in 2 points: At first during week time, i’ll serve food in business and activity areas around the city of Lyon Every week, i’ll offer 2 starters, 2 dishes and 2 desserts (different every week). Then, I’ll be present on local markets Such as the Croix Rousse Market The Augagneur Dock Market And the Saint Antoine Dock Market for weekends In addition to the Polish food I’ll offer a Deli activity as well where i’ll propose a selection of exclusive Polish products Such as Polish sausage, gurkens, and an selection of Polish beers and Polish vodkas

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