Learn all about Food Truck Company in One Minute

Since my early childhood I was
above all inspired when I was able to use my
creativity and my technical
interest combined with my love for food
and hospitality. With Food Truck Company I was
able to mix these interests
in making a living. That is essentially what I felt
when I started Food Truck
Company back in 2012. Our team is all about helping
you to grow your business with profitable mobile food
solutions. In 2011 food trucks found their
way from the US to Europe. It all started with mostly
individual food truck owners. Over the past years the food
truck market has grown
into a professional industry. also IT and social media helped
to grow this business. Nowadays the food market evolves
more rapidly than ever. We see a growing demand for
quality, convenience, high
capacity and always together with an
ultimate experience. Our mobile food solutions meet
all these demands. Our international clients,
search for a full service
partner who takes care of the complete
process, from concept and design to
realisation. I am Marcel,
founder of Food Truck Company.

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