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hi everybody
welcome welcome welcome to tasting wine tasting wine tasting my plane doing her
thing yeah we’re here too cook the cooks fresh vegetables let me throw my wig on for y’all look
look you saw me I’m looking at my ball here
I don’t eat y’all looking at my mojito some so good morning everybody I don’t know
if that many people gonna this morning yet I’m just getting ready to leave the
house I have some some beans fresh green beans and my cousin gave me and I’m like
I need to cook them it’s not gonna take that they’re long to sort to you good morning Brittany how you doing this
Brittany got some green beans what y’all gonna do this weekend yeah you we are like going boom I didn’t even snip the end ow I think
you’re like I’m hungry starving I’m up here on my aids hey that enemy
sir I know how did everything go what you
need wouldn’t you going somewhere the other day what’s y’all doing today what’s going on I’m so hungry yeah I can’t even think
about talking no I’m probably not doing nothing much
for Thanksgiving I have no idea what I’m gonna who knows I might be having a
garage sale on Thanksgiving I don’t really I just do whatever I know what are y’all gonna do what do y’all
gonna do so Thanksgiving what job I’ll do for
Christmas yeah I started putting up y’all Christmas decoration yet have y’all
started doing our Christmas shopping let me see a joke if they showed the hey post past oh the
morning is divita miss Gloria say she’d been up cleaning collard greens can
y’all hear me I know that’s right and release them thank you I need to cut the hands off of
them kinda feel like I couldn’t eat yeah thumbs up to be help y’all having
already we just eating leftovers and cooking fresh green Bede so what’s going
on in the news and y’all city in the state in the world what’s going on I’m
still cut cut no we’re miss Gloria I’m gonna go do the
garage sale this morning 82 degrees here oh that’s some pretty pretty nice
weather I don’t know what it what the what the weather is here but it’s kind
of chilly kinda chilly I got my turtleneck and then I got my little
jacket I’m gonna put on I will put this down it’s not deep and it’s kind of long it’s kind of long and colorful I got this phone my 25 cents there store shopping day I haven’t been to the thrift store in a
minute but I need to go I’m wanting more turtlenecks take him under hey mrs. Newton I’m
cooking some green beans no we don’t get really cold here isn’t
got a little cold this year but the breeze is told us that’s like twenty two degrees is let me see how a patient I shouldn’t feel about they pretty good at the Panda now put you on them I’m up with a little
salt and pepper on I didn’t know season I think they pretty much done now I
don’t need mine to cook so you get to tender I’m a little cook just a little bit more smoked turkey in my green beans that
sound good that sound good hey DMV how y’all doing yeah thumbs up the video if you don’t
have it already good morning it’s feeling like something is in my
throat okay we ready to eat can y’all see you see okay they look alright to you now hey Jamie okay yeah let’s say angry so we can eat father God we thank you for this food
that we’re about to receive your blessings your kindness your mercy your
grace all your provisions you’ve made upon our lives in Jesus name we pray
thank you and Holly Holly I didn’t cut the stems off I didn’t cut the stems off
first yeah I feel like it I didn’t feel like it God take the time y’all do stuff right
the first time I guess you couldn’t eat it with the stem if you want to have you
out ever eating them with the stem before I’m probably gonna just eat them with
the SAMCRO mm-hmm
taste alert mm-hmm we got two chicken legs four eggs there’s some other tasty
sauce it’s very hot I want to chicken up in the tasty sauce mm-hmm I’m not going to stick taste all
that yeah I just a song DMV said leave the
stems alone good morning jazz I didn’t feel like cutting them y’all anything like it yeah one stone open wide state yet it seems nobody doing it okay so thank you to Dan Vee
miss Miller said I snapped in before I clean I rinse the mouth
I didn’t I miss them off I didn’t um cut the stems came undone how y’all doing yeah make sure y’all
leave a comment so I could say good morning Oh do not take a thumbnail nope mm-hmm I could eat this whole play the grandbabies Buddhist hot oh let’s say so good with the onions and
now I’m not doing don’t wipe your mouth
challenge today pack a white mama mm-hmm Wow that was a good bike right there Odie’s they taste so good yeah um tasty can you send me a pineapple
cook for my birthday the cup sold out yeah the cups sold out I went back to go get
some more because they don’t clairement I think so I got two of them ain’t
nobody getting my onions I didn’t put the tables in it
Oh Iza yeah I sauteed it yourself yeah ain’t
nobody Nick’s summer but if y’all want to get y’all one go to Pier one next summer they probably not gonna
bring them back to next time and they’re pretty expensive I think regular price lose like twenty seven dollars apiece ain’t nobody getting my cuts yeah I go I
should about four but I only bought two only about two and I’m not giving it to
nobody that’s my signature y’all see everybody
else with the codes its water bottle and you seat hasty mm-hmm like yummy bites
TV safe mmm I feel like I’m doing it don’t like
your mouth challenge yeah these green beans are so good I don’t want to eat
anything else yeah I love my best I don’t even want to
eat my meals take that full dot greetings from Korea thank you welcome yeah there is what y’all doing this
morning I’m gonna take the rest of this with me excuse me sir I have something
to eat later today mmm of them I’m getting full I think I may eat one
egg cause last night y’all I ate too much well this is breakfast it’s 10:00 a.m.
in the morning Jess ain’t join this Saturday morning I don’t have to leave
the house whoa you’re gonna clean your cooker what you gonna do later today mmm I have to eat all these green beans I
don’t feel like eating that no I’m not either
no let me get some protein goodbye I’m gonna get some shoutouts so
everybody they left comments on my videos from yesterday so if you haven’t
caught up on my videos after this video go catch up on some of the videos they
leave multiple multiple comments so next time I do it what bang alright I could
give you a shout out shout outs for my comments the more comments you need the
more I mention your name cuz I mentioned your name for every comment so I need to clean them
Oh Nikolas white local vegetables eat food online how do you love a San Juan for turista Fox
yuck some are just born slur Pam’s doing it Sierra vlogs next and chill Delana
Miller Mitchie Pruitt miss kitty kitty kitty kitty kitty cute she wanted me to
say hello let’s see Natasha it’s a warm bill chocolate lippy it’s I call her
Bill Chuck me out but her name is Bill ch okay Ola
so Cola I think bill Tacoma Bilchik over Tacoma Jasmine peenics Justin II kisses the I
love Lisa Michelle show the I love Lisa Michelle show Gloria Dawid miss warrior
miss Maria ELISA Gayle is Gayle she wanted me to say I could pronounce
this Yug i/o H or ex6 others Gilligan was killed here Oh still here
Sierra vlogs it was good it was kill again
Brittany Thomas oh there’s Gale iced rose teens are turning destiny kiss
destiny kisses real deal cheat real deal sheet sexy too much for
you Coleman sexy too much for you Coleman 60 too much week old baby penis
I’ve been Frances Enoch ask them art and Nicholas white that’s it for today’s
shut up if you’re gonna shout out in tomorrow’s video or another video but
when I’m when I’m out and about and I’m vlogging I mean when I’m out and about
and I’m live I only have access on this phone when I’m at home from my Wi-Fi so
I can’t film with my iPhone and we come this at the same time when I’m out and
about so when I’m at home I get with the shout outs hey there potato jeez I’m miss Gloria I’m a Miss Jackson I
will invoke she on IG I had a tweak so today is a hundred percent relax my mind
body and spirit okay that’s cool potato G say I’m back again this is my
first time see you Brittany say I’m back how are you hi
Brittany miss members say that egg was good with
that sauce I started to eat it all I just took a bite here’s the other half I’m going to do a garage sale today and
work on my van so I will be live later on Vanessa my life my journey so yeah
I’m not subscribe to my other channel and you wanna see the progress of me
walking on my vane getting ready for van line then go subscribe go subscribe to
Vanessa my life my journey thank you all for joining me this morning I appreciate
it not everybody up yet some people got a
hangover from last night and they still sleep people just making it home they
some party animals that’s why Tamra’s saying up in here it’s working I think that’s the last of the water I
need to do steal some more water I’m gonna wash dishes before I leave the
house I’m gonna put this up in a little container or something and I’ll eat this
lady thing hey Arlene Oh Lynne I always do checks what are you
being girl I go live almost every day I don’t know what you’re talking about
I’ve been doing that for years you didn’t see Terrance last night miss
Miller Terrance was in the lab last night and miss Gloria she was in alive last
night too what is Miss Gloria here right now miss
Gloria not in here right now but she wasn’t here right no miss Gloria wasn’t
alive earlier yesterday morning but I don’t think she was in alive last night
and Terrance was in the lab last night in land I’ll go live almost every day I
do my mother bangs live I’ve been doing it for weeks months Sunday these years will you big girl okay you big girl okay I’m through eating I can’t check one more bite I I’m not
getting enough city’s gonna be job Oh No what happened to my screen it just
pixelated no not in here this morning
Tara’s Polly we’re not last night hey Sharon Oh miss Gloria here oh yeah okay she was
early I don’t know what she is I don’t know where she went I’m feeling a little tired but I’m gonna
force myself to get out today and accomplish something because tomorrow
today and tomorrow it’s not supposed to rain and maybe Monday it’s not gonna
rain so I just need to force myself to do something even if I don’t want to yeah I had them days
yeah don’t wanna do nothing but you know you need some so you force yourself to
do it I’m trying to see if I have some kind of container you I don’t know if everything’s gonna see
you I’m gonna use my hands y’all use my hands it’s my food I got to eat it I eat
with my hands too little we everything all sitting here good mmm it’s gonna make a good deal a good
meal okay yeah I’m through eating just sit
and chat you don’t talk about anything I’ve been asking y’all if y’all want to
talk about anything lately yeah I don’t have no current events nothing y’all
want to talk about y’all just some poor people y’all just boring yeah y’all want
me to liven up the party I’m probably gonna go live DMV I told you a minute
ago I’m gonna go live on my other channel I’m getting ready to go have a
garage sale and I’m gonna work on the end so probably in about an hour or so
I’m gonna be live on my other channel Vanessa my life my journey
if y’all not subscribed go subscribe turn on a notification bill and hit
always so whenever I go live on any of my channels
you’ll know but this is the link to my other channel Vanessa my life my journey
so if you want to see what I’m doing today you subscribe to their channel sorry for your loss sharing on behalf of
the sharing hold on hey ace world say it’s raining here in South Carolina
Sharon say we buried my father yesterday and thanks a lot for your prayers last
week you welcome Sharon I’m glad to know you’re feeling a little better
and y’all made it through it where did I get the big thing a rat from
a garage sale a garage sale are you going to do the pineapple and whipped
cream challenge yeah I did I say I’m have y’all seen anybody else do that
challenge have y’all seen anybody else do that challenge I need to go buy some
a pineapple hey diamond diamond the morning
beautiful yeah DMV I always go live from my garage
sale yeah so yeah I want to start that
challenge the pineapple and whipped cream challenge the pineapple and whip cream challenge
and Jazze you still in here so I’m gonna try that but I want to do
the my pickle and whipped cream challenge I’m gonna keep doing that over
and over and over again but I’m gonna do my pickle and whipped cream challenge
with that don’t wipe your mouth challenge that’s gonna be a hot mess that’s gonna be a hot mess
the pickle and whipped cream challenge and the don’t wipe your mouth challenge
at the same time Oh lower oh here oh here there’s gonna be a hot mess so I
might try to do that like Monday by Tuesday or Wednesday Tuesday or Wednesday um Sharon say and do the don’t wipe your
mouth challenge at the same time yeah I’m gonna do them at the same time my pickle and whipped cream challenge or
just somebody else’s pickle challenge hey Sheila how are you doing how you
don’t win how you doing how are you doing Oh on my ass in my channel yeah but I
did it on this channel too like two or three times diamond diva I challenge you to do the
don’t wipe your mouth challenge about yummy bites TV Lynn have you done the
don’t wipe your mouth challenge by yummy bites if you have a channel and y’all do
my things I challenge y’all to do the don’t wipe
your mouth challenge by yummy bite Stevie you tagged by tasting like vain
eats ok do it and when y’all do it come drop the link
in the comments of one of my regular video so I could go watch it and the
other people that see my comments cuz couldn’t look at you just go look at
your channel challenge please go live with that in the evening
please go live in evening mr. Thomas I got to go whatever I don’t have a sit
y’all know I do not have a set time so live it I just pop up I just pop up with
my pop up so I can’t promise you it’s gonna be in the evening you want to
start doing my bangs will you’ve been challenged to do they don’t like your
mouth challenge by yummy like Stevie Ted my tasty mukbang eats yo you’ve been
tagged dearly say what’s the challenge they don’t work you’re my challenge is
to eat something there is the misty Missy something Missy that will drip all
over the place and you have to eat it without wiping your mouth throughout the
whole challenge you can’t wipe your mouth you just got the lady roll you just got to let it roll so yeah I’m
an English live at 11 a.m. which is three minutes some English live in three
minutes if y’all got anything I want to say and don’t forget you guys I am
having a birthday bash unboxing my birthday is on December the 25th so on
Christmas Day I’m gonna do a birthday bash unboxing so if you guys want to
send me a birthday card Christmas card or a gift you can send something to my
peel box and you can send it now if you want to and I won’t open it until my
birthday so if you don’t want to forget you want to do it now and just get out
the way so to be here by Christmas then you can go ahead and do it now and send
it to my PO Box and I will unbox it and if you can’t afford to send me anything
you guys send me a postcard or a greeting card I just want to reach you
guys’s you know send me something to let me know you love me just write me a poem
or something everything I got the cost no money just you know send me a
postcard Oh diamond T would say I got challenged to
do it I will do it next video I record chase P gold hi diamond diva you ain’t
got to record it you got to record it DMV say which one
you want okay I will take I will tag you tasty Oh diamond did you say I’ll be
back waiting for my pickup to go home okay
were you at miss diva where are you you okay yeah it’s 11 o’clock so I’m gonna
get rid of though I got to wash these dishes before I leave the house so I
could try to be out of here by 12:00 and I’m gonna see y’all later
I am gonna go live again on my other channel Vanessa my life my journey later
today so if you want to chat with me and my family later my YouTube family later
today yeah I’ll come back over to the nest of my life my journey I don’t know
if I’m gonna come back live over here tonight but a night but I’m probably
just gonna stay live on Vanessa my life my journey so I might go live a couple
of times today on the nest of my life my journey that’s like where I go live from
my mukbangs over here but I go live over there for everything else so if y’all
want to catch me live more often that’s the place to catch any line I’m more off
than you guys so I love y’all talk to y’all Oh y’all have a good day diamond
diva DMV miss Miller iced ro Sharon she lene Holloway Britany Tommy’s potato Jie oh yeah I was holding it I seen another
name who texting we are going to that place for the cheaper nice tasty or are
you going to the place for the cheaper no no Lin I got it already miss Miller
I went large from there yesterday on Vanessa my like my journey I got it
already you missed that video thank you all for loving me I love you
all too I only got a free a few people they live
me but that’s good enough for me that’s good enough for me yeah go watch that uh that video when
you get a chance I wouldn’t live from there yesterday so today in the lab I
will show y’all everything that I got yesterday you know yeah I’ll show you
what I got so I’m gonna talk to y’all later let me go wash these dishes I love
y’all don’t forget to thumbs up the video leave lots of comments down below
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can see what I’m doing today over there okay bye now
thanks for watching taste my pain taste my pain my fine
taste one taste much banging tasty months but tasty what Bank eat yogurt or
dick dime store doing it at the Union when I’m live

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  1. Morning Tasty it's been along night but I'm here. Used to love green beans as a kid with onion,bacon and potatoes💜

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