100 thoughts on “Let’s Play: The Stretchers

  1. 6:56 No Rhett, remember, what's the language called? That's right, ENGLISH, not AMERICAN. Which came first and is therefore correct?

  2. This quarantine has allowed me to watch a lot more or Good Mythical More and I never realized what I was missing

  3. 1:25 “Let’s play a let’s play game and not frustrate each other and the people watching.” NAILED IT!
    Love it when you guys play games 🧡

  4. Y'all ever do mail anymore? "You KNoW WHaT DAy iT ISss, its thursday… and thursday… meeeaaaannnnssss maaaaaaaaaaaaiiil!"

  5. Omg please play more of these. This one was ranked up there with Octodad😂😂😂😂 And we learned something: Never let Rhett drive.🤣🤣

  6. 🤣🤣should never play video games. It was showing you how to do it for like 5 minutes at the bottom and you kept trying to do it wring

  7. I guess it’s one of the main YouTube channels with an older weird audience so my bad you guys doing good lollll

  8. "Practise with an S? Ooh this must be British!"

    Isn't it just the grammatical law that when you use practice as a verb, you switch it to an 's'? Or is that not what US English does?

  9. I would love to see an episode of them playing Twisted Metal, because I remember Rhett saying on Ear Biscuits they played a ton of it in college.

  10. was surprised at how good Rhett and Link played that game!!
    I love it when you guys play video games. always makes for
    a good laugh. please play more video games!! love how Link
    had to stop his character and clap. LOL.

  11. I see you 2 lol I watch your let’s play slender and all those scary ones the other day and you guys think it’s time to get back to playin video games lol I love it

  12. Please make a gaming channel of both classic games you guys would love to play again and new games suggest by the fans and the crew!

  13. this feels like it could have been a part of the theme hospital universe. had it been more polished, more of the quirky "theme" brand, and more importantly, if it was made 20 years ago.

  14. Only Americans can look at how a word is spelled in a British game and say it's spelled wrong. The arrogance is almost genetic at this point.

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