Li Ziqi Turns Corn Into a Chinese Feast

Welcome to the second episode of our three-part exclusive collaboration with Li Ziqi. Li is one of China’s top internet celebrities. Her thing? Making just about everything from scratch. Our exclusive interview with her will air next week. But this week, as a special treat for Goldthread fans, Li is letting us co-debut her new video. Enjoy! Next week… Back then, when I worked in the city, it was about survival. Now, in the countryside, I feel like I’m truly living. We sat down with Li Ziqi to ask her the questions that everyone’s been wondering about. How does she make her videos? What inspires her? And what’s her life story?

63 thoughts on “Li Ziqi Turns Corn Into a Chinese Feast

  1. I also don't think it's NOT ok to publish another's content like is.. without adding any value.. even with the content makers permission. It's cut and past someone else's original work, publish it in the same platform they also publish on, even before they publish!!!! Really shows poor integrity… probably liziqi is ignorant of international copyright but producers of this channel should know better

  2. I think ur amazing, people always have something negative to say,ur video s help calm me down, please keep making them kiss grandmother for me.many blessing and lots of love 😄

  3. Cuando vemos a un ser humano tan extraordinario, porque buscas defectos fíjate en sus virtudes y aprende, (por tú propio bien). Un saludo.


  5. Cooking🍝🍜🍙🍘 is not an easy job !!! It needs lots of concentration and energy😎😎..u r the best example !!!!

  6. she is the most hardest working woman I have ever seen, I hope she does have some help with harvesting… kudos to you Li Ziqi

  7. she should host workshops to teach city kids how to make stuff themselves lol when she said last video "some kids told me rice grew from trees" i was like oh nonono

  8. Bruh you call this a collab? you're only using her videos for 9 mins…..what even…. (im not saying youre stealing it but i think you're overusing it lol)

  9. Oh my God! Don't think by posting up her full ass videos on your channel in the pretense of an interview of her's is making content. And honestly the interview that you did put up could have been so much more about her. But you just sucked dick at this chance. You people are making bad money and just shut your channel.

  10. Ciao Liziqi!!! Adooro i tuoi video!!! Mi danno una tranquilla pazzesca. Quando mi sento triste,stanca o stressata,mi stendo e guardo i tuoi video!! Li avrò guardati tutti almeno 3 volte!!! Grazie di cuore per condividere con noi le tue giornate!!! Ti auguro tutto il bene e in bocca lupo per tutto!!! Un bacione grande e un saluto speciale alla Nonna!!!😘😘😘😘

  11. I love Li Ziqi. She is really hardworking. I love how she turn everything into scratch effortlessly. 😊😊 Love from Philippines 😘

  12. I just want to live like liziqi.. very simple, abundant nature.,stress free life. . U will never get bored with nature coz it has so many things to offer. U will never get hungry coz all you wanted are offered by nature, so fresh, so natural.. ❤

  13. Thank you for this interview. I found her videos a few months ago and have enjoyed them so much. I loved finding out more about her and how she works.

  14. why would you post that video that's not yours….the whole video of her ..imagine…that'st not collaboration its plainly stealing someones popularity to steal subscribers. Please do your own. Please have respect of her hardwork.

  15. I really enjoy her channel she is the best👍👍👍
    But i do have a question why do you upload the full length of her video
    Make a video of your own an upload..LOL

  16. You should check your inbox for copyright content sincerely from Youtube. 🤗

    All the revenue will be going to the copyright owner. Don't worry guys.

  17. I am a big fan of Li Ziqi now. Her world seems to be so tranquil even though she works tirelessly. It would be amazing if many of us could live like this. Could anyone tell me the title of this background piano music?

  18. Liziqi ask in a video to stop this using her name for profit
    Every one must subscribe to her channel and Liziqi will show us when a video es ready.

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