Live in the D: Check out the Coney food truck

our friends from national Coney Island were honor on their way down Lafayette to prank those other Coney Island’s and we stopped them and said why don’t you park the food truck in front of local four instead and that’s exactly Devin burns what you did yes love a happy to be here again we are ecstatic that you are here because everybody in this building is a big fan of Coney especially National Coney Island since 1965 year the owner tell us all about it director marketing I’m sorry director of marketing that’s okay so we’re here our food truck we started I’m great to be here we’re gonna be serving lunch and we brought a couple different things here we wanted to share our Coney kits we are now at our 16th location we do we also have a couple licensing agreements so we are in MGM Grand Detroit Little Caesars arena you can find us at Ford Field Oakland University so all over the place our newest location we actually just opened our Grand Opening was Monday December 10th so this week in Southfield excellent well congratulations national Coney Island calm you have these beautiful close-ups here in high-definition detail you can’t miss this and Coney sewer like connoisseur yeah Coney sewer yeah you have to love the play on where it’s on that one alright let’s go inside and talk to Arthur Londo I think Arthur’s in here there he is how’s it going Michelle go go right in and say hi to Arthur there wave to the folks at home all right what are you gonna make oh my goodness look at that what are you gonna make up for us here we’ll make some Coney dogs National Coney Island dogs and to make a nice Coney dog you start first with natural case and hot dogs with them in a nice steamed buns and of course you top with our famous national chili which we make that here in Metro Detroit it is famous mean then we put some muster and some diced onion and there will be exactly how you make a national Coney Island Coney dog I’m reminded of that Detroit TV show that was on another network a few years back and they made the mistake of having one of their characters order a Coney with ketchup you cannot do that oh is that for me well thank you very much let me interview him how’s the Coney that’s awesome well yes the food truck it’s great idea for all the graduation parties to some of the festivals the picnic you can run this for a couple hours a day but we can rent it for all day if you have a big festivals and the menu in this truck we can serve the famous Coney islands of course National Coney Island the fries with chili cheese chicken tenders Greek salad the beverage a couple desserts and a Greek salad so it’s one stop all right to find the National Coney Island nearest to you order get boxes to send to friends and family and to rent this food truck visit their website national Coney Island dot-com Jim can I bring you a Coney a Coney and some chili cheese fries and a Greek salad that would be great

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