Live in the D: Healthy food swaps

there are so many healthy options for healthy food at your local grocery store but how do you know what you’re doing making the best selection when trying to get healthy or lose a few pounds good question so it can be really confusing so we enlisted the help of dr. Ian Smith author of the clean 20 to show us how small changes can yield big healthy results when it comes to your waistline try to get yogurt that does not have fruit on the bottom typically yogurt with fruit on the bottom are heavier in sugars okay if you get a plain nonfat Greek yogurt and add your fresh berries whether it’s strawberries or blueberries I don’t like blackberries it’s going to be seedy they tend to be tart but if you like them fine but add your own berries that tend to be less sugar so let’s talk about protein bars really quick because you see them everywhere at the grocery store at the gas station for goodness sake you know the pharmacy and it’s tempting to grab one and thinking you’re doing the right thing yeah with protein bars you really have to read the back of the package one look for the sugar content very important to look at the calorie content a lot of these protein bars do have high levels of protein but at what cost I like almonds so just get some nice raw almonds with no salt and you can have something very similar to a protein bar [Music] beverages again always out and about you might have a craving for something sweet or something along those lines you see and I am a coffee addict which you already know yes attempting to always grab something that’s pre-made it’s creamy and sweet it’s enjoyable but you say we really need to stay away from these kind of these liquids our diet Buster’s they are full of calories they are full of sugar they are full of artificial ingredients make your own smoothie that can be helpful so for example I always like to have bananas you can have some organic milk okay try your berries blueberries strawberry I like blueberries because they’re purple I also like strawberries I like that red I like colored smoothies and some sliced apples when you make these smoothies three minutes or less and you actually can preserve smoothies put them in a mason jar they keep up to 7 days when you’re ready to go shake it up it’s on the road with you but try to avoid as much as possible these prepared drinks that have all those added ingredients instead go fresh [Music] here we are at honeybee right in southwest Detroit we’re not at a fancy grocery store I won’t say any name we can get this at our local grocery stores it won’t break the bank and we get everything we need to eat healthy and that is the point of the clean twenty simple affordable and accessible boom you got perfect [Music] my favorite grocery store in Detroit the honeybee market you can try dr. Ian’s clean eating plan yourself we are giving away two of his latest books the clean 20 and the shred diet all right for your chance to win go to our live in the D Facebook page or a contest page at where you will also find the contest rule

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