Live Stream Cooking – How any business can use live streaming today

Hello and welcome everyone, my name is Paul Richards and I am an expert chef in live streaming and I guess you’re wondering, Paul why dressed up like a chef? You know normally you do your live streaming webinars every
Friday at 2 p.m. Eastern, 11 a.m. Pacific Standard Time and we talk about live
streaming technology. Well this week we’re talking about a really important
hurdle: How businesses can create professionally branded live streams and
video content. Anybody can push go live on YouTube live or Facebook it’s free, anybody can do it. But how do businesses
that are a little apprehensive about live streaming to the world create a professionally branded system
that they can use over and over again to create high-quality video on demand
content, and create high-quality live shows and live streams to communicate
with hundreds of thousands of people. So we think this is a really really
important topic so it’s actually a two-part series. Part 1 will be how to
use the technology such as Adobe Photoshop and After Effects and the
various tips and tricks that we can give you to create your branded stream and
then part two, which will be in two weeks from tomorrow May 13th, we’ll talk about
how major brands like LiveX, Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffett and
others are using this technology to communicate with people all around the
world and spread their big brand more effectively than they’ve ever been able
to in history. So what we’re gonna do I’m going to really really quickly show a brief little, some recipes I guess I would say. The Creative Cloud, the Adobe Creative Cloud.
If you don’t have a marketing department this is something you can get for $50 a
month and It’ll give you everything you need to do it yourself. But if you do
have a marketing department I guarantee they know how to use Photoshop and they know how to use After Effects. If you’re one person entrepreneur and you don’t
have time to do this kind of stuff, you can easily hire freelancers online to
create yourself an intro video and a few branded items that we will review. To
create yourself what you need to pump out amazing video content not just live
streaming, potentially a three-minute video on product a, or a five minute introduction to service
b. So this stuff can be used for all different types of video content
creation. We’ll talk about some of the services that you can buy, pre-done
packages. We’ll talk about some really basic stuff like an AVI file versus an
mp4 file, a JPEG file versus a PNG file and when and where you want to use this type
of technology. Now if it gets too hot in the kitchen, we’ll cool things down. Ok, we’ll ask we’ll be answering questions
live via chat, and we won’t get too hot in this kitchen I don’t want this to be
something where people who are apprehensive of using this technology
feel like we’re being too technical. We will answer all the questions that come
through the chat, but this is gonna be a very basic overview of what you need to
learn how to do live streaming that can be really effective. And of course we’ll
talk about some live streaming recipes, you know different technology bundles
with our cameras that we found have been effective, such as the vMix Go here.
We’ll also talk about the NewTek TriCaster which is a very popular live
streaming system that’s used in like the NBA and the MLB, all the different
professional solutions there and if you’re a Mac user, we’ll even go over a
recipe to use Wirecast pro with a giant MacBook tower. And we’re gonna go over
all these different types of technologies. So if you’re interested
there will be a link below that you can sign up, and of course subscribe to our
YouTube channel if you find this type of you know technology and information
you know useful, we have camera overviews, tips, tricks and tutorials and then of
course our live streams every Friday are recorded, so if you missed the last one and you want to go back, no problem it’s there for you on Youtube. Thanks everybody, have a nice day.

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