Malibu Farm, Taco Truck, & 800 Degrees Pizza

– Good morning everyone. Today, I’m starting off my day in Malibu. Look who it is. It’s Amy and Comey.
– Hi! Look at her. We just ordered our food and Amy brought me makeup. – Thank you. I want to open it in front of her. Can I?
– You’re welcome. – Yeah! – So here is the hourglass girl lips stylo? What is this?
– I mean, it’s just a lipstick. -Oh my gosh.
– We came out with the line with influencer lipsticks, and then that ones the influencer 180.
– Thank you. Oh, this is like my kinda color, either this or vampy colors.
– Oh, I give you a lo… You’ll see.
– Okay. Oh my goodness. Aaah! Smashbox, you know I’ve never use Smashbox. – Oh really? – Yeah. I don’t have anything from theirs, so, thank you so much. – They have really good lipstick and eye shadows and primers. Oh another, another Smashbox. – You know, I thought it said Casey Neistat, I was like, I didn’t know he like..
– Oh, no. – She’s a Youtuber. Oh really? Casey Holmes? – She’s actually went to…uh.. She is pretty. Ooh Gold! Thank you! Smashbox. Okay, I can’t wait to try it. Full face, Smashbox. – This is a highlight. – Oh, this is the highlight? Coffee is here. I love straws that look like this. – How was it? – Strong. – Cute! Aww, she’s so cute! I missed you! – I missed you too! It’s so weird that you’re here in America. But I’m from here. – I know Rancho Cucamonga.
– Yeah. Oh! Thank you! Marc Jacob! – It’s sooo good. I know you don’t use it.
– It’s so fancy. – I know. Um, it’s a gel eyeliner, so you can do like, um – You can even use it as lit color like a primer…like a…
– Shadow? – A base shadow, yeah.
– Ooh, thank you. – So, I gave you a normal color and I gave you an experimental color. – What is this experimental color? – Cause, I don’t know… Yeah, your hair is… purple now. Yeah.
– My hair is purple! – You can do like bottom liner. – Yeah! Okay, thank you. It’s…it’s funny cause I receive a ton of skin care. She receives a lot of makeup so we’re kinda swapping in a way. This is Jouer. – Jouer’s a lip product, it’s really good. Okay. I think I’ve tried their.. do they have nail polish? – Uh-huh – I’ve tried their nail polish before. Thank you. Wow. I’m kind so fascinated.
– It is set 3. – Oh, okay. – It’s like, it comes with set 3. Yeah.
– So she gave me 3 lip products from Joue…Jouer?
– I gave you a lot of lip products. – Thank you.
– Jouer.
– She has too many lip products. Oh my gosh. – That’s a highliner, and this is the blur stick. This literally minimizes pores, it works so freaking well. – Oh, ho my gosh.
– It is a primer. – I was gonna do a video on milk makeup with Ivan, so we went to Sephora and we were gonna buy it. – Oh, really? Yay!
– This is perfect! Thank you. Cause he has a lot of milk makeup. – Oh, you…there is a lot in here, wait…
– So I gave you a wearable color Experimental color. – Oh my gosh. Well, she brought a ton of lip products, you guys. So Smashbox, Smashbox, Bite. I love Bite.
– These are, uh, the multi B6, so they go from Powders, you can wear them cheeks, eyelid and lips. Yeah. – Thank you.
– I know cause you got…you wanted…so I just give you a bunch, and this is Bobbi Brown… – Thank you.
– it’s like a cream art stick, and it comes out like…um…You push it out. Yeah – Oh, That’s so pretty.
– Yeah. -Thank you so much!
– You’re welcome. – So I saw on instagram that you bought those glasses for a dollar.
– What? Oh, yeah. – They’re my Bella Hadid glasses.
– Teach me how to shop, Amy. – Yay! Just holding her gowns. Comey.
– Annyeonghaseyo. – Annyeonghaseyo. – Amy speaking Korean. – I know, rare occurrence. – Yes! Coupe Holes. I love this place because, you know, all marble. Marble. Amy’s taking revenge for all the walking that I made her do in Korea. She just made me walk like 20 minutes To come to this cafe, Doc-u-ment Coffee Bar. It is super cute. – Yeah, I just need a place with, like, an outlet…Wow! This place is really cute in here.
– Oh, you need an outlet? – Um, actually I’m good for like 80%. I got a camomile tea, because it’s too late for me to order coffee, otherwise, I won’t be able to sleep. – There’s smoothies here. Okay.
– Oh, but I wanna tea. A little more relaxing. – Time to edit videos together.
– How youtubers hang out.
– I know. All right. We’re leaving the cafe now. I was productive I finished editing a vlog but…
– And I got monthly parking.
– Yeah, she didn’t get any video editing done. She got some, what is it, annotations done for your, your next… Video and it looks beautiful. If it’s up by the time this vlogs up, I’ll link it up there. It’s her summer summer morning Routine, it’s really pretty. I love her editing and her cinematography, Amy’s great. But she’s making me walk again. – I know, I’m sorry.
– But it’s okay. I like walking.
– Good for your health. – And this weather’s nice. – I know!
– It’s not too hot. – Very nice weather. At Amy’s place now, and we’re going to eat our tacos. She just moved here so she doesn’t have furniture yet. So I’m just eating on her vanity. Ha-ha! She’s gonna eat on the floor. – Korean style. – Yeah, but also because if I eat on the floor, she might eat the food, and Amy knows how to control. Comey, Your food over here, eat there. Oh wow. It’s literally so disappointing. That’s it?! – We’re supposed to add the onions and the pickels and a sauce. – Dang i! I thought it was all part of it. – Oh, you didn’t get it? Uh-uh. – Here. – You have? – You can have it, use it. – Thank goodness! Amy saved my life. You don’t want onion?
– It’s already in here. Commey, come here! – Good?
– Uh-um. Now I’m here with SKim. Are you guys curious to see what she look like? – There she is!
– Here I am! – So cute. Okay, from far away.
– Wait. But, my face has imprints on it from my acupuncture. Cause I have a meltdown. What are we gonna eat today? – Pizza! It’s gonna be so hot…cause, it’s 800 degrees.
– Yes, so excited. Then, we’re gonna get… – Here we are! – We’re going in.
– The have marble tables. – We came.
– What?! – Is that really why we came?
– Best marble table in L.A. All right, lets order. – I finished my pizza, but… You did.
– Yeah, I had two scoops of ice cream today, cause it’s free. And I guess I deserve it. Here, I’ll help you hold. – And it was so good.
– It’s so good. – Is this lunch tomorrow? – Or snack later. – Now we are at Target.
– We are at the second best place. – Second best… What was the first best palce?
– Pizza! – Oh, okay!
– Pizza. – But, I’m just here to pick up somethings.
– Tell them what you’re getting. Tomorrow is my friend’s bachelorette, and I just need to pick up some stuff. I need sunscreen. – I’m a beauty vlogger, and I didn’t bring sunscreen for the body.
– Everyone should wear Biore. She likes Biore. But I also bring her, like, Korean beauty products.
– It’s the best! It’s true. But, yeah. I’m going to pick it up real quick and end the vlog here. Here’s the shout-out of the day for those of you guys who translated and transcribe my vlogs. I hope you guys enjoy seeing SKim, you’ll be seeing her again Throughout…my L.A. trip. – Her life! – I’ll see you guys in tomorrow’s vlog. Have a great day. Good bye. Do the heart. What’s the eff is that? – It’s a heart. It’s a heart.
– How is this a heart? Oh, look at my nails.

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  1. Hye Joan 😍 I am early today. I have been since this year starter and I have been enjoying your since that. Keep up the good work. Enjoy your summer in USA. Lots of love 💕

  2. I love the hair, Joan. It's so pretty on you 🙂 the pizza 🍕😍 and the Cafés are so aesthetically pleasing!!!

  3. It's a little weird to see you with American makeup, it's throwing me off a little lol
    And Casey Holmes if a famous youtuber that I always hear about but always forgets to check out until a few days ago and I really liker her and we have similar skin issues, too. That taco looked so sad tho hahahaha

  4. Never been so early and seriously the make up gift bag stuff was so amazing. I would love to hear your thoughts on Bite and MILK makeup 😍

  5. wooooow. this vlog is like a mukbang. lol. joan is so skinny despite the eating! 😣 btw Joan is my vlogging inspooo! love ya gurl!

  6. who doesn't love joan ? i always watch your videos and even i did turn on the notification. love from Brunei <3

  7. Just realised your purple hair is matching with your nails hahhahaha

    Joan, you look bomb with purple hair, purple nails and black outfit 💕💕💕

  8. Love the heart! I'm a fossil, so my friends think only people in Korea make the heart symbol. Ahhh. Educating the masses, one person at a time, but you are doing it.

  9. Hi Joan!! Can you also link your sunscreen in the information part of the description box? Do you use the same one everyday?

  10. Amy was so sweet to bring you all those goodies!! And your friend is super cute! That pizza looked bomb. Will have to try that place one of these days!

  11. I love skims dimples 😭 she's so adorable 💖 and Joan I can't get over your hair, I want to do my hair that color it's so pretty

  12. Hi Joan!! This comment might be super unrelated to your og but I just wanted to tell you that I cannot not watch your videos haha been preparing for the medical boards ever since july started and started a social media hiatus but I watch your videos when I feel saturated and tired from all the studyingyour videos are soo refreshing! Thank you! <3

  13. your purple hair is so amazing and fits you perfectly! <3
    why don't you have a collab with Morgan from The Beauty Breakdown? It will be really good to see both of you in the same screen 😀

  14. when you film for example, the pizza dough being flattened out at the pizza place, do you usually ask for permission to film? idk i always wondered about it.

  15. your videos are so refreshing. !!! Just wanted to ask you if you are gonna do another vlog on your way back to korea through airport. If yes ! Please tell, how long do you wait on the plane to start your airplane skincare routine (i.e putting masks, washing ur face etc) in long flights.

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  18. Nice sunglasses, Amy. What a haul of makeup! …all the girls so pretty…. so glad u r sharing ur trip to Cali w us.

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