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– I went to my first Mardi Gras ever, and I’m still alive to talk about it. (upbeat electronic music) I think New Orleans is crazy on a random Tuesday in the fall, so I was a little
hesitant to bring the kids to experience Mardi Gras. But I brought the expert. Elise assured me that we could have a family-friendly Mardi Gras in her hometown of Metairie. This was the kids’ first
trip to New Orleans so they were really excited. Michael was a little confused. (beep)
Michael, what is Mardi Gras? – A fun place! – He thinks Mardi Gras is a fun place. He thought we were going to some sort of theme park or something. I was like, I hope he’s not disappointed. – But he ended up having a great time. (Michael screaming) – I think he might have had the most fun of any of the kids. From experience, I knew one of the first obligatory stops we had to make was Cafe du Monde for beignets. (beep)
Ready one, two, three, cheers! (Michael exclaims) – I was excited when you told me that there was a Cafe
du Monde in Metairie, because she said, we are not going to the French
Quarter during Mardi Gras. So I thought we would miss out on the whole Mardi Gras experience, but– – Listen, kids or no kids, I’m not going to the French
Quarter for Mardi Gras. I can have fun other places. – (beep) These are the best beignets I’ve ever had in my life. – That was the beginning of
the trip that let me know, hey, it’s okay. You don’t have to go
down to Bourbon Street to experience New Orleans. – The next place I wanted
Nicole to go to was the drive through daiquiri experience. – Yes, that’s what I’m talking about! Yeah, there it is. – [Nicole] DBC. – [Elise] DBC. – Bar and grill. Let me tell you only in New Orleans can you go through a drive through to get alcoholic beverages. They had all kinds of combinations. We brought some back for the guys. (beep) So I want two
margaritas, one Long Island, and one house special, no judgment. I was not about to be
drinking and driving, so, y’all can chill out right there. (beep) As long as you
don’t put your straw in it it’s considered closed container. Genius! (beep) Thank you! It was just right to
get the weekend going. – So I wanted to warm her up, with a little taste of a
Metairie parade Friday night before we headed out on Saturday. – (beep) This is our
warm up night to parades and I am so lucky to have this kind of entry
way into Mardi Gras because Elise’s other bestie, Claire, is our gracious hostess tonight. Thank you for having us. – Happy to have you. – And it has been such
a pleasure meeting her because she’s a top fan. – I’m a huge fan. – Okay. She had a house on the
parade route and that– – That’s a score. – And it’s all about the hospitality, and the house warming so you go in and there’s
counters full of food and so, of course, I brought food to share because I had to do something I felt like. – I really think your
Muffuletta dip was a hit, ’cause, I mean, you had these, you know, natives commenting on how
good your dip was, I think. – That was why I was not going dare bring a Muffuletta sandwich, but I was like, why I
can bring a take on that. Recipe link below. Friday night was a little
more of a low key parade, but it was still pretty wild. – They got a lot of stuff. – We’re doing okay, but we got a lot more loot to get. – The kids absolutely loved it, marching bands and the big
floats and all the beads and I think they finally
got the phrase down, throw me something, mister. That’s what you have to say. (Nicole laughs) Put your hands up and really,
you know, sell yourself ’cause you’re trying to get those beads. – They were trying to be polite, they were just like patiently
waiting on their beads and Michael had, you
know, just kind of waved, but he was getting overlooked so either one of us would
pick him up, you know, and you just gotta follow it and then finally they’ll see you
and hand you the big stuff. – [Elise] My favorite part
of the parades are the bands, like I was so excited (laughs). – [Nicole] She was trying to break out some dance moves during those. – [Elise] Well, ’cause, I mean, they’re, the marching bands are just so awesome. – Yeah, I broke it down too. The floats are gigantic. Look at these floats. My experience with floats are like my college homecoming parade. Mm-mm. They were huge. – It was a perfect night to get us ready for the next day which was uptown and those parades are
generally much larger. – I mean, it was a day of parades. We were going to, at least, three. We are about to take Mardi
Gras on full force today. Look at this, we got masks, we got some beads already,
we got fun shirts. So here are some key tricks and trips to getting through the day later. Packing a backpack filled with snacks, you know, the essentials. Goldfish, granola bars. I’ve also packed some
peanut butter sandwiches because you’ve gotta be prepared and also it will save you money. Kids, y’all ready? – (All Kids] Yeah! – Let’s go. So we headed uptown, which, you know, is a little closer to the French
Quarter on Bourbon Street. But, like, still way– – Way removed. – Way, way away. I’m proud to say we did not see one boob or one drunk person. – No, really, we didn’t. – So I, you know, thought it
was just going to be beads and maybe some candy, but
there is minimal candy. When Michael found some candy he immediately swooped it up and ate it. By the end they were
leaving some of the beads just laying there on the ground. – [Elise] They were
becoming professionals. – [Nicole] We got so much stuff. – [Elise] Swords, stuffed animals. – [Nicole] Footballs, frisbees. – We got a pop socket. That was crazy. – We racked up. After we made it through
that perfect Saturday we went back to Metairie for one more. I thought the kids were going to be done because honestly I was about done. (beep) I don’t know how people do this for two weeks at a time. Two days is all I can handle. But they were ready to go
back for that one last parade. But down came the rain. (beep) (people talking) Because it was raining,
I think the audience, maybe, count was a little down. So the people were throwing
whole bags of beads, they were just getting rid of the stuff. (beep) Whatcha get? A lot! It was the best one of
the weekend, definitely, I can’t believe people would
do this on a rainy, rainy day. – After all these parades, we just kept dumping their bags into
their own garbage bags. At the end of the trip, you dump that out we had to say, we had to sort it out, we had to fight over who
got what, who got the most. But the loot was pretty impressive. (beep) We have had a blast and I’m just gonna end
it by saying we came, we saw, and we Mardi Gra’d. Did y’all have fun? (people yelling and clapping) We weren’t even 30 minutes out of town, they’re like, we’re doing this every year. I hope your parents are okay if we kick them out again next year. – What do you think, on
a scale from one to 10, how kid friendly do you
think this Mardi Gras that we experienced? – This was 10 and a half. I did not have to shield my
kids’ eyes, they had a blast, we got great food, we
met some new friends. The whole experience was
better than I expected, so. I think we’ll be back. If you have any questions
on how to do Mardi Gras the family friendly way, comment below. We’ll put Elise on that. I’d also love to hear of
any suggestions you have for future family friendly
trips that we can take. For more good times with us follow Mom VS. on YouTube,
Instagram and Facebook. – And don’t forget to click the bell. – Dang, she’s good. Like they say in New Orleans
let the good times… – Roll. (upbeat music)

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  1. Wow!!! I can't believe all the loot at the end!! That's nuts!! Thank you for this because I've always wanted to experience Mardi Gras…but felt it would be just too crazy for me….

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