Marrickville Public School – Making healthy food fun

[music] Most schools have the unhealthy stuff
like slushies, burgers, hot chips. The good thing about Wil’s canteen is that
it’s really healthy and it’s still delicious. [music] The Healthy Canteen Strategy
was a perfect fit for our community. It actually reinforces what we teach
the kids about healthy living and healthy eating. The advantages of having a healthy school
canteen is peace of mind, really. I don’t have to worry that he’s going to buy
something that doesn’t tick all the boxes. Lots of children like this canteen
and Wil sells lots of healthy food. [music] I’ve been running the canteen here, now
for six years. I cook, prepare all the food here from scratch,
with very little processed ingredients and next to nothing bought in
from an external supplier. The specials are really nice
and they’re different each day. Pasta and sushi and meatballs
and stuff like that. Beef, pasta, mac and cheese, and sushi. My favourite item is frozen yoghurts
because they’re really nice. Food can always be fun. It can be as simple as
putting a stick in it and freezing it, cutting it into amusing shapes. Yeah, I love apple slinkies, it’s like
when Wil puts an apple stuck to it, a little winding thing and it peels all the skin off
and turns it into toy slinky. What can be good for them,
can also taste good, can be interesting, enjoyable, a talking point. My favourite healthy food there
is the oranges because it’s super yummy and they’re also
frozen. I even like the frozen watermelons. Actually, I’ve never had junk food
at the canteen. [music] It’s not hard to do this. I’ve never done
a canteen any other way, so I couldn’t envisage serving
processed food. I just make it all myself. As long as you’ve got some space
and refrigeration and a couple of ways of making stuff hot,
you can do it. You can really see the dedication
that the school takes towards putting together a menu and something
that is really going to benefit our children. [music] It’s not just the physical change in children
and how they can improve themselves, but it also impacts on their learning
as well. They’re eating healthy, they feel healthy,
they feel happier, they learn more. If I can do it, anybody can. [music]

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