Master Innovative Dairy Chain Management

The Master’s programme Innovative Dairy
Chain Management is based on 2 concepts. The first concept is topics
related to the dairy chain itself. We include innovations, entrepreneurship,
chain governance and court insurance. All these aspects are seen from
the perspective of the entire chain, from production up to consumption. The second concept is “How are you going
to make a change as a professional? [Dr Robert Baars – Programme Coordinator] How are you going to make sure
that it will lead to a change?” We have learned that our graduates are
always performing a role as change agents. And that is exactly what we train you for. When you graduate, you will be
competent in dairy chain aspects, which you combine with making a change. Innovations are very
important in the dairy sector. Innovations are required to remain
competitive in the global world. Innovations are also important
to fulfil environmental requirements that are changing every now and then. In our Master’s, innovations
also play an important role. We use this brand-new dairy farm,
the facilities in this farm in our practical teaching and we combine
theory and practise of innovations. Here, at Van Hall Larenstein,
we are constantly innovating our ways of sharing knowledge
with our students. [Dr Martijn O. Hoeke – Senior Lecturer] With the Master’s programme IBCM
we will apply the “blended learning” principle, which means you will be
offered a diverse mix of online and offline learning
activities and content. The online part of the course will be
available through an up-to-date virtual learning environment,
which is available on any device. An important part of this
virtual learning environment is connecting with your fellow students. In this Master’s programme
you will be encouraged to share your knowledge
with students and teachers. This way, learning will
become an interactive and social activity at
Van Hall Larenstein. In our Master’s, it is not only
about technical innovations, it is also about organisational
and institutional innovations. Moreover, we think from the
perspective of our students. We have an international classroom and we think from the
perspective of that country, and we will teach the students
to see the possibilities and realistic options for innovations
in their own countries. Van Hall Larenstein
University of Applied Sciences

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