McDonalds Drive Thru vs Burger King Food & Happy Meal Toys Kids Toys

Hey, Spidey! Guess what? I am serving only healthy food, because I
am going to be the new and only healthy fast-food place in this town. Um, actually, I am serving health food, too. Wait! What? Hahahah! Wait! What’s this? Salad? Yeah, that’s right! Oh, man! And water, and grapes. All the good stuff. All the fast-food restaurants are doing it
now, serving healthier options. Oh, no! I want ice cream! Where’s my Dairy Queen? Okay. McDonald’s Food, now serving healthy!! Oh, Burger King, serving healthy food! Oh, wait! Ava! Come here! Come her! Come here! Hi, Ava! Would you like some healthy food? Yeah. Okay, so we have, uh, peanut butter pretzels. We’re serving applesauce and I also have
healthy juice drink and toys. What would you like? I like Toys. Toys? Okay. Let’s see. I have a Hatchimals. You want that? Yeah. Okay. Hatchimals! Ooh! A red one! Oh, it has purple in it. You gotta hatch it! Hatch. Hatch that Hatchimal! Uh-oh! You lost it! It might be a lucky one. Okay. Rub that Hatchimal. Rub it. Love it. Kiss it. Ooh hoo. Ooh, it’s nice and pink now. It might be a farm one. Okay. Uh! What did you get? Um, one. It looks kind of pink. Yeah. Okay. Let’s see. All that little egg food. What is it? Pull it out. Uh! It’s so cute! There we go. Oh, yeah. Right here. Oh, it’s a little piggy! Aw, that’s really cute! Oink, oink, oink, oink, oink! See, McDonald’s has the best toys. Uh-uh. Shopkins are way better! I’ve got better toys over here! Oh, wait, wait! No, no, no! You gotta stay here! Wit! I’ve got way, I’ve got way better healthy
food. Yeah. Wait, wait. Oh, yeah! Welcome to Burger King! We have so much better food! Would you like a nice ice-cold water? Or a delicious crispy salad? No, you don’t want actually to eat that
salad. Ooh! Cheese and nuts! That’s good! Grapes! Grapes are awesome! Um. And we have Shopkins. Water. Water! Oh! All right. See, healthy options. Hey! I have water, too. You don’t need to go to Burger King. That’s better. Oh, my water’s filtered and nice, so it’s
good water. Uh-oh. Ooh! This water is good! So, that’s very good. Oh, and Shopkins! Shopkins are awesome! Uh, do you want to add to your collection? Yeah. Well, my toys have two surprises inside, which
is way better than just one, so, you would definitely love to do this. Yep. Two blind bags. Go ahead and open it! I know you want it! Oh, and you have a whole collection already! Go and add to it! Let’s do it. Come on. Yeah. There we go. See what we got! See what Shopkins you’ve got. Hope it’s some new ones, and this is the
new Season Two. Not many people have this. It’s pretty exclusive to Burger King. Oop, you dropped it. All over the floor. Hahah, you might want to. Yep. Yep. There you go. Oh! Oh! See what you got! See what you got! Come on! I want to see it! What’d you get? Ooh, what have you got? Like a Limited Edition or sparkly one? Uh, what is it, what is it. What is it?? Come on! Come on! And remember, you can only get Shopkins exclusive
to Burger King because we’re awesome! That’s right. Ooh!! What did you get? Oh! You got like a little sun hat? That’s really cute. That’s, and it goes perfect to their collect…oh,
did you lose it in your collection? Um. Yeah. Yeah. I, I get the whole. I get the whole “I have a lot of Shopkins”
thing. Yeah. Let’s see. Okay, what’d you get? Uh! Ooh! What is it? Oh, oh, oh, oh! Be careful with the car! You might, you might run into. Actually, go ahead and run into McDonald’s. That’d be funny. Oh! Oh, you got like a little cuckoo clock! That’s really cute! That’s like perfect. See? Awesome toys at Burger King, isn’t it? Oh, Ava! Come here! Ava, don’t look at those Shopkins he put
in there first. There we go. Come on, come on. Oh, man! Come on. There we go. So, you want. Um, I can tell. Wait a minute. What’s this on your hat? What does this say? Dairy Queen??? Did you go to Dairy Queen without us? No. They really have unhealthy food there. Which we do not want to wear Dairy Queen hats. What you do want though, is this ice cream. It has a little M on it, for McDonald’s,
and I think it’ll be much more tasty. Here. Try it. Try it. Does it taste good? It might taste a little plasticky, so you
don’t want to eat real ice cream, just fake, and it look, it turns into a pie monster! Do you like that? Rrrrahhh! Rrrrahhh!! Okay. It’s not real! Yeah, it’s not real ice cream. Do you want real food, though? Yeah. Okay. Here. Wait, wait. We have applesauce. That’s very healthy, and then, we have pretzels. Also, kind of healthy. Okay. So, we gotta limit you. Let’s see. Um, serving size is just two pretzels. That’s it. That’s all you can eat. Here you go. Enjoy your two pretzels. That’s it. And that’ll be three dollars. Where’s your money? Oh. Here it is. What? All these Shopkins? Sweet! I’ll take’em. Don’t give her all your Shopkins!! That’s worth way more than three dollars!! Especially since they’re exclusive!! Here, come over here. I’ve got more Shopkins so you can start
your collection again. Ah! Evil McDonald’s stealing all your Shopkins
for two, lousy pretzels! Who just eats two pretzels? That’s nothing! Yeah. Here you go. Have some new Shopkins. See if you like those. Yep. Ooh, and do you want some delicious cheese
and nuts, or a salad or grapes? To snack on? Grapes. Grapes? Take all these grapes. They’re very healthy for you. And you can snack on them while you eat Shopkins. Oh, wait! Don’t eat Shopkins. You open Shopkins. Yeah. You. Yeah. They look like food. They look tasty, but don’t eat them. I got more Shopkins. Yep! You got more of them. Do you want me to help you open them? Yeah. Here we go. All right. Let’s see what this is. Ooh! It’s blue and, oh, that’s cute! It’s like a little U.K. flag up personal. Isn’t that cute? It could be perfect with your collection. Ooh, and what’s that one? It looks like it has pink on it. It looks kinda……oh, wait! Silver! Ooh! Oop! There it is! Where’d it go? Oh yeah! It’s a little baguette! Oh! It’s like a little French baguette! Ooh! Doesn’t that look tasty? Yeah. But, we can’t have baguettes. It’s too many carbs. It’s unhealthy. Oh. There we go. Oh. Oop. We lost the house. No, no. Don’t eat it. That’s bad. It’s gross. It won’t taste good. But here. Have a salad. That’s good for you, right? No. Oh, what? You don’t like salads? It’s so good for you. It has dressing in it, and corn, and chicken. How about these? These are really good. Look at that. Cheese and nuts. That’s good. You gotta admit. That’s pretty good. I don’t like cheese and nuts. You don’t like it? Hey, Ava! Come here! Come back this way! I got way better food. Hold on. Yeah. You said you don’t like salad, right? No salad? So, how about some applesauce? That’s really good. Um, yeah? No? All right. What do you want? If you could have anything from McDonald’s,
what would you want? Um, I would like, um, the Shopkins back. Wait. Oh! You want. Oh. Eat at McDonald’s and you want your Shopkins
back? Yeah. Okay. Fine. Here you go. Here’s your Shopkins back. How about some food, though? Um. What can you eat, what do you usually like
from McDonald’s? I usually like, um, pretzels. More pretzels? Okay. Hey, since you’ve been such a good customer,
you can have as many pretzels as you want. Hey!! That’s not healthy! Pretzels with peanut butter in them, and a
whole handful of them? Oh my gosh, that’s five hundred calories! That is not healthy! I don’t care if it’s healthy! Yeah, that’s right. Eat those pretzels. Remember, you got them from McDonald’s. Ah, what?? I’m the number one restaurant, right? Do you like my restaurant? Yeah. No, no! You like Burger King! Remember? That’s where you get the amazing Shopkins
from, and I have delicious salads and cheese and nuts. Yeah. Way better healthy food than McDonald’s
“healthy food.” Just want ice cream. Well, all I have is this fake ice cream, Ava. I just want Dairy Queen. Wait! Dairy Queen?? This place? But Dairy Queen is so unhealthy!! You want McDonald’s! No. Well, if it’s Dairy Queen the customer wants,
it’s what the customer gets. So, no more Burger King. We’re Dairy Queen. Oop, healthy food! Nobody wants healthy food at fast food. Whoo! Ice cream! Slushies! Come get your ice cream! That’s what you want! Yeah, that’s right. What do want? Blue, pink, or smoothie? What would you like? Um, blue. Ooh, yummy! Good choice. Great on a hot day! Hahah! Now, this is way better than McDonald’s,
isn’t it? Dairy Queen for the win! It’s a giant popsicle! Oh, man!! Dairy Queen!! No one can compete with Dairy Queen, especially
when it’s serving just pretzels like “ew”. I love Dairy Queen! Wait! Ava, come back! Don’t you want your applesauce? Please! No! Applesauce is so good!! Come on! Applesauce! No. What? What? Is that icy seriously better than applesauce? Yeah. Oh, man! I can’t compete! It’s not fast enough! Well, it looks like people go to fast food
restaurants not to be healthy, but for the good stuff! I know. This stinks! I need to change my whole business model back
to the huge cheeseburgers. Yep. And shakes and fries. Yeah. Back like it was in the nineties. Yeah. Yeah. That kind of stuff. Well, if you guys like this video and want
to see more like it, please click “like” and subscribe. Huhuh. Heheh. Ava obviously like it. Yeah. She like it a lot! Huhuh. And in the comments, let us know what you
like more…McDonald’s, Burger King, or Dairy Queen! Yeah. I’ve gotta vote Dairy Queen today. Yeah. Dairy Queen’s pretty awesome! I mean, oh wait! I mean McDonald’s! Vote McDonald’s! Yeah. No! Dairy Queen! Whoo!!

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