Hey Cookaholics, Chef Kendra here today
we are making a Mcdonald’s seasonal classic we’re making a version of the
McRib so let’s do we do and make it happen we have sought hey guys subscribe
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thing here we have our meat and I’m gonna trim as much of the fat or
weird bits off of this like right here is like a tool and very hard that has to
go next on my baking sheet now I’m going to put our bits of meat in a food
processor and remember we trumped it get rid of
the heart bitch some fat get it out of here and we’re gonna shape it now I’m
gonna take my hands diplomat some water and actually this was a pretty big rib
originally so I get three out of this I think of course if you want to be more precise
you can weigh these on a scale but it’s not that big of a deal the water helps
the meat not stick to your hands so shape to like an oval shape then I’m
going to stick them in a freezer for about a half an hour it’s gonna take
this whole baking sheet and stick it in the freezer and while waiting for these
to get a little solid I’m going to clean up I’m gonna get this nice big pan over
medium while that’s heating up I have our patties they’re not frozen they’re
just you know a little more stable that’s black pepper side right now and
we’re going to get a couple in the pan for juice black so we’re just gonna cook
them and cook them on the other side until
they’re done now if I like to do take a top cover it
let it cook through a little more after these are done I’m gonna remove them and
I’m going to toast the bun that’s how we’re gonna do this y’all okay they’re
ready now so I’m gonna take them out here butter this if you want and get it
in the pan and I’m just gonna Brown it toast it up a little bit all right
buns ready yeah put the pan on low put these back in and I just want the meat to cook a
little in the barbecue sauce okay now it’s all my sauce on it sear it on there
like that I’m gonna take one of these patties gonna add some more barbecue
sauce be generous here now right here you’ve been taught some pickles down if
you want to then we’re gonna add some onions hey guys the link to this recipe
is down below but before you go hit that notification bell and subscribe so you
don’t miss a thing that’s all for this time I’ll see you
next time Chef Kendra is out, peace.

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