Hey everybody, I’m Elise Mayfield, and this is Smart Cooking! Do do do do, I play the
actual theme music now. And today we’ll be making
Millionaire Shortbread! Cha-ching! It’s like a giant Twix bar,
the size of a jelly roll pan. Check it out, woo! I’ll tell you why it’s called
Millionaire Shortbread, it’s because it’s got
lots of fancy ingredients, and it sounds real fancy but it’s actually very simple to make. The traditional recipes
include rice flour, which I think makes for
a really good addition because it helps make
the shortbread like extra crispy and crunchy and yummy and delish. Super extra crispy and crunchy. So we’ve got a mix of
AP flour and rice flour, if you’re interested in the
quantity of these things read the recipe, okay great. Super simple, shortbread is just like, four ingredients, that’s it. AP flour, rice flour, sugar,
butter in the food processor, ready to go. And now sugar, and let’s watch
this butter flop in there, nope, okay, cool. Nailed it! Alright butter, very easy
and then all you’re gonna do is blend this up in your food processor. (whirring) I will forewarn you, this
is gonna look really sandy and you’re gonna be like this cannot possibly be done, and it is. Almost, but not quite. Now I know this is done because I kind of felt it like starting to rumble, so that’s how I know
that it’s ready to go, ’cause it’s literally, ready to rumble. Now you’re gonna take
your jelly roll pan , a note about jelly role
pans, jelly roll pans are very specific measurements. This is a 15 by 10 pan, it’s not the same as a cookie sheet, so
like you gotta invest in a jelly roll pan. You’re just gonna pour that in there, your know if the blade ends up in there, just like take it out, you
don’t wanna hurt anyone. And then you’re just gonna,
pat, pat, pat it in there. You’re gonna pat, pat, pat it
right into this little pan, yes you are. The heat of your hands
and the butter helps this to come together, so I
recommend not wearing gloves while you’re doing this. Alright, so we’ve made an
even layer of shortbread. I’ve also preheated an oven to
350 and I should’ve told you that’s actually the
first thing you wanna do, is preheat your oven to 350 degrees, and then this shortbread
is gonna go in there for 18 to 20 minutes, just
until it gets kind of, starts to get golden
brown around the edges. I feel very Vanna White, okay. Great, let’s set a timer,
I’m gonna figure this out. While that’s baking, you’re
gonna start to make your caramel and so I’m gonna go on
this like real fancy, real fancy induction
top oven that scares me ’cause it’s like from the future. Brown sugar, some butter,
sweetened condensed milk, and corn syrup. The corn syrup is gonna
help us with texture. Now you just pour everything in there. Oh, that sounded like a brick. Luxurious! Here, how’s that butter,
the butter pour was good? And finally, corn syrup. Mm, delicious high fructose corn syrup. So then if you weren’t
afraid of your induction top cook stove, but although I kind of am. (singing) someday we’ll find it. Yep, I don’t, that doesn’t work. Just kick the cord, everything’s fine, its like the fonz in here. So you just, you press the button on here, oh it sings to you, okay. You got your caramel on,
and this actually goes for like a total of a half hour, and this is probably the most
difficult part of this recipe because, you have to stay
on this pretty consistently. It is needy and clingy
right now and it needs your love and attention, okay? Here’s the thing, guys,
nobody’s go a half hour to watch this cook right now,
so we’re just gonna go to TV land magic and pull
a hot pot underneath this kitchen island, okay? Look at that! Remarkable, how that happened! All the butter has melted,
all of our ingredients have dissolved, this
is like a very kind of, delicious looking caramel sauce. It is gonna be a little
lighter in complexion than you might see with some
other caramels that you make, but that’s because it’s
already got the cream in there, but it should be like this
and you should be able to tell like when you run your hand
through it, it should hold. Smart cookie fact of the day! Shortbread is one of the
oldest recipes that we know of, I think the oldest recipe
that they have ever found, was from 1615, in a cookbook
called English Huswife. It’s literally spelled like H
U S W I FE, huswife. (laughs) And there’s a debate about whether or not Millionaire Shortbread
is an Australian dessert, or if its an English dessert. So, big debate, if you
happen to know the answer, please leave it in the comments. Australian dessert, or English dessert? We don’t know, you tell me. (ding) Do you hear it, it’s time! Oh man, you’ll know
your shortbread is done, when your edges start to look
golden brown and delicious. You have warm shortbread,
you have warm caramel, and now you’re gonna combine them Oo luxurious, oo. I feel like a millionaire, oh my goodness, where is my butler? Rodney, Rodney bring me
the shortbread please! Oh my goodness. Scrape every last bit of
this ’cause it’s so good! You can make this, one time, and then gift it to like ten people. And every single one of them will be like, thank you that was so
thoughtful, and you’ll be like, sure, eight other people got
the exact same present, whoops! And now this goes in the
oven, not in the oven, don’t put it back in the oven. Put it in the fridge,
this goes in the fridge for a half hour to chill
and harden and luckily, I’ve got one that is
already ready to rumble. Look at that, it’s already done! So that’s been chilling in
the fridge for a half hour, like your aunt Carol, and her
costume jewelry, it’s tacky. So final step, chocolate. Okay, now you’re gonna put
this in your microwave, that’s, you know, positioned in the most awkward
place, in your kitchen. (laughs) I really don’t
know how this works. What did you do? You don’t even have to turn a knob! This is, we’re living
in the future everyone. I just have to press this button. Now you wait, for a whole minute. Why is a minute so ling? Oh, one Mississippi, two
Mississippi, three. (ding) Thank god, it’s done! Alright, now it’s all
melty, and I’m going to pour this out over our chilled caramel. So the chocolate layer’s
gonna be pretty thin, which is why I am scraping
every last little bit out of here. We’re gonna spread this all out. Oh my gosh, look at that. Don’t you feel fancy? You feel so fancy! My personal favorite touch,
is a little bit of salt. So, I like my desserts a
little sweet and savory, and this is definitely
a very sweet dessert. So before my chocolate sets,
I’m gonna sprinkle some maldon salt, which is
a large flaky sea salt over the top of my
chocolate before it sets. And then we’re gonna
get kind of that like, salted caramel flavor going on. Snow, merry Christmas! Final step, this needs to
chill for another 15 minutes. 15 minutes. (sigh) Okay, so you can tell your
chocolate has hardened, so we’re just gonna start to cut this up. I usually start by cutting it in half, then I’m gonna cut each half in half, and then I’m gonna cut
each of those in half. And then I’m gonna cut
rows, and then I’m gonna cut the squares into triangles. Oh boy, here we go! Look at those even layers, yes! These super even layers,
you got the shortbread, caramel, chocolate, salt, this
is clearly a tester piece, so I’m just gonna eat part of it. Mm, double up. (grunts) oh so good, that’s so good. Super buttery, crunchy
shortbread, like really rich. And then I have to say, the salt really brings it
home for me, personally. So you may not have a million dollars to give your favorite
people, but you can give them Millionaire Shortbread to make them feel like a million bucks! So, that is my hot take tip
for you for this Christmas, I hope you have a wonderful holiday. Merry Christmas from Smart Cooking! Yay!

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