Alright internet welcome to my virgin kitchen
today is a Sunday funday video it is barry here and today we are attempting another mini
food if you have missed any of the other mini foods there is a link to a playlist up here
and down below I have done like mini pizza mini pavlova loads of stuff but today we are
attempting mini chocolate chip cookies these are an egg free recipe I think about 2 months
ago there was this huge buzz in mini food videos but I have been doing them for 2 years
anyway and there was I do not know how they did it right I think it was a cake and they
had eggs the quarter the size of a finger nail and I watched it and I was like �� ��. ��. ��. �� basically
what I am trying to say is how the heck did they get eggs that small where did they get
it from a gerbil, I know it seems pretty quiet in here today but we are not alone micheal
Jackson sorry we have got boston down there sleeping and amy down there too it is what
pugs do after they walk but we will try and achieve this mini cookie mission together
lets get going, ok so our mini food apparatus kit is quite minimal today we do not need
much from our delicious hamper we are going to need our mini grater just for the chocolate
chips do not know why I am doing it but hey I have ten of these now you guys keep sending
them so thanks very much I may have to send some away in fact I do not need many of those
so I will give some away facebook live is the place for giveaways here is a mini sieve
do we need that yes we might and of course the main thing is the naff winnie the pooh
plate the rules are as standard very simple we must make sure they fit on this plate and
I am super confident we will do that today other ones in the past I like the pavlova
and gingerbread house that was pushing it pretty tight but these we are going to be
fine. First thing we need is a level teaspoon of self raising flour yes ok kind of some
escaped the sieve but we just sieve it in the bowl a little bit oh look at that I do
not actually know if I am sifting I am kind of throwing it out of it, we do need one and
a half teaspoons of the flour that is the largest ingredient we are using, dark brown
sugar here, teaspoon of that in it goes, butter now, just going to push off the excess so
in it goes alright it is quite a warm day ugh so in it goes we push it in with the flour
and brown sugar we will just bring you in a bit closer this is an eight of a teaspoon
of golden syrup also known as corn syrup to help bond it together I am going to pour that
in but it will take ages here it comes, yeah! It is going to make all the difference right,
getting the bamboo skewer to give it a helping hand there too all we do now is with the bamboo
skewer give it a mix together we need to break down the butter the thing that will help cling
it all mix the flour sugar butter and that syrup and it should make a mini dough and
if you can hear that in the background that is amy having water because watching me do
videos is thirsty work ,oh wait a minute I forgot my chocolate chips, I am not sure if
this is going to work and it would be a lot easier with a standard chocolate bar but I
am taking a chocolate chip running it down one of my several graters and nearly grating
my finger off but yes I am getting some chocolate shavings so these will count as our chocolate
chips so I am going to keep doing that what I am finding is these will disintegrate in
there but I am getting these larger off cuts of chocolate chip which may stand out a little
more so I might use these instead, from the dough mix point of you there is not much to
report other than it has clinged together after stirring it but it is a little too wet
so have added some flour in there we are going to mix that through again we just want it
a little more firmer a little more butch we want butch cookies so pulling it with my hands
we have a fair amount of cookie dough to play with.
So what I am going to do is take that cookie dough and roll it along those chocolate crumbs
and I can just press it in its going very wet again I may have to put a little more
flour on this, should always flour your board folks remember that, so lets do that, that
is much better and a few more chunks of chocolate in there too there we go check that out but
this dough is way too big for our cookies I am not sure why the pugs have decided to
join us for this shot but it is relatively important I do not have a mini baking tray
this is the smallest I have so I lined it with a small patch of baking parchment and
greased it with some butter to hold it down, so I am just taking my bamboo skewer and slicing
in half, then half again, then half again, then half again and even that is probably
too big so lets go half again, alright, and even that is still too big but hey, it is
cookies right, little roll with the finger, because all cookies even large ones it is
good to bake them in a circular shape but for a mini version that could be the opposite
they could bake as circles but I will do one of different shapes I think just in case,
so down on the board it goes that is a tray not a board.
This one I am just going to flatten slightly to get more of a disc shape at first, I am
not sure if it will have enough time to bake and shape or just stay so I am going to do
a mix of both ok there we go we have half the dough leftover so you can see how much
of it I managed to get out of all those little ones and this one should fit on the plate
as standard hopefully so lets get it in the oven now and see how it turns out, alright
I have not pre heated my oven as I want the oven to warm up with it to give it the maximum
time in the oven but it is going to be the lowest temperature I just looked at a teatowel
for no reason oh they are looking good, lets see what happens, they have been in the oven
for four minutes I took them out added some more chocolate chips how does that sound amy
alright, great. Here we go out of the oven, lets have a look.
No need to put the cookies on a wire rack they will cool straight away this is a ten
pence coin roughly the size of an American quarter and our naff winnie the pooh plate,
first up lets show you the large one we made there used to be when I was at school these
things called mini cookies I believe and they were that size bitesize cookies in a pack
so maybe have a go at those if you want but no we are here for the mini cookies and look
folks look at the size of that one chocolate chip cookie putting a chocolate chip in last
minute really did help, so just for scale there are 6 mini cookies there kind of cute
in size I knew we would do this one it was just a case of how small and the coin for
scale shows you how much I am going to shove them in a shot glass and have a taste.
Cheers big ears, here is a shot of mini cookies amazing, absolutely stonking indeed and fantastic
for portion control obviously if you want a scaled up version if you go to
and search chocolate chip cookies you will find them there and they are stonking so good
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other channel behind the scenes stuff with the family and more so that is it guys give
this a go let me know what mini foods you want to see and we will see you next time.


  1. "we need really break down that butter that's gonna be the most thing that's gonna cling it all" – Barry 2k16

  2. My wife has gotten me your book for Father's Day. Needless to say, I'm excited to get it and want to try out some recipes.

  3. Clearly you have never made a proper dough before. There are rules of how to mix ingredients together and in what order. You should ask your wife, if you're not too proud.

  4. You can still get snack bags of bite size cookies. Maryland and mcvities both make their own. Addictive bags you may eat more then you mean to.

  5. Mini foods…interesting. Not sure if there's an angle for the market on portion control but you never know and if it's good, doesn't matter the size, it's good.

  6. where did you get you mini utensils?!? or where did the people who ship them to you get them?!?! I really want to do tiny cooking!

  7. Maybe this is late, or maybe it's been mentioned before, but those mini eggs, was it perhaps by Ann Reardon? because I've heard she uses a special Technic on normal size eggs to get the yolk out to make it so tiny.

  8. Since you didn’t use butter specifically for baking, that’s probably why the dough was going wet? 🤷🏻‍♀️

  9. When this started, I said 'I wonder if he's going to make regular sized cookies (relatively), or is he going to make a giant cookie to fit the whole plate', then you go and make both sizes. 🙂

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