– Hey, everyone, it’s Barry here, welcome to My Virgin Kitchen. I hope you are well. Today we are doing another Sunday fun day, it’s a mini-food video, but,
actually, Sunday fun day may not be the fun day anymore. Any day, I hope any day is fun day anyway, but any day could be a fun
day video very, very soon, so more on that. We are doing the heavily
requested mini-lasagna. I’m not sure if this is gonna work. So, we are going to do our best, shoutout to the person, I can’t
remember what they’re called now, but they
left this comment about Michael Jackson being in the background of the cheesecake pops video, the king of pop watching the pops being
made for us, quite good. Anyhow, mini-food. You guys know the rules,
the mini-food must fit onto the mini ripoff
Winnie-the-Pooh plate by the end. This is a mould that I’ve made, okay, it’s not a perfect square shape, it’s a silicon sort of diagonal mould that I’ve wrapped in foil and then put
a little bit of baking parchment on the bottom. So, the first thing we’re gonna do, we’re actually gonna put the
pasta sheets at the bottom to try and give it some stability so I can actually get the thing out, hopefully. So, that right there is
a sheet of fresh pasta. Way too big, what I’m
actually gonna use is my baking parchment that I’m gonna put at the bottom as a bit of a template and then cut it out. Okay. There we go, a square sheet of pasta. So, I’ll use this as a template, and I’m probably gonna do, I don’t
need four I don’t think, we’re gonna go for three,
I think, at the most. And, we’ll just cut them out
so we’ve got them to hand. Alright, that’ll do. There’s my pasta sheets, and they might be a little bit too big,
hey, we’ll go with that. Alright, baking parchment
down, meatball, donk. That’s massive! I’m just gonna rip it in half. That’s still way too
much, in fact, let’s just take that smaller bit right there, okay. Just trying to break it down a bit with this sticky thing. But, we can break it down more in the pan. It’s just basically
not a meatball anymore. Kind of like a cowpat. Little frying pan, go on, sit, good boy. Amy just literally looked up. Amy, you can just about see her. Winnie-the-Pooh mug thing with oil in it. Now, normally, you would
warm it straight away, but I want to actually get this in the oil quite quickly. Go on, fall out. Nice. Lowest flame I can. This will not take long
’cause the oil will warm up. I’ve got this sticky
proddy thing, you guys know that I’ve got this
dedicated mini-food manicure kit, so I just want to break this up as it cooks. There we go, probably
like brush it against the side of the pan, it does eventually start to want to break down. It would’ve been easier
to get a pack of mince, but that would’ve been a heck of a lot, and we are having meatballs for tea. So, breaking this down, cooking it up, it’s actually getting insanely hot, I need to be careful with my fingers here. I need to get some
mini-food safety gloves, they must be marigold as well. I’ve actually bumped the brightness of the camera up a little bit ’cause it’s a bit dark in here today, but that is really… That is hot, baby. Nice, so I’m actually
gonna turn the heat off now immediately ’cause it
will potentially overcook. Let the residual heat just still fry it for a teeny-weeny bit,
and I’ve got a little bit too much oil in
there, damn you mini-mug, so I’m just gonna drain that off. You stay there. Alright, that’s better. So, just to one side is a tin of tomatoes with herbs already in
it, and we are making our own bechamel sauce, so I thought I’d take this step quite easy. Got an eighth of a
teaspoon, and we’re just gonna add in… If I do eight of these,
I should’ve just got a teaspoon, but that defeats the point of the mini-food. Oh, look at that chunk of tomato in there. Let’s go for, I don’t
know, I’ve lost count now. That’ll do. Just give it a mix around,
I love this little thing. That’s awesome. Get it all nice and coated. The meatballs, actually,
were already seasoned in salt and pepper, so the cool thing is I don’t need to season them either. There we go. That will be our sauce for the lasagna. This is a pan I was very kindly sent, and thank you so much
for the ongoing mini-food merchandise you guys are sending. I believe I have a knife on the way, I’ve got like six of these,
really, really cool, I need that for the
cheese in a little bit. I’ve got this whisk as well, we’re gonna attempt to try and make a bechamel sauce in here, nothing fancy,
we ain’t gonna infuse the milk, just like we didn’t put wine in with the mince and all that stuff, just in mini stuff, hey, babes,
hey, babes, what does that even mean? Alright, let’s move on, babes. So, for the bechamel,
I’ve got half a tablespoon of butter there, we’re
not gonna go too small just to make sure we’ve got enough. And, we’re gonna melt this up. I want it to melt quite
slowly, wow, it’s going quick. I don’t want to rush this. Hehe, this is cool, I love
doing mini-foods, guys. Some of you guys actually
asked me what is your favourite food videos to
do, and, I don’t know, I just get, I find this
really therapeutic. Alright, that is pretty much there, look at that, so, what we do, I’m gonna do this off the heat to give me optimum time, is the same amount of flour, so about half a tablespoon, in that goes, and that will actually cook flour. Do you know what, years ago, I never knew you had to cook flour,
but you do, my friends. There we go, ah, yeah, it’s working. So, normally on a large
size bechamel sauce you do this for about two minutes just to cook the flour through, maybe a teeny bit more flour, why not. Just do not want this to burn, oh my God, there we go, thicken her up, me beauties, thicken her up. So I just take off the heat for a minute, turn the flame off, there
we go, back on there, I’m gonna slowly add some milk in. A little bit at a time, and we’re gonna whisk it through. That should, over time, thicken up. Oh, there you go, you can see that. Yeah, baby. A bit too thick now,
so we keep adding milk. I haven’t made just a real decent lasagna video on the channel
yet, I need to do that. There we go, you can see how that, by adding the milk, it’s getting absorbed and drying out a little bit, but I don’t want to add too much, otherwise it will be too runny, you want to
get that right consistency. So, keep whisking it. I love how I’m talking as if like you guys are all gonna do this. You need to do a proper
one, but this is fun for me. Still a little thick, see? (humming a tune) There we go. I am happy with that. Let’s bring it together. Winnie-the-Pooh, out of
the way for a minute, mate, and in comes our mould,
so the baking parchment is sat in there, and, as I said, I’m gonna stick a sheet of, oh
yeah, that’s quite good, I want it to push out, of the pasta down the bottom, okay. I think, normally, I do
anyway, you put beef mince at the bottom. Gonna stick some of the bechamel in there. Come on, now, yes, don’t be shy. Some of our beef mince. Go on, yes. That should weigh it down a little bit. We need some Parmesan. This the mini grater. Come on, now, yes. Little sprinkle on top. Another pasta sheet in
there to hold it in place. This time I’m gonna go beef mince on top then the bechamel, haha,
it’s all merging together, beautiful, well it will in
the oven anyway, won’t it? And, it’s not like we’re
gonna put this on the internet or anything, is it? A bit more Parmesan. And, one last layer of pasta,
try and hold it together. Bechamel on top of that. Bet yo mama! And, then Parmesan over there. Now, we’re gonna put
this in the oven, this could be the first
mini-food fail, but I am gonna upload this video no
matter what happens, alright. It’s like a little basket, isn’t it. Oh, and just a reference,
I do have some herbs here, this is some chopped
basil, but I think I’ll sit it on top once it’s
baked, it might make it look, I don’t know Michelin Star? Alright, so it’s gonna
go on this baking tray. I don’t have a a
mini-baking tray as of yet, but this will do. I have no idea how long it’s gonna take. Let’s just go with it. Alright, so just while
that is in the oven, if you want more Virgin
Kitchen, don’t forget there’s a free podcast
to download every week that I do with my friends and family, it’s on Stitcher, Soundcloud, iTunes, you can pre-order my new book, which is available worldwide on Amazon right now, I’m also on all social media @MyVirginKitchen, so let all your requests come in there, and, of course, subscribe for regular recipes and food fun. Let’s see if this has worked. Alright, folks, let’s cut to the chase. Little plate of herbs here, let’s take that out of the shot, it’s all about Winnie-the-Pooh right now. I’ve taken our lasagna
out of the packaging, and does it fit? Yes, it does! The kind of bottom pasta layer is hiding miles away there. What I think we’ll do is just a little bit more Parmesan on top, that
nice golden-brown finish. And, just a few herbs, like that. Yes, yes, that looks good,
I love it, I love it. So, let’s get something for scale. Well, it’s the classic, but a tangerine. Folks, mini-lasagna. Thought this was gonna be tricky. To be fair, it was. All done. Alright, here we go, bottoms
up, ladies and gents. It worked! Wow. Out of all the mini-foods
to date, and, boy, I know you’re gonna
request some down below, but check the playlist, I’ve done a lot, that’s probably the most filling out of all of it, it took me quite a while to get it down in one bite, and that was surprisingly like I feel like I don’t need to eat anymore. It’s good for weight loss
and, you know, diets. Maybe the mini-food diet is a new thing. That’s it, folks, really hope you enjoyed the video, do check out
the mini-food playlist and let me know down below
any requests you’ve got. Follow me on social
media for the behind the scenes bits and bobs, and
I’ll see you again next time. Mini-food-tastic!

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