Mister Fruit Cup Mexican Corn Barton Springs, H.Cherdon’s Food Truck Adv. 1.21 Trucklandia

Hi, I’m Cherdon and this is my
trip to Truck by Truckwest 2013. Hey guys, this is Mister Fruit Cup. I’m looking
forward to this because I love fruit and I like healthy food so… I think there should be more of it.
Let’s go see what they have. – Hi how’s it going today?
– Pretty good. How are you today?
– Doing well. Welcome to Mister Fruit Cup. – Excellent, we’re here for Truck by Truckwest.
– Awesome. Welcome, we’re glad to have you today. Today we’re doing a taste of Mister Fruit Cup and it’s a sample of our menu. Today we are sampling our traditional Mexican fruit cup, our elote cup and our Carmel Apple. It’s a Mexican carmel with green apples.
– Okay so these are cold and this one is warm. I’m gonna start with the warm one. Oh that looks good. It’s got some corn in there, some cilantro. I don’t know what the sauce is. Let’s see… Let’s try. That’s really good. Ah, that’s super good. Let’s try this one. I’m gonna squeeze some of this lime on here. See that guy… This one might be too hard to eat with a fork. Here we go. Mmmmmm…… That is super good! Ooo! Cucumber! Mmmmmm!!!! I love cucumbers. I don’t know why there’s not cucumbers in fruit more often, but mmmm…. This is really good. And you can see the bee likes it as well, as you can see. And then we have number three. It’s the sweet stuff. This is definitely,
definitely looking good. I’m looking forward to this one. Two kinds of nuts too. Alright peeps. There we go! Mmmm…. Those flavors are really good. It’s like a
caramel apple but fresh! Not so sugary. Doesn’t make your lips all glue together. I like that. That’s really good. I think that
one’s my favorite.
I like this
one though. Not entirely sure which to choose. It’s a good think I don’t have to, right? Heeheehe.

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