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(both laugh) (upbeat electronic music) – So we got our and we’re gonna dive right in, but I think we’re gonna do reverse order. Instead of eating the candy first, I think we have to start with
the proper brunch cocktail, and decide what candy
you think goes with it. Shall we say it at the same time, and see if we say the same thing? – Yes!
– Okay! So what is the second most
popular brunch cocktail? And that’s the order
that we’re gonna go in. What’re some of your
favorite Easter candies? – I’m not a jelly bean fan. – Let’s talk about jelly beans, because I special-ordered some. These are the kinda jelly beans that your momma used to give you. These are not Jelly Belly, ’cause these are the big fat ones. – So you’re saying they’re better, because they’re old-school? – All the candies that are in here today are the most nostalgic kind. They didn’t have like,
starburst jelly beans– – Well they are the good ones now, but we have to go back to tradition. We gotta keep it classy. – I like it. – Sounds good. – While we’re at it. Let’s talk about proper
proportions of a Mimosa. Don’t give me this much,
and this much juice. So when you go to those
bottomless mimosa things? You know they’re like half
champagne, half juice. That is just acid reflux
waiting to happen. – And uacceptable for you I’m sure. – Unacceptable. – She has taught me the
art of a perfect cocktail. Cheers!
– Cheers! – Let’s get this thing started. – We gotta talk about some of the candies that are in here before we start though. What do you think is the
most classic Easter candy? – I feel like this is a pretty big deal. I feel like you would always
go and look for these, and I was always so excited
if that was in my basket. – See I was too, but I think
most people hate these. Do you? – I don’t love Peeps. I happen to love them. – To hate those.
– It might be. Those are so good. – You gotta have a Cadbury
egg in there, and Peeps. – Yeah you just have to. – The Easter bunny
brings these to the kids, because its just like
you have to have them. These are like the little Robin’s eggs. Have you had one of these in a while? – It’s been a while, but a lot of Easter
candy is not my favorite. So I think this is gonna be good, because I’m gonna make
Easter candy really yummy when I have different
brunch cocktails with it. – You just need to try this to
see where we wanna fit it in. It’s kinda like that salty, almost like salty chocolate a little bit. – That’s good. – These are like crack. My favorite Easter candy though now, I don’t know if it was
my favorite as a kid. – We know this by now. The chocolate peanut butter. The ratio of peanut butter
to chocolate, spot on. – Perfect bite! – Shout out to Ivy for that. These are the ones that
I’m not crazy about. These are the Whoppers.
– The Whoppers. – Do you like Whoppers? – I mean they’re okay. – Like it’s hurting my
mouth thinking about it. It’s like the nails on a chalkboard. – I have had Easter candy! I’m just saying it’s
not always my favorite. – What about this, the hollow bunny? – I’ve had it! Is that not an essential? – I was kinda thinking a jelly bean. – I kinda thought that
too, a little fruity. – These are the eggs that
were hidden around my house. – Okay.
– Did y’all hid eggs? – We would hide eggs outside. In the basket we would have
either money, or candy. – Yeah, my kids get money or candy. – You know what? I’m mean that’s good, but… – I kinda think orange goes
with chocolate sometimes. Some people like orange and chocolate. – Let’s try it!
– I think. – I would never think
that, but you know what? – Cause this is the first
thing the kids grab– – Bring it out!
– And it’s our first cocktail. (Nicole laughs) – What’s the first thing you
think you’re gonna bite off? – The ears? – Thank you! – Passed. – Alright, here goes nothing.
– You gotta be like– (both laughing) Cheers!
(glasses clinking) – I like jelly beans better. I knew I was supposed to say chocolate, but I can’t agree with you on this one. Tell me why you like it. – I like it because, I don’t know. This is kinda rich, and this the acid and the bubbles
just kinda cut that richness. – I just think that this is
kinda of acidic, yet sweet. The jelly beans are very, very sweet, and they just kind of
proportions each other out. (both laughing) – Comment below, whose argument is better? So far, we’re inconclusive. We gotta go with the second cocktail. – Taste good. – I feel like proper people
that would be dressed like us wouldn’t drink a Bloody
Mary at a brunch though. – No. – They would only have the Mimosa. – For sure! – Or maybe a Bellini. We’re not real fancy. – I just wanna eat some of this, because it looks so intriguing. – So this is one of the things that was definitely not
around when we were kids. – What would you say
this is exactly called? So instead of the plastic
grass, it’s edible. – This might be good with this, ’cause it doesn’t really
taste like anything. I can’t imagine pairing
chocolate with this bloody Mary. That kind of makes me wanna
throw up, thinking about it. Why don’t we oughta try
the jelly bean with it? – Sure, let’s try a jelly bean. I’m gonna try these starburst jelly beans. – Maybe if you think about
lemon with your bloody Mary. It could work. – Doesn’t work.
– Doesn’t work. So, grass. – I would like to pair
the grass with that. – But who’s gonna buy the edible grass? – Well I’m gonna buy it for decoration, and keep it maybe as a center piece. – That’s a good idea! – Definitely, edible grass and Boody Mary. Score! Done.
– Done. Third one. This is one of our favorites. Let me ask you a brunch question. When you’re sitting to
brunch at a restaurant, and you have the menu, what’s
the thing you’re gonna order? – I really enjoy the whole eggs benedict. – (whispers) I knew you
were gonna say that! – You knew I was gonna
say that? That’s cool. – I will always choose the
lunch option at brunch. If there was an eggs benedict, but then right under that was a burger– – I’m gonna have a burger! Cause if you want a burger
– Cause if you want a burger– – Eat a burger!
(Nicole laughs) – Little inside joke! – So this is good. I think it’s gonna go with anything. We have a lot of chocolate option. This might be good with the Cadbury! – That’s what I was just
looking at over there! – Either that or the Reece’s. – I would love to know– – Why you didn’t get me
any snicker-filled eggs? (both laughing)
– Just kidding! – I mean it’s good, but
I think my sweet tooth– – All that cream. – I think I need to have
a sip of this drink, ’cause I think it’s gonna go well. Hold on! – Oh, good idea. – No. – The Bloody Mary. You just really can’t pair
candy with Bloody Mary. – Cheers! Moscow Mule, and Cadbury cream egg. So next is a Bellini.
– Okay. So this is kinda like a Mimosa, but what’s good is that it’s just a little bit of peach nectar. – I don’t know if I’ve ever had a Bellini, to be honest with you. So this is a first. – This is where I wanted to
go back to the jelly bean. – Okay. – And let’s just see if you like the jelly bean better with
a Bellini or the Mimosa. – I love it, I’m just
trying to keep tradition! – I really think that the starburst jelly bean
is gonna be the kicker. – Yeah because they’re a
little like, a little bit– – Sour. – They have a little
bit of a different kick. – I like that. It’s like you’re drinking
a slushy or something. – So you’re saying you
need to totally do that? If you wanna look really
cool at your next brunch– – You can call this… – Yes!
– Cheers to that. – Can we say jelly beans and Bellini? – Yes we can. – Now I can go back to
Mimosa, and hollow bunny. Four down, and four to go. – Okay, Peeps. – And what’s your
favorite brunch casserole? – The hash brown casseroles. – Yes! That’s what I made you. I will get a headache after
having all this sugar. – Okay, yeah! – Alright, the casserole break is over. Did you enjoy that? – Yes, thank you so much
for that, it was great! – So good, I feel like we’re
recharged, ready for round two. I think we need to assess what’s left. The Whoppers. – The Whopper Robin Eggs. Reece’s eggs. The Peeps, which we have to do. The Cadbury eggs. I would love to know if you got
these in your Easter basket. A little spiked sweet tea,
a little sweet tea vodka. – What I was thinking was–
– What were you thinking? – Maybe the Whopper. – The Whopper with the sweet tea? – No? – Let’s try it, let’s do it. I think we discussed this at Halloween. – We still have to pair it though! – I know, we’re gonna do our job! – Now that you get paid for this. I’m not gonna like this
with the sweet tea, I can tell you that right now. – I don’t think you’re gonna
like that with anything. – That may be the case. Let’s try this with a Peep. – That’s what I was about to say. – Okay. Let me tell you the best
way to enjoy a Peep, is skewered over the fire. – Yes!
– And a s’mores. – We have done that. – Remember you used to get
like four rows of Peeps? – And now they come in, what? Blue, pink, and–
– Oh in all the flavors! – And then there’s like ducks. – And there’s even Peep Oreo’s, and Peep– – They’re always ducks. – Chickens? Whatever, they’re all the same. – Baby chicks.
– They’re baby animals. – It’s the crunchy sugar on the house that I don’t really like. – It’s just really sweet. – That is really sweet. Or maybe I do. – That’s good Easter bunny! – Remember that? – Was that a commercial? – Uh huh. – It’s pretty good. – It’s definitely better than the– – I feel like this is the sugar that you put in your sweet tea. (Nicole laughs) Like it just
adds a little bit more sugar. – Okay, I’ll try that. Peep tea. – Wait, we’re on to something!
– We are totally. We come up with all kinds of crazy things. – There you go, I’m gonna go ahead and seal the deal on that. – [Nicole] Peep tea. – Look, Bellini’s with–
– And beans. Bellini beans! – Beanie Bellini’s! And there’s something I wanna try. I wanna put, cause if you see the bottom, I get into this. The bottom is starting to– – She’s a teacher, this is
where the teacher comes in. – Look like a rainbow. So I’m gonna put a bunch of these in here, and see in a little while if
that makes it like a rainbow. – Look I just like the name,
I think the name is a seller. Beanie Bellini and Peep Tea. – I think I already know
what you wanna pair– – I know! Cause I know this is gonna work. Ivy would agree. – I’m gonna guess that she’s gonna pair the Reece’s with the Rosé. – We don’t even have to sip
it if you don’t want to. – Well that’s a big ‘ole
pour there, Ms. Nicole! – Well, you know, feeling… generous. This really makes me
wish that school was out, work was done, this is the best. Sitting on the porch, sipping cocktail. Let’s talk about Reece’s eggs. The perfect ratio. – Only one thousand calories per bite. – Oh my gosh! One of these has 175 calories. That’s nothing. Alright, let’s do it. – You don’t need more than
one of those, they’re so rich. – It’s really hard to eat even one. Ivy would disagree on that. – I wanna be your friend. – For Ivy’s endorsement on
this pairing right here, be sure and watch Hey Y’all
on – Don’t mess with Nicole and her Reece’s. – Do you like that?
– Of course I do! It’s delicious, you can’t go wrong. You nailed it.
– Nailed it! Look.
– Yeah, it didn’t look good. – The Beanie Bellini needs a
little work, but it’s fine. – Yeah it’s looking a little dark. – I’ll perfect that recipe,
and I’ll link it below. Okay we have two more drinks, and they’re both, to me, on the… – Heavier side?
– Heavier side. So I, for one, hate milk. – I’m not a fan. – But it’s a popular brunch cocktail. Especially probably during the winters. It’s probably more of a winter brunch. – Is it like a White Russian? – No this is like bourbon,
and rum, but milk. It’s not bad. – It does kind of taste like egg nog. – I think this is gonna go
good with the Whopper though. Kind of like a malted milkshake. It’s just that flavor every
time you bite into it. – It’s like a milky… musty… – Something. – I’m not really a fan either one, so they kinda go together. – Chalky, milky– – If you get that milky,
yeah it’s like a milkshake. – The malted milk ball Robin
egg with the milky punch. (glasses clinking) And for our final trick, Irish coffee. It’s always like the old people that kinda end the day
with a coffee cocktail. – But I love me a good coffee cocktail. I can’t help it, I just
wanna (hand gesturing) – Like this is my spoon!
– That’d be cute! – I’m doing it. (glasses clinking) That is damn cute. – Love it. – It’s definitely gonna go together. – That was in my pants. – Put this next to your coffee
station at your brunch, win. – They’re gonna think you’re royalty. (Nicole laughs) – Like you with your hat. – Especially if you wear the Hat! – Dress like us, and
that’s all you have to do. I think these are gonna
taste good with almost– – The Robin eggs are
gonna go with everything. – They’re so good. They’re just the perfect
chocolate-crunch mix. – [Nicole] I think we’ve
got some good pairings! Y’all remember. Steal the kid’s basket, put
it out at your Easter brunch, and then put all the cocktails with it. – And don’t forget the
edible grass this year. And the best part are the
new creations we made. – I agree! – I mean, Beanie Bellini and the Peep Tea. What would you like us to pair next? And send us pictures of your
brunch and kid basket pairing. Follow us on Instagram, and don’t forget to follow Mom Versus and Well Done Food on Youtube, Instagram and Facebook. – And forget to ring that bell! – Cheers!
(glasses clinking) Let’s go get that burger. – Oh yeah (mumbles)! – Let’s go. (soft music) Peep peep! (Elise laughs) Peep tea!
– Peep tea! Peep tea!

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