Mom Plays Fortnite for the First Time and Does Fortnite Dances | Mom vs. Fortnite | Well Done

(upbeat music) – Moms, I played Fortnite so you don’t have to. And let me tell you, you’re not missing anything. Okay, here I go. So, are other people playing against me? What do I do? Oh shoot, hold on. Am I just flying right now? How do I know where I’m at? – [Man] Look towards the ground. (laughs) – [Man] Not– – Oh, like that? – [Man] Eh, not really. – Oh! Okay, now where do I need to be, on a road, or? (sighs) This makes no sense. Oh, my parachute came out. Oh, I’m about to hit a golf course. I don’t understand where I’m supposed to go, though. Aha! Okay look, now I’m running. (upbeat techno music) Oh, here’s a golf cart. Should I hop on it? – [Man] Sure. – But I have to get in it. How do you climb in? Ah, look at that. I just hit a tree. (laughs) I’m a drunk driver. So are we like on a war base? Oh, so there are other people playing. They’re probably looking at me like. Oh, here’s a gun! Okay, how do I get it? Got a gun! Triangle. Oh. This really does teach violence. Why are all these kids playing this? (gunshot) Oh, I just shot at nothing. (gunshot) I don’t want to keep shooting. – [Man] Here comes a person, right? They not going up to you, go up to them. – Okay, what do I shoot? What do I push? (gunshots) I’m dead. This really makes you seasick. (upbeat music) I just wanna know what my goal is. Just killing people? – [Man] Yes. Everyone’s dropped on a small island together, and they’re all against each other. So you have to kill everybody else until there’s one person left. – Okay, so now that makes more sense. Oh! That’s my dancer. (upbeat electronic guitar music) – So I can play another round? Oh, it’s getting cloudy. Where am I going? (laughs) See, I wanna play things that are real life. Like Lemonade Stand on the Apple 2 computer. (laughs) Apparently my kids have played this at some friends’ houses. They’ve never asked for anything. I don’t know if it’s because I have girls. Not that it’s only boys can play video games. That’s not what I’m saying. (hip hop music) Okay, I’m in a storm. Now what? How do I get out? No, go! How did I finish? In the top twelve? Doctor PewPew got me! (laughs) (upbeat organ music) Now I’m professional ’cause I got my earbuds so I can talk to these opponents. Where is everybody? Hello? Mom’s in the house. (hip hop music) Why aren’t you kids in school? Y’all, I’m getting dizzy. Oh, (bleep)! Oh wait, wait! Go! (imitates explosions) Oh! Uh-uh! They just took my wood! Ooh, (imitates explosion) Oh, watch, watch, watch. Gotta get him. Wait, I didn’t. Gimme, gimme that. Oh, he killed me. He axed me. This is too violent for me. Bring back lemonade stand. (electronic dance music)

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