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– Game of Thrones, don’t
know anything about it, never seen it. OK, so I’m supposed to push play here. – [Male] Yup. – OK, my kids will not be watching this. Apparently it’s kill– (gasps) (playful music) What is, wait, pause. What is the point of this show? Ten Game of Thrones Deaths. So, somebody’s always dying. So, is it kinda like Harry
Potter meets Fortnite? Ya’ll I don’t like blood, guts, de-heading, there’s just so much violence. This is what’s wrong with our society. What happened to the dag-gone Brady Bunch? K, all you people are pumped
up about the new season, great. I wonder if I should start
gettin’ into this kinda stuff. I mean I would definitely
be more relevant probably. My husband loves this kind of stuff. And then maybe we could
watch shows together. Oh, don’t ask me to be
dressin’ up like this. Am I supposed to wear this? Oh, gosh, I always wanted to be a blonde. OK, well I assume ya’ll are
wanting me to wear this. So, I might as well start getting dressed. Daenerys Targaryen, I, too,
am a mother of dragons. I have three of them. And a game of thrones cook book. Even I don’t have a cook
book yet, but a show does. OK, so, let me dawn the attire. The cold never bothered me anyway. I feel like Elsa. OK, so, I look the part, and apparently we’re having a Game of
Thrones watch party. But fortunately for me, they have sent in the master of the show, or at least in this building. Rishon, come on in. Thank goodness because I really
don’t know what I’m doing, or why I’m standing here,
thank you for joining me. – I don’t necessarily
know that I’m a master, but I definitely drink
and know things, which.. – And you enjoy the show. – Is fitting, yes, I do enjoy the show. – Fill me in on the show a little bit. I watched a little clip
and all I see is violence. There is a lot of violence, there is. It’s definitely a lotta different families trying to battle each other for the main seat, on the throne. – Oh.
– Yeah. – OK, now I get it.
– Game of Thrones. Yeah
– Now I get it. – Yeah. – So we’re gonna have our
own little watch party here, you’re gonna show me some stuff, explain to me what’s goin’ on. – Yeah. – And I’m gonna make us some wine. So, we’re making the mulled wine. Do you know this, is this the drink that– – You never see anyone
drinking thing other than wine in the show. – OK, and there’s a new season. So how did it leave off last time? I mean is it like… – It was a huge cliffhanger. Literally. – You don’t really have to tell
me, I’m not gonna watch it. (laughs) – This is the final season.
– Is it once a year or is there two seasons in a year? – It has definitely been spread out, so the last season was a year ago. – K, so that was read wine and apple juice, orange juice. – My favorite episode is
when queen Daenerys Targaryen hatches her three baby dragons, so she walks into this fire. – This is the thing, I
think you have to be smart to enjoy these kinda shows. – Are you saying you’re not smart? – I’m saying I can’t, it’s just like this
requires too much thinking. – OK. – And keeping up with these people. – [Rishon] Yeah it’s definitely
a complicated storyline. – [Nicole] Yeah, see. – SO she walks into the
fire with these three eggs, and the next morning everybody wakes up and the fire’s died down and she’s alive, and there are three baby
dragons on her nude body. – Oh. – Violence and nudity. – It’s just what the doctor ordered. – It’s definitely rated
R for multiple reasons. Not just because
– Oh OK, it’s not that – It’s not just PG.
– of the fire. – It is rated R. – [Rishon] But you know Jon Snow, right? You know, I mean, you’ve seen pictures. Are you even into the burly type? – I do like the burly type.
– Beard, like greasy bun hair. – OK, pull up a pic– Oh, I’m not in with the greasy bun hair.
– Jon Snow, I mean, there’s not really much
you can do in those times, you know, bathing was a luxury. – Oh that’s true. – Is that me? – Yes that was you.
– OK. – The mother of dragons. – Is the mother of dragons still alive? – Oh yes.
– OK, oh, yeah. She’s way younger and prettier than me. – She’s technically
like, in the story line, she’s like 16 years old. Oh you know Jason Momoa, don’t you? He was in the show for a hot second. Watch this. – What’s he pouring, like
hot boiling water on him? – It’s gold.
– Oh. – Yeah, that’s pretty epic. I know and then these are the Lannisters. So they’re sort of the
sinister, villains of it all, but you can’t hate, you can’t
help but love them in a way. Except for Cersi, she’s a total (beep). (laughs) – There are a lot of people in this show. – [Rishon] There are.
– I just don’t know if I can keep up. Alright I’m gonna try to watch an episode. – And we’re gonna, specifically play some of Daenerys Targaryen’s best moments. – Oh, great. – So, if you’ll serve me a glass of mulled wine.
– Oh gosh, yes darlin’. I feel like we should talk like this. She’s such a beast. – I know, but also petite.
– I kinda feel her, I kinda feel her,
– Right? I mean, you’re kind of the embodiment. You’re petite, but
fierce at the same time. – Just a nice word for saying, bitchy. – Cheers to that. – Cheers to dragons.
– Oh my gosh. – Right? – Check out this recipe,
the link will be below. – It’s delicious, you
should definitely try it. – I’m mother. – The mother of well done,
– The mother of well done. – Cheers to the mother of well done. – To the mother of dragons. I do it all. Alright moms, are you with me, in the fact that you too have been living under a rock for the past 8 years or so? Or are you way cooler
than me and you are a Game of Thrones addict? So I imagine I’m probably in the minority. But whatever. Please comment below and let me know what your favorite part
about Game of Thrones is. Or why I should be watching it. Also, I’m curious to know if
you let your children watch it. That are under the age of 13. – No judgment? – And let me know if you
think I should go blonde, or stay brunette. (laughs) You need to follow Rishon on Instagram, for some great Game of Thrones commentary, probably after the show. – Yeah. – Follow me on Instagram so
you can see what I’m doing, while I’m not watching Game of Thrones. And don’t forget to follow
Well Done Food on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. And click the bell for
those notifications. – Yeah, ready?
– OK ready? – Yeah.
– One, two, three. – Winter is here.
– Winter is here. I feel like you should have said it like. – Oh, it’s very ominous.
– OK. OK so we need to say it more ominous. – Winter is here.
– Winter is coming. Oh. (laughs) It’s winter is here. – Yeah. – OK, it’s not coming, it’s already here.
– It’s already here. OK, one, two, three. – Winter is here.
– Winter is here. (fire blazes)

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  1. Nicole.. I have never seen an episode of GOT.. one day maybe but more into Outlander and regular TV shows and I have small children (under 10).

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