Mom Shows Single Guy How to Save at Aldi | Budget Grocery Shopping Tips | Well Done Grocery Haul

– Anything you can buy, I can buy cheaper. Right Josh? – We’re gonna find out. – In a recent conversation
with my camera boy, he was complaining about how much money he was spending at the grocery store. For about a week’s worth of groceries he spent $80. So, I can do this challenge from anywhere, but I brought you somewhere
you’ve never been, somewhere I love. Aldi. I bet I can get all of this, and more for, 50 bucks. – 50 bucks? Alright, challenge is on. – Here we go. (upbeat music) Alright, look you can stray from your list if you see anything that catches your eye that you didn’t get. Oh look, the beer aisle. – Where’s the PBR? – They don’t have a lot
of name brand stuff. – Oh, okay. – You just want some cheap beer? – Yeah. – Okay. I could get you the cheapest one, I’m getting you the second cheapest. – Okay. – He spent $5.99 on his
pre chopped broccoli. (cash register ding) – [Nicole] $1.69. I’m already way ahead of the game. – Okay. – So far ahead of the game, that I can get you some
of your favorite fruit. A whole bag of apples with the broccoli (cash register dings) for still less than what the broccoli cost. Alright, you had spinach. – Yep. Spinach is crucial. – This what you want? – Yep. – 2 dollars and 30 cents cheaper than what you spent. You want to try any other
vegetables or fruit? – No that’s good. – I’m not worried that I’m going to go over budget.
– That’s good – Oh let’s get the bag of sweet potatoes. – Yes (cash register ding) – Whole bag, $2.79 These might be smaller
than what you would buy – No that’s about the same – So you have to like cook – I usually buy them in a bag as well. – You buy them in that
plastic bag, the microwaveable – Yeah they’re like, steam-able – You know any potato’s steam-able, you don’t have to spend the extra dollar, because it looks good in the package. You don’t cook so you
don’t need any of this. Oh, here we are, canned beans – Yes, gotta have my beans – Okay, you did not buy organic beans so I’m not gonna buy
organic beans, although, you could get the organic
beans for the same price that you pay for the regular beans. – So I usually get 3 or 4 cans of like 3 different kinds of beans – He likes to keep it like the same. We’ll get 4 cans of each. 12 cans of beans. The boy likes his beans. You didn’t really get that much stuff. – No, it’s just me – For this much money. Did you get rice? – I did get rice. – And quinoa – Yep. – [Nicole] These are like
a dollar cheaper than that Uncle Ben’s kind. – And that’s the.. – And then for the quinoa,
can you cook this yourself or do you want to get the ready kind? – I mean, what do you do just boil it? – 2 cups of water and 1 cup of this with a little bit of salt. – So I don’t have a measuring cup, I just kind of eyeball it. (wheeze) What? – Alright, we’ll get these,
but, you only got one so I’m only going to get you one. (cash register ding) – What’s next? – No cereals, no oil,
shopping for you for the week so you need to.. you can’t live
off of this much for a week. – I do. – That’s because I feed him at work. Well we gotta get one
household thing at least. – [Josh] Are these organic garbage bags? (cash register ding) – They are, perfect. You got one of these, you
spent $2.99, this is.. you’re only saving 50 cents on
this one.(cash register ding) – [Josh] K. – And then you had some breakfast sausage. I’m gonna get you the chicken sausage. I don’t think they have – [Josh] Sausage. – [Nicole] the patties. – [Josh] I can make patties. – Would you eat these or not or no because it’s not in a patty? – [Josh] Yeah, for sure – No Antibiotic, hormone,
vegetarian-fed, chicken sausage. You’re gonna love it. Since you are not picky
on your egg whatever, we’re just going to get
you the regular eggs. You spent 2 dollars, these are 80 cents. – [Josh] They look good. – [Nicole] Do they look like eggs to you? – [Josh] Yep – [Nicole] Is this what you
would buy? (cash register ding) – [Josh] Yep – I underestimated, we are
still way under your budget. So I feel like we could get more stuff. Look at all this you spent
10 dollars on one bag – Yep, I usually get a mix. – The thing about this
place is you can’t maybe get exactly what you get elsewhere. So we’re gonna get a bag of whatever kind of mixed fruit you like and then we’re gonna
add some berries to it that you can just stick in your freezer. – [Josh] So I’ll just
probably get this one. (cash register ding) – [Nicole] That’s half the
price of what you spent. Oh, we gotta get some waters. This is one of the best buys
they have in the whole store. You like springwater. – I don’t know, which
one tastes like dirt? – Spring. – So let’s do purified – Oh, see, well you bought springwater, must have been on sale. – [Josh] I can promise
you, I did not check to see if it was on sale. – [Nicole] Um okay you
spent $3.50, this is $2.29. (cash register ding) Alright we’re just gonna get
some fresh berries and then we’ve hit everything on your list. Oh he’s even gonna get some fresh meat. – Stuff’s adding up Nicole. – We’re good. You like blueberries? – [Josh] I do, blackberries
are my favorite. – Okay lets get them, so
when these are on sale, this is the way to go,
don’t think you have to buy the frozen stuff just get these, stick ’em straight in. We’ve gotten everything on your list. Plus, a couple things. Let’s go check out. – Okay – I mean – We’ll see how you did. – How much do you think this cost? – Uhh 60 bucks? – I say 50. (dramatic music) (cash register ding) – [Cashier] $59.03 please. – [Josh] Woo – K here’s the deal. I was 9 dollars over, including tax. But we also got 2 or 3 things
additional onto your list. And we still came, 20
dollars under what you spent. – Yep, you did a good job. – I mean I think I win,
I think I succeeded. – You win. – My subtotal was $56.00. – She’s not gonna let me forget this. – I’m kinda mad that we didn’t set, like what I get if I win,
you owe me the difference? – Yeah, sure. – If you would like me to
challenge your receipt, and get it at a better price, I can do it. – She can do it. – ‘Til next time, peace out. (triumphant music) So what did you learn? – To take you shopping with me next time.

6 thoughts on “Mom Shows Single Guy How to Save at Aldi | Budget Grocery Shopping Tips | Well Done Grocery Haul

  1. My Aldi is only a couple of cents cheaper on most items, more expensive on some items, has produce that went south 3 days ago, and looks mostly like a salvage store turned upside down. I wish I lived near an Aldi like I see here on Youtube.

  2. I've been to Aldi 3x and all 3x the produce has been awful 🙁 I did try their grass fed beef and it was pretty good. Almost worth the extra shopping trip.

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