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– I’m here in a little
piece of heaven also known as Costco. Who doesn’t love this place? If you don’t come with a game plan to shop you might get sucked into this vortex of awesomeness. I hope you brought your membership card. (upbeat music) As soon as you walk in you are
hit by the deals for suckers. Today I’m gonna try to stay focused. (clock ticking) One of these usually costs like $8. You’ve got three for $12.99. And when I see the highlighted
discounts it sucks you in. (upbeat music) Oh, these are cute. Listen, I’m not too
proud to shop at Costco. They’ve got good quality. These are thick. $12.99, that’s probably like 75% off what these would cost somewhere else. And they’re cute. (upbeat music) If you’re feeding a
family and you go through a lot of staple items,
this is the place to go. When you buy in bulk
you save a lot of money. But it doesn’t work for everything. Sometimes I worry that
I might not go through this large amount of produce within a week and I’d rather it not get wasted. Now listen, it really pains
me to spend $15 to $20 on toilet paper and paper towels but when I think about
the amount I am saving you can not beat the price
of these paper towels. Even if you buy the name brand ones. But I happen to prefer
the Kirkland paper towels. But my husband would kill me if I bought anything different than Charmin. Still, you can’t beat the deal. Time to go in the cold
room, as my kids call it. We love apples. Great price. Milk and eggs, a good buy. Another great place to
come if you have kids is the bakery section. Again, look for those yellow signs. If you need to bring a treat
to a class party, here you go. (soft music) A $24 piece of salmon, yeah it’s a lot but I’m gonna cut this
into probably eight pieces making that $3 a piece. You’re never gonna beat that. Rotisserie chicken, you
cannot even buy a raw chicken and cook it yourself for less than $4.99. No comments, please. You know I’m gonna hit this section so I don’t even want to hear it. $8.99 that’s about $5 less
than the grocery store. If you need a quick dinner, they’ve got great prepared items. This big old thing of macaroni and cheese will feed your family and then some. You know these are always on my list. 40 waters, $2.99. And watch this. (upbeat music) Everybody comes to Costco for the samples. It’s the only way to make it
through alive with your kids. – We got the new Margarita machine here. It’s got double motors in it. Would you like to try some of that? – Sure, but I’m going next
door to get the tequila now. Are y’all gonna buy me these today? (music halts) (soft music) Judge me all you want, my
crew eats a lot of snacks, and you know that. You could buy 12 of these
in the grocery store for $4.99 or buy 45 for $9.99. Duh. Yellow sign, this is something I probably would not normally buy
but since it’s on sale, best mom ever. I think I’m all stocked up. This should last me a good couple weeks. If I need a few other
things like wine or bread I’ll send my husband in. We’re gonna checkout and make two more stops on the way home. (upbeat music) I don’t know why I get so excited spending my paycheck on
toilet paper and snacks. At least I got a pair of
yoga pants out of the deal. – (Cashier) $227.31 – Everyone knows about the
greatest lunch deal on the planet the Costco hotdog and Coke. And when my kids are with me, I buy two of the deals,
split it for the four of us and we’ve eaten lunch for $3. Beat that. (upbeat music) This is so good, I’m not gonna lie. Hopefully you’re lucky enough to have a liquor store attached to your Costco. Now we can go home. After getting what I needed,
along with a few impulse buys, I did spend a good bit of money. But I saved a lot more. And don’t forget to like,
comment and share this page. See ya. (upbeat music) I had no idea this many people would be waiting to get into Costco. Oh my Gahhh.

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