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– Today we are dyeing Easter Eggs and I like doing it the old-fashioned way. But this isn’t something I’m gonna sit down and do by myself so I brought my kids today. Come on! Alright, guys, are y’all ready? (energetic music) You know, dyeing Easter Eggs… (chair squeaks) (laughing) Even dyeing Easter Eggs has gotten crazy on the internet. But I like the old-fashioned $1.79 kit right here. This is classic. See, that’s me. Classic. And you know I have gone ahead and… Listen, you gotta be quiet.
(laughing) – You have to quiet. – Alright so I have gone ahead and boiled the eggs. Do not say you want to dye Easter eggs and then decide to boil the eggs. Because then you hear, “Are they ready yet, “are they ready yet, are they ready yet?” So you have to do this while they’re at school. And then you’re ready to go as soon as they come home. Hey, are we ready to dye some eggs? – [Children] Yes. – Can y’all be a little more excited? – [Children] Yeah! – Let’s go. – Yeah! – Step one is we have our water and vinegar set in our cups. Again, I would do all this ahead of time because then the kids don’t have to worry about, “No, I want to measure the water or the vinegar.” It’s already done. – Yaaa! – Alright so we’ve got our basic colors. Hey, guess what, this is like artificial dye. You’ll be okay. Now there are all these ways to dye your eggs naturally. Just buy the cheap eggs because half of these are going to get thrown away. Alright I’m gonna get one more cup. – Yeah, my favorite color green. – Because I forgot his favorite color green. – You change your favorite color every day. – Watch it fizz while I go get another one. (psychedelic music) – Oh, actually it’s turning pink. Michael, put the egg back. (egg splattering)
– There goes one down. (laughing) Alright, this is also a good time to save your cartons because then you have something to put them back into because they come with this little hole thing. That never works, okay? Here, why don’t you pop these holes out? – Okay. – Alright so this is the holder. I think you’re supposed to bend it and then you set your egg in like this. And then you set it in. Be prepared, the hands are gonna be stained but I like to use this as long as I can. I give it 10 seconds. – This is going to–
– Shh! – We won’t let you talk. (laughing) – This is one of my favorite activities because it is something that’s so traditional but it’s easy. It’s something everybody can do at all ages. I will like distribute the colors and then I’ll let ’em switch. Because they’re all gonna fight over the color. – Can I start dipping? – You can start dipping. As predicted, now one child has taken all four cups and we’ve already lost the dipper, before the first egg. Okay, now what? Who’s gonna come on Easter? – The Easter Bunny. – And do what? – Hide some Easter eggs! I’ve never found the golden egg in my life! – We don’t really ever have a golden egg at our house. That’s probably why you don’t ever find one. I do like the trick where you do two colors, the tye-dye egg. – I already did that. – It comes with these little belt things that never work. But you know what, $1.79. You get what you pay for. I mean, are you really gonna display these eggs for all your guests? – It’s always about the price. I’m sorry.
(laughing) – I’m sorry, do you make your own money? – Ohh! – Michael, how do your hands look? (laughing) See, I love this old-fashioned method. They haven’t said one word, nobody’s complained about wanting more. Look it’s like dye, eggs, everyone’s happy. Although it probably wouldn’t be a real Mom Versus unless they give me a challenge. I see someone walking over with something different. – Ta-da! – What is that? – What in the world? Beans and rice? Okay so this apparently is just cups of beans and rice. Okay probably things you have at home. Then just food coloring. And you stir it around and then we’re gonna roll the eggs in it and this is supposed to be a speckly decoration. Okay that’s enough. So take your egg and roll it around in your rice. Marley, that’s his! Okay let me try one. – Look, it’s super red. – Alright here goes mine. We were trying to be fancy in our polo shirt. (laughing)
– He even got some on his eye! (laughing) – Okay this is fine. – I like it better.
– You like it better? I mean, so these look cute, I guess. But I’m already saying that this method is a lot messier because… Because this. Don’t put it on me! – [Interviewer] Do you guys wanna try an even messier method? – Yes!
– No! Are y’all having fun? – Yes!
– Yes? – Yes! – Hey, are you having fun?
– Yeah. (laughing) – O-M-G. I did see this in a magazine. – I think I know! – But I don’t understand, so we’re gonna color… I though it was shaving cream. – Stop.
(laughing) – So we’re gonna color the whipped cream and then roll the eggs in it, but for what? Whatever happened to our old-fashioned little tablets for $1.79? – That’s just not the trend. – No, no, no, no! – No, no, no, no. – This is when I gotta take some control here, people. You each get three eggs, okay I’ll give you– – Just let the kids eat all they want. – I’ll let you eat all you want but for every one you lick, you have to eat the egg inside. – [Children] Oh my goodness! – Mom police, I was just kidding. Alright Michael’s gonna get yellow. And then do you swirl this around? This sounds like a terrible idea. – No, it sounds like a good idea. – Okay. – [Marley] Anything with whipped cream… – I would never do this one, ever. The rice and beans, okay, because I probably have that stuff on hand. – We have whipped cream, you just bought some. – But you ate all of it. – Yeah, I ate all of it. – Cool! – This is when I go to the refrigerator. This is why I usually do this craft outside on the back porch. Even when I just use the tablets. Okay that’s enough, okay. – No it’s not.
– Okay that’s enough. – Never have enough. – Whoa, mine’s really cool! – And this is mayonnaise? – No it’s cool whip. – Oh, I thought it was mayonnaise. (laughing)
– Where’s the wine? So now, how are y’all gonna get them out and then you wipe them off. – Can I crack this egg open? – [Marley] That was okay. – [Mom] Is it good? Hey, it’s protein. Okay moms, so now do you agree with me? The old-fashioned way is the best? Raise your paw for paas $1.79. – I think I like the beans one. Because it makes this like really cool design. – [Marley] Okay Michael, which one was your favorite? – Listen, it’s been half an hour or so and we’re still all sitting here not fighting. Hey for that, Happy Easter! There are worse things than a little bit of dye on your hands. At least he’s learned to eat a hard-boiled egg. (laughing) Oh, look at the chair, everything. This is why I only do these kinds of things during the holidays. This is a good excuse to get messy and do it. – Then, when you’re done… – Marley, your hands! – It’s the new trend. – If you had not brought any of these ideas out here, they would’ve been just fine with my two dollar kit. Thank you, internet. – Thank you. – The novelty of it’s kind of over and we’re just enjoying some more time. (laughing) Together. This is another reason why I would not bring this method. They’re not dying to drink the vinegar water. Marley, that’s enough. – One more. – That’s enough, you’re gonna be sick! – It was worth it. – I will be your… At this point, I’ve got my stash– – Oh, yeah! – Of pretty eggs to take a picture of and post on my Instagram, and you know. – Oh yeah! – [Mom] Why are you ruining all the rest of the eggs? – You just said it doesn’t matter. – I meant this, not that. – [Marley] Oh. – Here, this is a new trend. Wipe each egg with a paper towel. It’ll be tye-dyed red. (Michael babbles) – Dadgum it! – Dadmun it! (laughing) – At this point, I’m over it. I’ve got my few eggs– – Freezing!
– Shh! I’ve got my few eggs to take a picture with to say that I created this memory. The rest is history. – Blah, blah, blah!
(laughing) Blah, blah, blah! Freezing!
– I’m over it! I’m over it, what do y’all wanna tell everyone? – [Everyone] Happy Easter! – [Mom] Don’t forget to like this page, share it, subscribe, tell your friends.

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