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(whistling) (upbeat music) – I’ve just received a Japanese snack box. The only reason I even know
that snack boxes are a thing is from my kids because they watch all kinds of snack unboxing videos. Alright, let’s see what’s inside. Oh, it’s all wrapped up like a present. Cute little magnet Whoa, look how fun that looks. Oh gosh, you can only guess what it is because there’s no writing in English. This is some sort of cake looking thing. I just hope there’s
nothing in here that has a lot of shrimp paste. Oh, it looks like a churro. Chocalatey, smells good. I was wrong, it is not a churro. Oh, it taste like a Nutty Buddy. Kind of like that wafery,
chocolate, it’s pretty tasty. Mmm, that’s good. Y’all always do this kinda thing to me right before I go to the beach. Just sayin’. Ooh, that looks like barbecue ribs. But then it also, kinda up here, looks like a Cheeto
with a barbecue flavor. (crunching) I was totally, ooh, I was definitely right on what it is. Look, it looks like a Cheeto, cheese curl, whatever you wanna call it. But I was kind of expecting
that cheese flavor and it is not that. I like salty-sweet, but
that’s more like sweet-salty. Okay, let’s see what else is in here. This is an Aerial. I can pronounce that. Oh, this has ingredients
written in English. First off, this reminds me of a Bugle. I think I’m gonna like this one (crunching) And it tastes kinda like the cheesy Bugel. A little bit sweet, it’s
real airy and crunchy. A little bit too sweet. They’re puttin’ a little too
much sugar in their snacks. But, it’s good. It’s better than the Cheeto. Oooh, look at this. Look what that says on there. Bourbon. Dang, I probably shoulda
gotten like a Japanese beer to have with this. Lotta carbs going on in this bucket. It doesn’t smell like bourbon. I feel like you’re so close to me. It kinda smells like herbaly. Kinda like an herbal tea
or something like that. (crunching) This is exactly the texture
of those sugar wafers that have the wafery thing with the creamy stuff in the middle. Somethin’ about this flavor is like… (crunching) I think there’s seaweed in here. What is a Japanese bourbon snack? There’s actually not any
alcohol in this product. Bourbon is the manufacturer’s name. It’s just flour, sugar,
palm oil, fermented butter. Maybe that’s what’s givin’ it that twang. It would probably be good
with a cup of hot tea. Okay, these say fizzy candy. Looks like some sorta Pikachu
character on the front. Mmmm, good grape flavor. They don’t fizz at all. The texture’s like a Smartie. Okay, what is this? It looks like a Coca-Cola type candy. Kinda looks like a malt ball. But the flavor’s gonna
be Coca-Cola, or cola. Hashtag not sponsored. Uh oh. It tastes like the old Coke candy. These are good. Ooh, I like these. These bring me back to my childhood. These are mine. Now, I know this has
to be like a Pop Rock. Oh, there’s a stick and then some sugar. Kinda like a Lik-M-Aid meets a Pop Rock. But we know it’s gonna be cola again ’cause there’s a cute little
Coke can on the front. First y’all, lick. Doesn’t have that nostalgic cola flavor like that other thing. Oh, it gives you instructions. First, you lick it, then
you dip it and then… you go crazy. I’m not going crazy. Pass. I can’t believe I didn’t
get a cocktail for this. I feel like I need one. Just need a little somethin’
to cut the sweetness from all this snackin’. Pretty good. Feels like a cookie. It’s that green color again. Oh, and it’s broken. So you can see there’s something inside. It’s probably like
green tea and chocolate. I’m wrong again. It kinda looks like a fruity
center, like a Fig Newton. But it does have that tea-like herbalness. Golly, there’s so many. Alright, these are like Pocky
Sticks, strawberry flavor. I know what these are gonna taste like. Oh, here’s another dipable. So I just heard these are around $40. That ain’t happenin’. You get your own box from the dollar store and then you go to the Asian supermarket. I know I could make this
for my kids for like $10. That’s your tip. And these are like the
banana things, sprinkles, chocolate sauce, and a toothpick. I think this could be like a banana split. Great idea, but kinda weird. It kinda looks like gum. Tastes just like a Circus Peanut. I’ll let my kids do this later. Alright, these look like Sour Straws. They’re grape things, smell
just like grape Bubblicious Gum. Kinda like a grape Sour Straw, but better. These’ll go into my stash. This, in English, says
coris whistle candy. So maybe this makes a sound. I can’t really whistle. I can only blow in and whistle. (whistling) So maybe this’ll help me. And I don’t know what’s in here. A dinosaur, that’s just
an extra treat you get that your kid can choke on. Okay, let’s see if this makes me whistle. (whistling) My kids would have a ball with these. These are way too obnoxious though. (whistling) Those are kinda fun. I don’t know if that’s gum. I think it’s gum, but maybe
it’s about to dissolve. I don’t know, I feel like I need more. I just have to eat the whole… Kinda tastes like the gum that’s in the center of a Blow Pop. You know how it’s kinda like crunchy. This is gum, but it doesn’t pull like gum. I don’t know, I give up. The beer is good with it, P.S.. I’m kind of getting the craze
of the Japanese snack box. Definitely a fun family game, friends when they come
over for a sleepover, a good birthday gift if you’re
willing to spend $40 or so. I think I’ve got three solid
favorites out of this box. We have the chocolate crunch, the chewy grape Sour Straw things and my most nostalgic flavor, the Coca-Cola Whopper looking candies. Gosh, if you grew up in my
era, you’ve gotta get these. $40 for a box of snacks
is a little over my budget but I guess it is a lot cheaper than a plane ticket to Japan. I’d love to hear from you. What are your favorite Japanese snacks? Have you had any snack
boxes that you’ve tried that you would like me to try? Don’t forget to like,
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take our next trip together.

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  1. You need to try universal yum box. It’s a different country every month and they have different sized boxes to choose from. Plus a little book that tells what each thing is.

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