Mom Tries Yoga For The First Time

– Good morning. – [Asa] Abbie, you gotta get up. – Good morning. Rise and shine.
– C’mon, time for school. Let’s go. – Girlfriends.
– this is the only thing that works. Get feet on the floor. There we go. – Hah, whoo! – [Asa] Let’s go, time for school. C’mon. Ab, today, we’re gonna pack up so we can go to SFA, go surfing. – Yay! – [Asa] There y’go. (alarm chimes) Your harness comes today. Let’s put it over your shoulder like that. No, on your shoulder. It’s gonna be a fight, huh? You’re fine, don’t get upset. Bye, Ab, love you. Bye Ab. Are you excited? – Yeah. – [Asa] Don’t be overwhelmed – Okay. – [Asa] You have a little glitter right here in the corner of your eye. – Yeah
(radio starts) Should be dance music. That’s not dance music. – [Asa] Depends on what kind
of dancing you like doing. – Hip-hop right now. Playing (mumbles).
– Well, that’s a single. – [On Radio] Let’s begin now.
(music starts) – Well that’s doing now. – [Asa] Bye guys. – Open the sunroof. It’s gonna be a good day. (chuckles) – It’s going to be a busy day. I’ve got to get
Priscilla’s sponsored video that she did with HelloFresh, I’ve gotta get that done, gotta get that edited and
it has to be in today. It is 10:15 currently. We also have to pack, we have to pick up Abbie, have to leave here at 2:30, so we’ve got four hours. Gotta pack the car, put all the tents and stuff in there for the beach. We’ve got this, go time. Okay, just got a package at the door. We don’t get stuff to
the house very often, so, you know, we have a PO Box. Just so you know when you buy a house, like, it’s public knowledge that you can look up people’s addresses. It’s, like, you guys
freak out all the time about like when an address is showing. The only reason I blur it out is because the whole comment section becomes like, “Your address is showing.” You know, you can look up where Roman Atwood
lives, believe it or not. But, so we got a package
at the door, no big deal. What, yeah that’s fine, whatever. But this is, this is
something kind of special. So this says, “Hello Maass Family, “we’ve been avid followers of your family, “thanks to their
teenagers love of YouTube, “like y’all, we’re big football fans, “and have combined our love
for football with embroidery. “We want y’all to have a little “special something for the family, “and also want to congratulate
Isaiah on the senior year, “and hope you all love these two balls “as much as we enjoyed designing “and creating them for you.” So that’s–
– First of all, that’s so freakin’ amazing. Like, that’s impressive. – [Asa] That’s embroidered in the middle of the ball
– So it’s called designs with a Z by – That’s–
– Everybody needs to get – Amazing
– One of these. Everybody needs this in their life.
– That’s embroidered you guys. – Yeah, it’s embroidered on the football.
– How stinking cool is that? – I’m so impressed.
– Okay, are you ready, Mom? – Yeah, is it gonna make me cry? – [Asa] Yeah, hon. – Aw, it is gonna make me cry
(Asa laughs) Wow. (chuckles) Okay, everybody needs to go to Donna’s Designs by Donna, here. – [Asa] And buy all the things. – Buy everything you can. Oh my gosh! – [Asa] So, Paxon School
for Advanced Studies. Offensive line. – Number 58.
– Number 58, Senior, with his eagle
and everything, seriously! Is it from Donna? – [Asa] Yeah, that’s the– – This is their company? – [Asa] Yeah. – Donna, Ken, Will and Kim, Kerry. My gosh they have little holders! (Asa chuckles)
Really! Oh, where are putting this?
(Asa laughs) Well this one will go in the his room. – [Asa] Yeah, he can keep that one.
– Oh, my gosh! You guys! Aw, he can’t go to college
next year, can we fail him? (laughs) Can you fail your senior year? – Thank you so much. – You have no idea but that’s so, what a sweet gift. – So thoughtful. Right, where are gonna put the other one? – It’s so perfect.
– [Asa] We had an empty spot. – [Priscilla] Yeah. – It’s perfect, right?
– Yeah. – [Asa] It’s where we watch, it’s where we watch football. – I’m posting this, there it is. I’m posting it on Instagram and I’m tagging them. Everybody go support that family. How cool. Not just because they sent us something.
– So much work in that. – That is like amazing gift
for like a football fan. – [Asa] Yes.
– You know? – You’re totally forgiven
for the creepy package sitting on our front porch. – Right, I’m like, “Um, there’s a package “on our porch and it’s from like a person. “Like a real person.” – She’s like, “There’s a
real human package out here, “it’s not an Amazon one.”
– And like it says, “Don’t cut.” I’m kinda freaking out a little bit like– – Is it an animal, you know? He’s gonna freak, Priscilla.
– I know. – Also, Ab got her passport. Let me tell you the high bit, my little girl has a passport, look. – I know
– Isn’t that cute? She’s like, “Here’s my
passport, my passport.” – [Priscilla] We’re going places, guys. We’re going places. – [Asa] We also got Abbie’s debit card. – [Priscilla] How cute is that? – [Asa] That’s super cute.
– I love it. – [Asa] So we will, we’ll tell you guys how well this works or doesn’t work. you know, in case you’re interested. A Greenlight debit card for kids. – I’m yoga-ing. (chuckles) Am I doing it right? – [Asa] Yeah, looks good. Arms above your head, hands together, yeah, no, like palms together. There you go. Something like that. – I’m yoga-ing. (mumbles) wife.
– Downward dog. – Downward dog, what’s that one? – [As] Yeah, I don’t know. It’s just a thing I know. – Let’s see, it’s a nice mat. – [Asa] Priscilla got a yoga mat. – I fell on it. – [Asa] She got a yoga mat from LimeLife. (chuckles) – Right, that’s something! (both laugh)
Right? – [Asa] I feel like they
don’t know you at all. I fell like you’re supposed to do this, and then you’re go on your
side, and you’re like, right? – [Asa] Yeah. – Yeah, I think I’m doing it. How else? How else do you yoga? – [Asa] Happy baby. – What’s that?
– I’m not sure, it looks weird.
– I’m in the fetal position, there’s that one.
(Asa laughs) What other moves? YouTube it. – Okay, all joking aside though, you could not do what
you’re doing right now a few months ago? – Yeah. – And then get off the ground. Look at you, popping up. – Okay, hold on. All the bones are popping. – Well that’s ’cause you’re 38. – Right this is a yoga stance. – Seriously, I’m so proud of you. Like, you could not move
like that a few months ago. – It’s all about balance, right? I have zero balance. (laughs) Don’t kick the table. Have to Google it. I don’t think you put
your foot on the couch. – Oh, (mumbles) your butts. Oh yeah, that yoga’s got me. I’m gonna have to to the… I could do yoga out by the pool. Do they move like that? – Nope, that’s not it.
– That’s just exercises? – (laughs) You can do yoga by the pool on your yoga mat. You just have to, uh, you just– – This is my favorite one. – You just set your phone
up and follow along. It’s really good for you. You look healthier already. – Feel like. (Asa laughs) I thought, what is this box they sent me? Oh, this came to the wrong girl. I’m not a yoga-er. – Shocker, we didn’t leave from Abbie’s, oh, that was, sorry. Priscilla was flushing the toilet. – [Priscilla] Abbie, come to the bathroom.
– It’s okay, everybody poops. – I wasn’t pooping!
– I mean it’s an expression. Everybody goes potty, that’s all. (laughing) Hi Ab, oh, oh yeah? Friday.
– See, it’s Friday. Come on, sweetie.
– That’s a Friday mood, right there. Yeah, we didn’t leave from Abbie’s school like we planned to, shocker! We’re just, you know, okay. I want to put it out there because, I want to make it known that we are not like just lazy people and inherently late for
everything because of that. It’s because we’re so
freaking busy all the time. – Come on, Ab.
– That’s, I, like 100% I’m on the side of
oh, it’s rude to be late. We’re not, nobody’s waiting on us. I mean the Brazier’s are there, but they’re not like waiting on us for things to start.
– Are they there now? – She took a picture of the side of the– – [Priscilla] That was on the road. – Oh, so they may not be
there, okay, right, got you. Ab, we’re going the beach to go surfing, let’s go. She’s just like, “Okay, dad.”
– You need to go the bathroom? – I got, everything’s staged out there, what do you want the cooler? I got drinks. – Okay, cool. I think that’s it. – Like some salsa or like, anything like that that you’re gonna want? – [Priscilla] I don’t think
I need salsa for anything, that’s random.
– I don’t know. I’m just thinking of things
that go in coolers, you know? You got your iPads, you got your dog. His leash is under his leg. Look, why don’t we hold the iPads so we don’t drop them, okay?
(Abbie vocalizes) We got two iPads going on. – Here you go. – [Asa] I want, can you trade her? She makes me nervous. Give Mom the iPads. You are ready, huh? – Hmm.
– Hmm, mmm, mmm, mmm. Ready? Let’s go, come on off the blacktop. – [Priscilla] Bye, Maverick, I love you. – [Asa] Say, “Bye, mom!” Come on, dude, come on. Oh, hello. – Can we come out first? – [Asa] Come on out. – Thank you. That your dog, you just play nicely. – [Girl] Oh no, you can’t play with him. He’s already played all day, silly. – [Asa] Thank you very much. Hi. – [Woman] Where’s my man?
– Here he is. – [Woman] Not enough, not with this year. Maverick. Hello Maverick. – [Woman] I’m gonna put
this on his little thing– – [Asa] Perfect, I think
he’s got one already. – Oh, does he?
– Yep, he does. – Oh, perfect.
– Does he need dinner? – [Asa] Yes, he will. Let’s go to the beach, each. Ready?
– Ready. – [Asa] He was super happy to be there. – Yeah?
– Yep. They were super happy to see him. – Aw.
– They love him. I love that they know him, you know? – Your son, in his weird ASMR. – [Asa] What’s he in with? – That’s what’s on there right now. I said, “What is that noise?” – [Asa] Whoo hoo. I saw a light shining from under the door, I was like, oh it’s a balcony room. (Abbie shouts) Nice, Abbie. Isn’t that pretty? Isn’t that awesome? Sweet, we’ve never had one of these rooms, have we?
(Abbie calls out) I don’t think we’ve ever
had one overlooking– – [Priscilla] They had a
really good rate this year. – Yeah.
– And it’s so nice because the events right here. You have to push it all the way down.
– Got it. Yep, so the event will be right there. Nice. – My favorite in that
is it’s so convenient. – [Asa] Yeah. Aw, it’s pretty
(Abbie calls out) A little chaos, I see you have the cushions off already.
– Pillows? Yeah, yeah.
– Yeah, yeah. Are you excited? What are we going to do?
– Hmm. – [Asa] Where are we going? Right, but what are we going in? I know we’re going. Are we gonna go get dinner?
(Abbie mutters) Yes, you can go say hi to our friends. (Abbie verbalizes) – [Priscilla] Nanny and Dad. – [Asa] Oh, yeah, Nanny and Dad, this way. (Abbie shouts) – Can’t yell in hotels. – [Priscilla] Push the button. Gonna push it without you. – [Asa] You gonna wait down there? (elevator dings) – Here we go.
– Now you gotta walk all the way back.
– Hurry, hurry. – [Asa] Bye! (“Tell Me” by Basixx) Isaiah just showed up. I got his football. – Oh man. – A subscriber sent that. – Seriously? – Oh, how nice! – Somebody made that for him.
– Yeah. It’s embroidery. – It looks like it’s professionally made. – It is. – I mean, like it was made from, by the school. Okay yeah, but I’m saying it looks like that’s the perfect logo. – [Priscilla] I know. (music plays in background) – Holy crap. – [Priscilla] So, how perfect is it that he’s wearing his shirt? (laughs) (“Tell Me” by Basixx) (Abbie vocalizes) – [Asa] So excited, what are we doing? We’re gonna go where? (Abbie vocalizes) Where are we going, not in the car. We’re gonna go, shower,
we’re taking a bath, that’s right.
(Abbie vocalizes and claps) I’m liking this, and then, and then going to bed, going to bed! Yeah, I know. You are filthy Abby. That sand was like half dirt. Look at you.
(Abbie vocalizes) Come on, let’s go. Come on. So we did a video a while back, let’s do your hair, on why I am her primary caregiver, as far as like physically, you know, caregiver, like, doing her hair and stuff, getting her ready for
school in the morning, you know, while Priscilla’s
getting lunch ready, and making her breakfast
and all that mess. Which it just works well, like it’s just a good schedule. Priscilla is a girl, she takes longer to get ready than I do. Not that all girls take a long time, she is, you know, doing makeup, doing hair and so I just
throw on a t-shirt and shorts. She’s always looking pretty, I’m looking presentable. (laughs) But we did a video a little while back, and I’ll link that right up above. This situation, we’re at SFA hotels, has nothing to do with that. Nothing at all. She’s more social than I am, in, it’s, I just, I don’t enjoy so much, like hanging out like that. I like my friends. I love my family, you know. I love my friends, have a great time. Just, like, “Okay, I’ll
go up to the room now, and you know,” and do stuff like that. It’s what I enjoy, so
I’m a little antisocial, I know that. That’s cute, I like that. It’s a good like going to bed hairstyle. Come to think of that,
it’s kind of loose-fitting, it’s not too tight on your brain. We’re not eating, you’re crazy. You had so much food. All the dinner, you had some of Lauren’s fries, I’m sure you had some of Mom’s food, probably some of nanny’s
(Abbie vocalizes) You know what time it is? What time is it? Not time to go, time for bed. It’s time for bed. It is time for bed. You’re gonna lay down. Yeah, okay, time for bed, okay? That all right? D’you wanna say bye to our friends before you go to bed? Good job, okay. Let’s go, let’s go lay down. Do not touch the snack bag. Go straight to bed. Now, when Abbie is up
super early in the morning, that’s Priscilla, she gets up with her. I do not. I don’t even hear you, huh? Thank goodness for Mom. Love you. Yeah, she gets up early with her. Weekends, weekdays, doesn’t matter, she’s always the one that’s
up at 4:00 in the morning, when Abbie’s just raring to go. So, like I said, we just
have a good thing, you know. Find what works for you, that’s what works for us. (knock on door) But nighttime, that’s me, I do the late nights. I’m a night owl.
(Abbie shouts) Scooters, bro.
– Scooters, bro. – Careful. – Scooters bro. Tryin’ to drive two at the same time? – Right.
– Get back in bed. – Hey, you should be in bed, it’s not scooter time.
– Yeah, get back in bed. No, definitely not snack time, uh-huh. One teen, no sleeping here. Priscilla’s trying to
get Abbie to lay down. – I got her. – [Asa] How you doing? (Abbie vocalizes over Priscilla) – Hey, slide down.
– Lie down. There you go, keep sliding. – Go ahead, keep going.
– One more, one more. There you go, good job. – It’s time to go to bed.
– Yeah, goodnight. Hotels are always a struggle. (Abbie shouts) No, no, no, listen, you
have to go to sleep. Watch your face Cilla. Cilla, are you on the name, Cilla? (laughing) – Hey, slide down.
– Hey, slide down. Slide.
– Slide down. – [Asa] Let’s go. Do it again.
– (drowned out) girlfriend. – [Asa] Do it again. One more time. Slide down.
– Slide down. (Abbie vocalizes) – [Asa] You have to go to sleep. You okay Mom? Cill?
– Yeah. – [Asa] You under there? – [Priscilla] I’m under her. – [Asa] She on top of you?
– Yeah. – [Asa] At least, she’s laying down. – [Priscilla] Huh? At least she’s laying down. She disappears. Everybody’s finally asleep, and I’m done working for the night. Surfing tomorrow. Bye. (beep) – Hi! – Are you recording?
– Yeah. – Are you sure? – Says “Recording” in the–
– Oh hey, it is. Hi guys, welcome to the vlog. (background music) – Hey y’all, welcome to the vlog. Don’t leave your cameras laying around.
– Yeah, Asa. Oh, what is something he does that’s really annoying and would be funny like he did to me? – There’s so many things.
– I mean, I don’t know! – That means that set up a–
(Priscilla drowned out) Yah, yah, yah, yah, yah,
– La, la, la, (laughs) – No, it’s set up wrong, babe, they built it wrong, it’s not right. It’s not right at all.
– What, what did you say? I said I was speaking first. (laughing) – We love you. – We’re just kidding!
– Yeah. (laughing) – Bye! – Hey!

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