Mom Vs “I Love You, Colonel Sanders!” | KFC Dating Sim Review | Funny Video Gameplay

– On today’s episode, I
have no idea what I’m doing. Josh, what am I doing? – Today you’re playing a video game– – I love video games. – Yeah, it’s a KFC video game called I Love You Colonel Sanders. – Where does this fit into
the category of Fortnite? – Of what? Oh this isn’t like Fortnite at all. – This is just an online
game, kinda like Candy Crush? – Kinda. – Something you can just play for fun. – Well this is a dating game. – Are other people online playing with me? Am I trying to– – No, you’re playing by yourself. – Is this like Tinder? – No, you’re not swiping. You’re playing by yourself. – So we’re just pretending
to date Colonel Sanders? Is the end goal like, he’s my man? This Colonel Sanders looks pretty young and more GQ than the one I remember. Maybe this is the young Colonel Sanders. So if you start dating
him, then you’ll be rich. – The soul patch like that, has it always been like that? – I don’t know. Well we all know that video
games are not my forte. My kind of video game was
Paperboy, Lemonade Stand, a little Mario Bros. That’s where I kinda ended
my video game playing. All right, here we go. (beeping) Fried chicken is my new love. With champagne. I could’ve gotten some champagne. You sleep softly as the
morning sun casts a warm glow through the window of your
modest student apartment. – K. – Your first day of culinary
school is no time to sleep in. I did go to culinary school. Did y’all set that I already
went to culinary school? – Set, no. That’s just part of the game. If you’re gonna data Colonel
Sanders, that’s a prereq. – I confidently grab a
biscuit, strut out the door, and head off to class. – There’s your biscuit. – There’s the biscuit,
but where’s my coffee? Oh here comes Miriam, my best friend. Miriam’s a little more
excited than I am in general. I don’t have time to read all this, I’m just gonna… – You’re just gonna skip through it? Interesting note, did
you know Colonel Sanders never went to culinary school? – Well he only made fried chicken. – Only? – I’m sure his grandmother
taught him that. That’s where you would probably learn the best fried chicken recipe. Uh Miriam, you’re gettin’ on my nerves. Right now, Miriam is overacting. I can’t believe that we’re best friends, ’cause she’s quite dramatic. I’m either going to give her a pep talk, or change the subject to school gossip. – Change the subject. – No, actually I’m a good friend. I’m gonna give her a pep talk. I don’t gossip and bring more drama. You should know me better than that. – I’m over her talking
about here green hair. (laughing) – Oh Aeshleigh’s comin’ in. Look at how she spells her name. I have a problem with
people just going crazy on the spelling of names. Why don’t we just keep it A-S-H-L-E-Y? Well this game is on to me. We know for a fact that
it’s Ashley spelled normal, but she added extra letters. If anyone here knows what
perfect shins look like, it’s us. – What are perfect shins? How are my shins? How are your shins? (laughing) – Wow look at Van Van the man man. This is like a story that
like when your kids just watch the iPAD and it tells ’em a story. That’s basically all that’s happening. I don’t know how to call this a game. – Is he shirtless, is it like a bit? What is that, what is he wearing? – I can’t even. – Did you have any outfits like that when you were in culinary school? – No, this is not the way we
dressed in culinary school. All girls and guys dressed like guys. (laughing) I have the picture to prove it. I’m just skippin’ through it, I don’t have time to read this. – Well most of the decisions
seem pretty straightforward, like do you run over Aeshleigh with a car, or do you help her across the street? – I’m just gonna skip to the questions. (Squeaking (laughing) He just pooted. – 11 herbs and spices. – Oopsie, I think he might
have pooped his pants. Now we’re in class. This is also not what culinary
school classrooms look like. A dog is the teacher. This is gettin’ dumber and dumber. You must be Sprinkles, the head instructor and CEO. Colonel Sanders walks in. Please, call me Colonel. His name is really Harland. I wonder if this is what
the Colonel’s real name is. – You’re just not feelin’ it, are you? – I’m not feelin’ this at all, this is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. Even when a hot guy would walk
in to any class, whatever, it’s not like I started sweatin’. – My dogs talk. – This game is not popular. Is it? – I can’t find a lot of
information about it. I don’t know how popular it is. It is a thing. Someone made this.
– Is this a thing? But it’s not a game yet. I haven’t done anything. – I think the challenge
is just to get through it. – Oh now we have a robot comin’ in. – This is for people on drugs
that wanna go eat chicken. This isn’t for normal people. – I reach beneath my apron and
return with a chicken snack. I wouldn’t have kept a chicken
snack beneath my apron. – Who keeps chicken snacks in there? – Oh Colonel Sanders
is offerin’ me the seat next to him. – Are you sweating? – Nope, still not sweating. I can either sit by my best friend, or sit by Colonel Sanders. Sorry, Miriam. – Oh. So much for the girls’ club. – If train A is traveling to point B, and then train B is traveling to point A, how important is it to wash
your hands before cooking? – What do you think the age
range this is targeted at? – 12-year-olds. – But it’s a dating game. – But that’s the way will date these days. Trust me, I know. I know the answer. – I kinda like the first one. – It’s gotta be the first one, but the stupid, I like salt. I got that one wrong on purpose, ’cause Sprinkles was gettin’ on my nerves. Now we’re at the cafeteria. For years I’ve been
developing a secret recipe for the perfect fried chicken. This is not the way I
pictured Colonel Sanders. – Like, hot? – Yeah, I was just like
writing in my diary. Dear diary, I smelled something beautiful. Aeshleigh’s a (beeping). (laughing) She have chicken coming out
of her crotch, right here. – What? No, what is that? – That is chicken
fallin’ out of her pants. You take one of the
pieces of fried chicken out of his bucket and you
sink your teeth into it. Hopefully his… (laughing) I try to get some one-on-one. Wow, I am fast movin’. – Well here you go. Oh don’t add an extra ingredient, that’ll piss him off. – I actually had some thoughts
on how you could improve it. That wasn’t nice. Now we’re in culinary school, we finally made it to the kitchen. – Six hours later. – We’re gonna be cookin’ with partners, I guess mine’ll be the Colonel. Which dish do I suggest? I did like KFC’s mashed
potatoes and gravy. Even though I know they’re
probably made with potato flakes. Maybe if they would have chosen win a date with Channing Tatum. – He kinda looks like Channing Tatum. – Who wants to date Colonel Sanders? Okay Aeshleigh is really
going at you hard. You need to ask for some backup
here before things get ugly. I can either turn to Colonel Sanders, the hunk of hunks, or turn to Miriam. Well nobody cares what Miriam thinks, so I have to go to the hunk. – Man, you’re just
throwing your girls just… – Well I mean she’s… – All of this, to the side. – Clearly she doesn’t have a back bone. – All about Colonel Sanders. Oh oh, is he winking at you? – He holds a spork out to me. Oh I just got nasty, I just flung the mashed potatoes. I just feel like these
are minutes of my day I’m never gonna be able to get back. – What is that? – It’s the Spork Monster. (laughing) I just want to stop now. It should have just been
like a cartoon, not a game. – A regular Fortnite, where you’d walk around
throwing chicken at people? – Something. – That’d be cool. Now he’s on a horse. – I’m not runnin’ to him, I don’t do that. Colonel Sanders is just too cheesy for me. I’m sure I’ve already ruined this game. It’s a classic, there’s some
villains, there’s a good guy. There’s a prince at the end. But the storyline is so immature. It’s so elementary. Yet, with like X-rated innuendos. – And chicken. – Who wears dresses like
that in culinary school? Just know that you do not need
to waste your precious time on this earth playin’ this game. Now we’re having a cooking competition. My hand just got stuck in the mixer. – Tragic. – Can’t you just leave me alone? I’m a loser. I’m not fit to fill your fryer. I’ll never be a master chef. I’m tryin’ to tell him to move on, which is what I’d really say in real life. (clicking) Oh now I’m back at his house. – What? Keep it classy. – I shared with him my original coleslaw. I’m definitely in. ‘Cause if you take that coleslaw, and tear off a piece of
crunchy fried chicken, and put the coleslaw on top, mm it’s good. It’s like cold, hot,
sweet, spicy, perfect bite. Tappin’ on it. Oh geez. – Is that on an urn? – It’s an urn. It says here lie the
ashes of my past careers and business failures. – Oh stop. – Colonel? Yes? I think this may be the
beginning of something wonderful. I’ll be your business partner. – Did you stay over the night? – I stayed the night. Now I’m the (beeping). – Now you gotta tell here what’s up. – She spent the night
out too with the robot. Oh nothing happened, y’all. Just emotional connections. – Yeah he looks, wow. – I can’t do it anymore. I cannot waste another
minute playing this game. Comment below and let me know
if you have made it through this game and what happens at the end. I’m sure anyone can land
Colonel Sanders if you want him. But for me, the rest of the
universe can have the old man. The chicken is still finger lickin’ good. But now I just feel like that’s
an inappropriate thing now after watching this video. – I’m sorry I put you through this. – You should be. Now, let’s go get some fried chicken. – Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

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