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– Happy Halloween!
– Happy Halloween! – My sista, Elise, is with me, because we are doing some research. We are going to pair up the Halloween candy with wines from Aldi. (upbeat music) Alright the first wine we’re gonna try is the Giretto Pinot Grigio. Six dollars, so I guess we’ll take a sip without the candy and then with. I don’t think I can drink with this. I can’t drink with a mustache. – [Elise] It’s pretty good. – Very light. Of the non-chocolate stuff, I like nerds. How do you feel about a nerd. – Fave. – Sweet Tarts, Skittles, and Starbursts. – Nerds. – Lets do nerds first. I love a good nerd. – I don’t know about all that. – I think I’m gonna do some with the nerds still in my mouth. I kinda like it. – That’s what I think is so gross. I’m sorry.
– Okay – You had grape nerds and I had pink nerds. – Oh let’s. – Do you wanna switch? – Let’s switch. – The grape nerds are great. – Okay, maybe ‘casue they’re both made out of grapes. – She’s good guys. – Grape nerds with the bicycle pinot grigio. I guess at the end of the video I will post a pairing chart, so stay tuned. We need to find another pairing for the sugary candy. Let’s do Starbursts.
– What about some champagne? – Good call. This happens to be a pricier wine from the ol’ Aldi. This was about $12. You gonna do it with the Skittle in it, and I’ll do it without. – Look at the color see that. – Well it’s kinda like a Skittles mimosa. This is actually a, pretty tasty. Drink the rest and then eat the Skittles. Meanwhile I’m gonna try it with a Starburst. Everyone knows you steal the pink Starburst from your kids stash. – Yep. – Pink or red. – Pink’s number one then red. – Then red. What do you like the champagne better with? – I kinda like the Skittles better. – Okay, good, I was gonna say that. – Woo, good I passed the test y’all. – Cheers. Should we try to pair a fruity with a red or a Prosecco? ‘Cause that’s so different than a champagne. I think this is gonna be our Twizzler match. People we do understand that this is not the right glass. – Oh can you imagine the comments? (chuckles) – That’s why you gotta like go on and call them out. – Listen I read the comments some times and I’m like c’mon. She’ll be there to bust yo you know what. Everybody loves a Twizller. – Can you make it a? – Oh. A Prosecco straw. – Oh this is so great. – Sounds good Twizzlers and Prosecco. – Done. – Done. (exhales loudly) How do you feel about candy corn. – I don’t like it. – I love it. Especially when it’s mixed with peanuts. Okay I’m going rose with the candy corn. Imma try it out. – Now I might like candy corn if I’m drinking rose with it. – Something about it is just a little salty, sweet. It’s like mmmm. I like that. Let’s try it with a red.
– Okay. – Just so we can give it an alternative match. Okay we’re gonna go Merlot. – You mean merlot? It’s kinda crazy ’cause I’m really getting the love of candy corn, but its gotta be with wine. – But that’s the only way I steal my kids Halloween candy. I’m actually not a candy snacker. – Me neither. – I don’t go like during the day, but when they’ve gone to bed, I’ll get me about two pieces and a glass of wine and it all just seems to go together. Candy corn is an all around wine matcher. It’s time to break into my area of expertise, which is the chocolate stash. What’s your all-time favorite Halloween candy? – Snickers. – Mines a Reese cup. Comment below are you a Snickers or a Reese cup. I didn’t ask if you were a Milky Way or an Almond Joy. The Rib Eye which is the Snickers, or are you the filet which is the Reese cup. Alright let’s do this with a Merlot and a cab. Actually I don’t know that I love the Merlot and the Snickers. I definitely like that better than the Merlot. – It’s pretty good. – Do we both agree the Snickers is better with the cab than the Merlot? Are you thinking what I’m thinking? – I hope so. Alright one, two, three say it at the same time. – Alright number one is this one, two is this one. So either say one or two. Alright, ready? – Could you do that again? – One, two, three. Two.
– Two. – Yes, cab with a Snickers. (cheers) – I’m really worried there’s gonna be a lot of people that are saying that like we didn’t like rinse our pallet. – Oh wait, let me show you my pallet cleanser. The ol’ potato chip. If I had any of these candies or this bag of chips. I’m going for the chips anyways. Let’s cleanse our pallets. Salty sweet, I mean. – That’s why the Snickers is the best, because it’s salty and sweet. – So is a Reese Cup. – Hmmm. – Let’s just go with a Reese Cup. – No. – I’m actually thinking the rose. – Ooh. – Could work with this Reese Cup. Or a pinot. Oh, a pinot maybe. Alright try the rose. I think it’s good with the Rose. I’m thinking it might go okay with this pinot noir though. This is one of their better buys. I wanna say this is $12.99, but for a pinot it’s definitely a good buy according to some of. This actually might be the ticket. – It’s pretty good. – I kinda like that better. Do you? – Yeah. – Great. – Yay.
– And because this is one of there better wines it goes with one of the better candies. Give me a Reeses that’s like. It’s time to go to the alternate candies in my opinion. My husband picks out the Almond Joys out of all my kids buckets and I’m like, he can have the Almond Joy. I’m gonna take one for the team here and do the Almond Joy, because. – Thank you. I hate coconut. – I don’t love this. It’s actually good with the rose right here. – It’s good with the red wine too. It’s all these candies that I don’t like, I’m loving with these wines, so. – There you go. That is fine research people. – That is fine research. – I’m gonna try it with the Merlot, so I can put my reject candy with my reject wine. Actually that’s quite nice, it makes me like the wine better and the candy better. – It’s like two negatives make a positive. – Yes. – Wait I just felt really smart. Two negatives make a positive, sorry got excited. – But I think that’s completely wrong, right? – Oh really? (laughing) – Are we boring y’all to death? Oh wait KitKat, everybody loves a KitKat. Oh wait a chardonnay. I think a chardonnay.
– Oh my god! Chardonnay! – Y’all there’s a story behind the Chardonnay. I will post the story if I get 3,000 Instagram followers. – And I will let her post the story. – Follow me. Today. (cork popping) – I’m good. – Okay the Chardonnay is gonna go Twix or KitKat. – I think I’m gonna like red with a KitKat more. – I think you’re gonna be surprised. – Alright, Twix. – Give me a break. Oh no that’s KitKat. (laughing) Twix is perfect biting material. Creamy, crunchy, not to sweet, it’s almost healthy. – The Twix and the Chardonnay were great together. – That actually goes really well together. Gonna try it with the KitKat though. Now I can say it. Give me a break. – Yeah. Give me a break.
– Give me a break. Break me off a piece of that.
– Break me off a piece of that. – What do you like better with the Chardonnay. One, two, three, Twix. – Twix. (laughing) – You were too slow, you were like a beat behind. – Oh gosh, I’m always too slow. I’m always a beat behind. – She’s always a beat behind. Raise your hand if you like Whoppers. Cameraman loves a Whopper. Something about when I eat them, it makes me feel like the nails on the chalkboard. (grunts) Do you know what I’m talking about? We’re going Rose with the Whopper. – Cheers. – Whopper cheers. – That was great. – I mean it’s just that I don’t like a Whopper. Wait a minute. We did not have one Butterfinger in this mix. I can promise you a Butterfinger and a Chardonnay, perfection. I’ve done it enough times to know, so you don’t need the video evidence here. Let’s do the Rose and the Milky Way. To see if it’s better than Rose and a Whopper. At this point we’re just.
– Everything is good. – Eating candy and drinking wine. – Eat candy and drink wine and you’re gonna have a good time. – I mustache you, how do you think we did? – Fantastic. – Nailed it. Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe to Mom VS on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. Cheers Sista!
– Cheers. (spooky music) – Oh I got a fly.

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  1. Don't mix candy with wine, the best way is either German, or Spanish cheese, Dark Chocolate from Germany. sausages, caviar , or hams with wine, and don't forget the pesto, and the hard breads, And Remember LiDl has a bigger selection of wine, vs Aldi

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