(bottle cap spinning) – Boo boop Hello. Oh look, I have an entire
pot of hollandaise sauce all to myself. (jazzy music) This week on My Drunk Kitchen we’re making Eggs Benedict, in honor of Eggs Benedict Day. Not just Benedict Day as I thought it was before. There’s a lot of Benedicts to celebrate. – [Voiceover] Whoa. – The first step to making Eggs Benedict is to make yourself and Irish Coffee. Impressive. Normally, to make an Irish
Coffee you use Irish Whiskey, brown sugar and coffee. But, I don’t have any Irish
Whiskey because I drank it all. This is Scotch Whiskey, anyway. Instead, I’m going to make an Irish Coffee using whatever I have at hand, which in this case is brandy, coffee and heavy whipping cream. So, wish me luck. I hope it’s not disgusting. Ooh. How can you tell that this is
not regular whipping cream, but heavy whipping cream? Well, just listen to this. Climate change is real and if we don’t act now we’re not leaving a
future for our children. (scatting) (yells) (silly singing) (coughing) Whoo, that coffee. The first step is to fry your bacon. ♫ Put your lovin hand out baby♫ You don’t know that song? ♫ Bacon♫ (jazzy music) Wow, that was fast. The next step is to fill a large sauce pan with about three inches of water. Bring to a simmer, then add vinegar. Ah, God damn. Now, I don’t have a three inch sauce pan, but what I do have is a sauce pan. So, I’m going to use that instead. Why, you may ask? Because, if I let a little
hiccup like that stop me, I would never make Eggs Benedict. Mmm. Meanwhile, melt the butter in a small plan until bubbly. A small plan? Or, use a microwave. Now, since I don’t have a microwave or a small pan, I’m just going to use what only
other cooking thing I have, which is this pot. One cup. A stick is a cup. No, a stick is a half a cup? You’re saying a stick, it’s a cup. No. Bloop. Now, wait. You know, they say that the guy who invented the Eggs Benedict was actually recovering from a hangover. And I think that that’s when I have my most egg-celent ideas. Sorry. Mmm. Remove the butter from the heat before the butter browns. If you don’t, your food’s not gonna work. Oh yeah. Smells like soap. I guess that’s good because it means the pot was clean. Okay, here we go. The next step in making Eggs Benedict is to make the hollandaise sauce, which is the most delicious aspect of the Eggs Benedict. Whoo! Get the egg yolk out of the egg. Egg yolk number one. Two. (splat noise) Get off the, just come on, I can’t have a (growling) Ah! Shhpff! Oh yea, it’s simmering. Okay, good. Um, how do you poach eggs? Also, the bacon’s getting cold. This recipe is really, just like, all over the place. I mean, it’s written out
on a very specific list, but while reading it I’ve jumped around quite a bit and it should have anticipated my needs and met them fully without me communicating them. Don’t you think? Mmm. Okay, so, we’re putting a pause
on the hollandaise sauce and we’re jumping back to the eggs. One teaspoon white vinegar. Carefully break the
four eggs into the water and cook for two to three minutes, until the whites are set, but the yolks are still soft. Remove eggs with a with a slotted spoon. If I’m cooking the eggs
for two to three minutes, how am I going to know if the yolks are still soft? Am I suppose to just have faith that when I follow the
steps in the process and if I wait two to three minutes that the whites will be condensed but the yolks still soft? Even if I see no evidence
of it on the outside? This is really a test of faith, which is ironic because benedictions are what they say at the end of like sermons and stuff. So, full circle. Um, I definitely boiled
my water in my turkey fat. So, I hope that’s not a new, fun factor. Two to three minutes. Oops, I almost drank the egg whites. Mmm. Stopwatch. And. This is the most difficult
part of poaching eggs. So, I’m actually going
to bring you guys forward a little bit. Right here. Ready? Great. Ready guys? Here we go. And number one. This guy, come on (beep) I touched it with my finger. Ah, drop. Cook egg. Hey guys, don’t attempt this at home, okay? Not even when sober. Poaching eggs is really hard. Okay, here we go. Poach. (yells in pain) (beep) God. Oh, it just looks like sad egg soup. Okay, next while these finish, I’ve got 30 seconds left. So in those 30 seconds, I’m going to go ahead and
move on to another step instead of just waiting
patiently for 30 seconds because God forbid I
ever just wait patiently. Who has time for patience? Mmm. God guys, this, guys. What do you guys call it
when somebody makes fun of somebody else’s gambling addiction? Slot shamming. Oh, oh I do like the spoon. Oh, I love you. Did you just wink at me? Wow. Take your eggs out from
their horrible disaster. Oh, wow. This is definitely what a poached egg’s suppose to look like. I should just do the rest
of the show from right here. This is a great look. (crashing sound, followed
by a slight scream) That’s why I don’t film
in the front all the time. Boo boo boop. Now that your eggs have been
perfectly poached, Hannah, great job by the way, move on and get back to
making your hollandaise sauce. Heavy cream, cayenne pepper, (silly noises and tapping) and half the butter in a thin, steady stream slow enough that it blends at least as fast as you are pouring it in. Is this a riddle? That’s hard. This is complicated stuff. Really good, really good. (blender blending and slight scream) Oh yeah. (blender blending) Now, blend in lemon juice using the same method. (blender blending) ♫ That boy is mine♫ Oh brandy, shush. We know. He loves you very much. The final steps, oh man. Here you are, you made it. Yay! Now, just assemble everything you made into a tasty, delicious thing. Unlock. God dammit. Why do you embarrass me like this? What is it about you? (grunting) Take your pumpkin scooper and then drizzle it
over your Eggs Benedict. Yeah, there you go. You don’t need to see me. All you need to see is the Benedict. Oh wow, guys. That looks. Who knew you could make
Eggs Benedict at home? This has opened a dangerous
gateway in your life. Mmm. Uh oh, guys. There goes the neighborhood or maybe it does or doesn’t. I don’t know because I’m never
going out to brunch again. This shit cost 12 dollars. (enjoying food) Give me a mimosa. Oh my God, it’s so good. I can’t stop eating it. Today, on My Drunk Kitchen, I am telling you go home and try and make Eggs Benedict because it’s delicious and it’s worth it. And maybe you can host a Sunday brunch. Who knows? Maybe that’s your new thing. Look at that. The yolk is cooked all
the way on the outside and on the inside it’s still soft. Oh man. Just because I couldn’t see
that the yolk was changing, I just had to believe that
the yolk was changing. Patience really is the
passion of all great hearts, and chefs. Hey guys, thank you so much for watching. Please subscribe to my channel for new kitchens every Thursday and new videos every Tuesday. That’s my new way of saying it. Two videos, twice a week and dftba.com/hannah show your support. Maybe you’re going to go
out with your friends, bump into somebody at a bar whose wearing My Drunk Kitchen shirt and be like, “You watch YouTube?” And they’ll be like,
“Yeah, I watch YouTube.” And you be like, “Oh my
God, let’s be best friends.” That’s how I met all
of my best friends, so. Have a great day.

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