My Drunk Kitchen ft. Grace Helbig & Mamrie Hart: No Quitter Fritters

(women singing) (bottles clink) – Boo boop! – Oh, yes! – Operation Great Idea in action. – Hey, guys, New Year’s
just happened, and what. What are you doing? – Yo guys, what up? – Oh, my God. – You guys might be wondering
why we’re wearing these hats. Well, it’s because we
gotta keep on truckin’. And that’s why we’re making, in honor of our New Year’s resolutions,
No Quitter Fritters. – You guys might be wondering
why we’re wearing these hats. We are, too. – Hey, what kind of fritter
are we gonna make today? – I don’t like hat, Mamrie. – Yeah, don’t mess with me. – So, step number one,
the choice is yours. Option number fun, corn fritters. Option number two is to make a delicious dessert apple fritter. – Mmm. – Opportune number three is to make a savory, chopped zucchini fritter. – Ooh, oh, corn and the herbs. – Yes! – Whoa! Put it up, put it up. – Your resolutions can
change, mother fucker. – Heat that oil, girl. What you guys can’t see
is the pots and pans are all under my new thing. – What? Hide everything,
practical, out of frame. – Because Mamrie’s vegan,
and because we’re potato buds We’re all gonna get together and choose not to eat eggs as respect for her. And we’re gonna make
this into mashed potatoes and then deep fry it. – But do we have to explain at all how fritters are actually made? – Stove top directions, heat water, butter and salt to boiling. I have vegan butter, I have vegan butter. – What a plan! – No quitter. – Whoa. How much are we making? – Grace, congratulations
on your new TV show. – Thanks! – [Mamrie] That wasn’t weird. (women laughing) – One and a third cup. – One and a third cup. – [Mamrie] This only does ounces. Oh, wait, no, one. (water running) – Mamrie, not in the sink! And the fire goes out without
you having to blow at it. – I actually didn’t make any New Year’s resolutions this year. – Really? – Because you achieved all your dreams? – Holy shit, a lot of stuff
has happened this year. Good, bad, whatever, and I need a second to just kind of feel it. – You guys, on the real though? New Year’s resolutions. Making myself only be able to watch Real Housewives franchises
while I’m on a treadmill. – What?! – I’m going to actually buy
groceries and make meals, because the amount of money
I spend at restaurants could have built a school in Africa. And I’m not going to buy dumb shit. Cut to this. Whoops, I already fucked that up. They were on sale – not, that was a lie. I need to quit lying, too;
that was my fourth one. (women laughing) – Guys, I don’t know if it’s this beautiful new kitchen set or what. But I feel like we should
probably just finish these beers. (bottles clinking) Bottoms up. – Bottoms to the floor. – We wanna take a nap. – Part of the whole new
kitchen makeover is that I have this adorable mason-jar
themed measuring cup. – Oh, my God, that’s adorable. – One cup potato buds. – What? – Oh, you guys don’t shoot My Drunk Kitchen with me all the time? – No. – Avalanche of flavor. – Grace, you wanna do it? – Cooking! Water, butter, salt. – Vegan butter. – Perfect, perfect, perfect. – [Mamrie] I just think it’ll cool. But it’s up to you, whatever you wanna do. – Trouble in paradise. – Assaulted. – I’m suing! – Now what? – We wait, we stop. – Now we wait. We’re gonna cool these mashed taters, and put them into a bowl into the fridge. So that when we add our other
elements, we can form them them into little fritters so
they actually have a shape. – I know how to make it cool really fast. – Meal with it. – [Mamrie] You guys, we should
use this as a beer funnel. – While Hannah rinses out the potential candy-cane beer funnel. – I got covered in ritz. – Meal with it. (upbeat music) – She’s got it, she’s got it! – Yes, we cane, yes, we. – That was great, you fucking nailed it! – You’re a genius. – Yeah! – Look at us, we actually
turned into frat boys. – Frat Boy Fritters! – Frat Boy Fritters! – Remember when we tried to
talk about our resolutions? – Wow, that’s the only
way I wanna drink beer. – Corn achieved. Are you guys already deep frying? Mix your corn into your
bowl of mashed potatoes. – “Dill” with it. – That’s not dill. – [Grace] This is literally
something I would make for myself if I came home drunk. – [Mamrie] It’s Franklin as fuck. Oh, man, that fire went out. – Uh oh, now the room is filled with gas. – [Mamrie] No, no, it’s back. – Oh, I feel sleepy. – That was just because I farted. – With your flour hands,
grab a little fritter and roll it all around. – There we go. – I can’t wait to put
this in my human later. – Where is your human? – That bitch is sizzling. – Let’s make more. – Make more quick. My fritter got worse the
second time I did it. – [Mamrie] Ok, don’t go too
crazy, because you know why? – Why? – The oil, you gotta change
the oil if it gets too gross. – No, the oil gets colder the
more shit that goes in it, because the temperature goes down. Grace, not enough. – Hannah literally put one that fell on the floor in that pan. – But it was covered in. – Why don’t people make
herb mashed potatoes? – [Grace] Why don’t people just fry mashed potatoes more often,
is the other question. – A good question. – These are actually croquettes. That’s what fried mashed potatoes are. – No Quitter Cro-kitter. – [Mamrie] Never Forget Croquettes. – Never Forget Croquettes! Sriracha, ketchup and mustard! Great. The most important thing about these No-Quitter Frat-Boy Fritters
is that you remember to stay on course with your resolutions. – Yes! – Oh, my God! – Holy shit! – Mamrie, be on My Drunk
Kitchen every week. – Dat dill doe. (women laughing) – Hey guys, thank you
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gonna win that lawsuit. – She’s been trying for years! – If you guys wanna find more Mamrie, go to Youtube dot com,
slash You Deserve a Drink. And thank you, Grace and
Mamrie, for coming on the show! – Cheers! – Your new kitchen is amazing. – Good luck with your resolutions. – [Grace] Dat dil doe!

100 thoughts on “My Drunk Kitchen ft. Grace Helbig & Mamrie Hart: No Quitter Fritters

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