My Drunk Kitchen: Pizza Cake ft. The Try Guys (Part Three… Keith!)

– Round 3, way to be! You and me gonna hang with Keith. – That’s me, I’m Keith! (cheering sounds) – Okay we should adjust. – Hey, hey alright. – Are you ordering Postmates? – I ordered some fried chicken. None of us ate. – Welcome to my life! – Boop boop. Fuck! (laughs) Pretty good. (upbeat music) – Hey Keith! – Hey! – So, I heard that you have
three different nipples. – I sure do. One of them is named Bart. The other two are named Samantha. (laughs) – This is like a soft flannel. – This is a classic Target. – Target is crazy. Keith, how old are you? – I’m 30. – Okay, well I’m 31. Target was not like
this when we were kids. – They sure weren’t. They got the Starbucks inside the Target, they got the Pizza Hut. – Every single time I look up
a Starbucks, it’s in a Target. – And here’s the thing,
it’s not the same Starbucks. They don’t work the same. – No! – And their employees
aren’t treated the same. They’re treated shittier. – It feels bad! – It’s rough. – It’s not good. – ‘Cause they’re Target employees. – But if you work there, hey! Thank you! – We’re looking at ya. – Love ya. – This is a portion. Now that we’re halfway through, (fast fun music) I get more drunk. – Though I’ve been getting
there the whole time. I feel like Eugene and I are taking care of the better part of that
whiskey bottle that you brought. – [Eugene Offscreen] Hey! – Keith, let me ask you this question. – Okay. – If you had to say there
was a trait about you that people like the least, what is it? – Oh, when I get too loud!
– I find that quite charming. – They might be thinking
I’m faking my exuberance. Sometimes I just get excited. Like I say Keith a lot but I
say it more on camera than off. Still say it a little bit
off. It’s a very funny name. Like, nobody’s named Keith. – It’s a good name! – It’s not a great name but it
sure is fun to be a good one. – Keith of the kingdom, Keith
of my heart, Florida Keiths! – Keith means from the battlefield. – Yeah it does, bitch! – Yup. – Keith, your pizza bottom is perfect! – Do you have a rolling pin? I just think we should roll
it because we’re getting to the top here and this
is already the width. – You haven’t felt the smoosh experience. – You have a lack of confidence
in me and my decisions. (laughs) – This is my layer right? – Yeah that’s your layer.
– Then let me lay it. – You know what? You’re absolutely right. It’s your layer, it’s your layer. I will relinquish control which is my least favorite thing to do. – That’ll work. Yay! Hey! (funky music) – What’s goin’ on back there?
– Guys, this is too loud. – [Man] Sorry, I was showing them the Habsburgs portraits because
Keith has a lot of them. – [Woman] You look like exactly like him. – Yeah it’s very clear that I stem from the Habsburg dynasty except
I don’t have the underbite. – Let me take a peak. Oh god. (organ music plays) No Keith. You’re much prettier than that. I would say her, but I can’t tell. – Yeah I think that one’s
a dude but the girls in the paintings look similar. It’s just the truth. – Genetics are what they are and sometimes you just gotta roll with it. – Hey! (beeping and dinging sounds) You put the pin right in the (bleep). See it right there, Hannah. – [Man] It’s hard right? – You’re right Keith this
is a way better idea. – Why are we so adversarial, Hannah? – I’m not. I’m completely calm. – I feel like it’s very adversarial. Yeah, Keith. You’re right. Why can’t we be on a team? – [Woman] Wow, I feel like you are me! – Keith is you. Yeah Keith is Ella. – Here I am, trying to help. Trying to make it so that Eugene has a chance to add to the cake. Keith, you’re trying
to take over the show. I’m just trying to do my little part. We’re three people in and I just got here. I haven’t been in the video
this entire time, you know. I just think that … Can I have one of these? – I understand. – It’s tough for us. – How many of The Try Guys? – Being Hannah’s girlfriend is tough. (laughs) – Oh my god, Keith! You’re right! – Hey! – This is really good. – Everything’s been going great with us. – I’m sorry I tried to
have you do it my way. – It’s okay. Chicken’s gonna be here in 20 minutes. (laughs) I’m here, I’m here. – Keith what’s the theme
of your layer, bro? – Uh, it’s just pizza stuff. See, here’s the thing
that I can’t eat dairy. So I have to have the — – Why can’t you eat dairy? Did you have to do a
month long elimination diet to discover that? – No, I just (bleep) my gut. So, I prefer not to (bleep) my gut. So, I want vegan cheese but vegan cheese, no one ever orders a vegan
cheese pizza with meat on it. (gasps) And I want meat on my pizza because I never get to have that. – You’re right! Do you want sausage? – Do you have sausage? – I have so many sausages. – Yeah, let’s get some sausage out here. While Hanna cooks the sausage, I’m gonna tell you a little
bit about pizza sauce. (upbeat music) Pizza sauce is made of a
tomato paste with sugar in it. Alright. – You should be setting yourself up with a broader subject matter. (slow motion voice) Now the sausage. – Hey, alright. (normal voice) Oh, we got a twofer! – You know, one of the
things I really appreciate about The Try Guys community, is their willingness to
try because I feel like so many people are afraid of failing that they won’t even let themselves begin. – Here’s what you need to do. You, uh, cut it down the center and then you got all the meat you can just pull out of the casing. – Oh, god! – It’s pretty graphic. – [Woman] You take the casing off? – [Man] Oh my god. I always squeeze it out of the casing. – Yeah. No, I just cut it out. Look at how easy that was. How (bleep) easy was that? – Easy peasy. What I it about sausage you love, Keith? – Well, you know, you just never know what part of the animal you’re eating. You know what I heard recently? They grind up dairy cows into ground beef and the mammary glands
are in the ground beef and therefore, ground beef is not necessarily lactose free. (cow moos) Holy (bleep). – So, um, Keith, when did you
start working at BuzzFeed? – I started working
there on January 6, 2014. So, I’ve been there just over four years. – Did you study video making? – No, I studied french horn playing and then theatrical stuff and I was an improviser for a while and
I started touring the country and then I learned editing
and then I thought, oh I’ll be an editor. That’s a skill I can sell
but I didn’t know how to make digital stuff
so I worked at BuzzFeed so I could learn. Thought I’d leave. Didn’t leave. Here we are. Hmm. I thought there would be utensils there but there’s just drugs in there. – They’re right here. (laughs) – The sausage is done. – Woo! Oh my god, Keith! That’s smells amazing. – Yeah, the sausage. I think we should put that in there before I put the sausage in. – You got it, bud. – Just ’cause it’s gonna
spill over the top. – It’s your layer. – There’s too much sausage so I’ll save everybody a little bite. – Oh, you want some
sausage for your mouth? – [Man] I want his sausage in my mouth. – Stop talking about my sausage that I butterflied earlier in the episode. – Ooh. Come take a look at Keith’s sausage. (laughs) – Look at that. – Keith is such a better guest than us. – No, you’re both good guests. – Can I … Is it gonna burn my mouth? – It’s way too hot right now. – You guys are like baby birds. – Oh my god! – We’re baby bird and he’s momma bird. Eugene’s not participating. – [Eugene] They’re just, like, really gay. (laughs) – Oh god, man! Come on! – I wasted your sausage. – Here, you can still eat it. ( air horn sound) – The cats here are hairless. – Oh, that’s delicious. – Thank you. I bought it. – It was entirely her purchase choice and really not my cooking. I wanna put more toppings on it but we should probably wrap this up. (laughs) – No. What other toppings do you want while also still leaving room for Eugene? – Mushrooms? – [Man] Ew. – Guess it’s just gonna be sausage then. – Okay. – There’s all sorts of flavors in there. Throw some mushrooms in there,
it doesn’t really matter. – You like olives? – Yeah, I guess put them on there then. Just ruin it. – No, no. – There’s sprinkles on this pizza. We’re just totally worried
about my mushrooms. I do want some on it. – Cracked red pepper? We can think of something. – Do you not know anything about
me? My tongue is fucked up. I can’t have that. – Thyme is not spicy. – Let’s just put thyme on it. You really suggested thyme a lot so I’m just gonna —
– I’m just thinking of things. – I’m gonna follow.
– I’m thinking things that … Let me think of other stuff.
– I’m gonna follow here. Grab the thyme.
– Come look in the fridge. – No, there’s nothing I want
more than thyme. I love thyme. Thyme is my favorite. You know what? This is the first time I’m suggesting we put thyme on the pizza. Let’s put some thyme on the pizza. – This is all I whisk-ed? – That’s plenty. – Yes! (claps) – Then I have all this thyme on my hands. (dings and laser sounds) – Nothing but lasers. – I’m wasting time. – Nothing but lasers. Alright. (laser sounds) Fun fact, every time on the internet, people wanna tweet to
their favorite Try Guy and tell them that they’re
their favorite Try Guy. They include me to apologize to me that I’m not their favorite Try Guy. So, like two days ago, it was like, oh, I just gotta say
that my favorite Try Guy is @korndiddy. Sorry @KeithHabs. – Which one’s that? – It’s @korndiddy. – Oh. – Eugene’s handle is more obvious since it’s @EugeneLeeYang. – What’s Ned’s? – @nedfulmer. – That’s called a casual integration. (laughs) Wait. Do people only apologize to you? – I feel like that’s the case. – Ned, do people apologize to you? – [Ned] Hell no. – Eugene? – [Ned] They know. – They say sorry Keith? – Yeah. – Keith. – They’ll @Eugene, you’re my favorite. Sorry Keith Habs. – Hey! Listen to me. – Oh, no.
– You know what this means? – No! – You’re the unattainable. Everyone’s thinking about you. (funky music) Everyone is thinking about you and they think the others can’t take it. Think about it this way, you have feelings of attraction
towards someone in the room — – Right. – Boom, boom, boom. – Ned, yes. – Yeah, sure. Ned. And then, what are
you gonna do all night? Talk to their friends. – Flirt with Zach. – [Man] Oh, that’s how Ned met Ariel. – That is how Ned met Ariel. He literally told us that. – Do you get it? Have you put the pieces together? – Yeah. You just stabbed
me in the throat, woman. (laughs) – Okay. Well, you’ve
clearly never been stabbed. – No, I have not been stabbed. – Do you get it though? – Yeah I get it. – Well, why aren’t you feeling any joy? – Of course they like me the best. – Okay. Bye bye. – Eugene! I’m sorry. I just don’t
really spend a lot of time with straight white men. – Did someone say straight white man? (gasps) – This makes me feel safe but also free.

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