Naturally Increasing Testosterone: The Look & Feel Good Hormones

everyone dr. Nick Delgado here we’re
talking to you live about testosterone and the intervention of what’s called
bio identical hormones I’m with dr. Kathleen Gehringer and we’re here to
share with you how this is what we call the look good hormone testosterone helps
you to feel good to look good it really plays a major role not just a men but in
women as well so let’s kind of proceed with our discussion about this very
important hormone and what we need to do to get to that level of optimization
that is the difference between bio tentacle and synthetic the importance of
finding the right physiologic dosages and really how men and women can benefit
from a rather novel intervention that’s kind of been overlooked because it’s
been around for so long but because the pharmaceutical companies can’t really
dominate it with a patent and so forth it’s just kind of known that it’s the
best gold standard the best way to balance out besides the other basic
steps that we look at for optimizing our hormone levels so let’s let’s first take
a thing a look here at the importance of hormones and you know and how they are
regulated and more importantly what do we need to do to improve that outcome
that ideal level now I have many individuals who have accomplished
outstanding results and one thing they have in common as they age they
recognize the importance of maintaining hormonal balance they also understand
the importance of fitness and exercise they understand the importance of the
power of the mind without exception every one of these incredible
individuals Jack Elaine at age 96 even the week of which he distance feel so
well he was exercising and it was that week
he passed on literally exercising up to the week that he passed on at age 96 Bob
Delma Tcat age 84 phenomenal individual that inspired me to really take my
health and level to the next level because as I was coaching him I was
learning the things that he was going through as each decade when I first met
him in his late 70s and 80s and spent literally years understanding the whole
concept of anti-aging of course ray Wilson won amazing individuals that I
work with to this day now I believe approaching agent 93 and he has probably
bought and sold more fitness clubs than any man in history he to this day he
works out in exercises three times a day and each of these gentlemen really
understands the importance of hormonal balance and who else other than dr. Ron
clots who wrote the book grown young with HGH he like myself are about the
same age around 65 so dr. Gehringer you work with
individuals both men and women who are reaching that advanced decade and it
really plays a big role to where either men or women just kind of like feel like
mmm his life worth living maybe they’re depressed maybe they’re not getting out
there and enjoying life and really putting out that effort to just find the
best in the six human needs and of course these six human needs that we all
need to understand but why is testosterone part of helping people to
feel that certainty and deal with uncertainty or variety also deal with
contribution and love and and the feeling of connection and of course
significance all of these hormones and behaviors relate or interact that is the
hormones help to balance out these six human needs and really help people to
feel better about themselves don’t they oh absolutely and a lot of times when
people talk about hormones they think that oh that’s menopause oh it doesn’t
happen until you get a little bit older or you’re older and age and that’s like
no our hormones decline at the age of 25 already by the time we reach our 30s in
our 40s ready losing our testosterone and
testosterone is our look good hormone and it’s so important for us to keep our
testosterone level male and female up to par because it really helps us to
maintain our muscle mass our bone density not only that our cognitive
function I think that’s so important to to also include in the importance of
testosterone and we look at cultures throughout the world and those
individuals who maintain the lowest cancer rate the lowest heart disease
incidence the best as you mentioned cognitive in other words avoiding or
preventing dementia and Alzheimer’s the individuals who live to 100 years of
life in fact these individuals compared to individuals at age 100 in their
culture such as Okinawa where they eat a special whole food kind of diet center
mostly around sweet potatoes and oranges and vegetables and they eat basically a
diet that includes very little animal product occasionally I believe it’s
about a couple times a week according to mole statistics they eat a little bit of
fish they have family love and connection they use herbal medicines not
in medications and drugs they basically in the case of these individuals here
shown at age 100 and another individual not shown here at age 101 but they
understand the concept of health and longevity really probably it’s a
cultural thing because you compare to our country age 70 the individuals have
lower testosterone level in an individual by the age of 70 than an
individual 100 in these cultures their DHEA level and the individuals in in
Okinawa north of Japan are certainly optimum and above that of an individual
literally 30 years younger they have better estrogen levels not so much of
the what’s called the baddest urgent less of more of what’s called the good
estrogen so these individuals kind of live an active life a loving life and
when you compare Okinawa to Japan to Sweden to the USA Okinawa was truly part
of what’s called the Blue Zones where individuals Dan Buettner had reported
looking at other research and statistics that they’re certain
the world that live far longer far healthier and their quality of life is
superb what I want to look at is what would happen recognizing that these
individuals do live a longer healthier life mainly because the steps that they
follow with nutrifix exercise detoxification but what if you
then detect what their hormone levels are at what point they start to decline
and bring these individuals up to youthful levels could they go from like
in the u.s. a number 18th in the world and life expectancy or Italy number
eight and really climb up to number one or two that is one of the key questions
isn’t it yes and a lot of times when we talk about patients and and cholesterol
and testosterone we see that once when we balanced a hormone suddenly their
cholesterol level starts to go down and of course we have to modify their
lifestyle too and and it’s really important for us to again nutrify their
body allow their body to take more plant-based proteins to really maintain
their muscle mass as well yeah I think that oftentimes people who are trying to
succeed in the area of health and lifestyle they are concerned of course
as we age of not just the incidence of cancer prostate cancer lung cancer
various forms of cancers that clearly are a part of Aging and a risk factor
because the older we get the immune system tends to decline but also the
same diseases such as cancer tend to show up at a high instance just like
hypertension diabetes high blood pressure of course we mentioned
hypertension but also heart disease itself takes so many lives and now we’re
looking at research and studies showing that in one study by dr. Dean Ornish
reported 93 patients on a low-fat plant-based diet that the estrogen
levels were at an ideal optimum range their LDL cholesterol is reduced the
tumors actually disappeared in individuals who had been on a Western
diet had developed prostate cancer and here’s some documentation that also came
about from Nathan Pritikin x’ work early on
where they had analyzed over 4,000 individuals with prostate problems and
issues so we’re starting to document this information we’re looking at also
the incidence of lung cancer and again comparison dr. Jeremiah Stambler was
shocked to find that it wasn’t cigarette smoking that was the number one factor
in lung cancer it was high cholesterol level associated with the animal-based
diet now you look back at the studies done on prostate cancer and an
individual who had no cancer evident and had problems with the prostate and
another patient three of them in fact who’d prior had prostate cancer issues
that after going on a drug called cholestyramine which lowered the
cholesterol level that one intervention was enough to reduce the presence of
prostate cancer so there is something to do with prostate and cancer there’s
something to do with the cholesterol level that is and there’s something to
do with cholesterol and lung cancer and that all may tie in directly to an
animal-based diet versus a plant-based diet and of course there are certain
herbs that tend to detoxify some of these harmful estrogens and that is
another thing that we’re learning that many of these people who have cancer
have associated high what’s called estrogen dominance a preponderance of a
harmful form of esters and it forms and we know that there’s certain herbs like
tumeric oregano cypress astragalus that tends to reduce these harmful estrogens
we know that bourbon bergamont a lycopene tend to help reduce LDL
cholesterol which has been correlated as I mentioned to a higher instance of
cancer by reducing these LDL levels that is LDL the bad low-density lipoprotein
cholesterol we tend to reduce the incidence or the risk of cancer and
maybe even the tumors as they grow we tend to shrink those tumors down to
safer levels stabilizing insulin seems to have a factor as well so those of you
who are interested in having a long healthy life look at how we can combine
specific herbs that have been shown to improve these balances of the lip
and the risk factors associated with cancer as well as the risk factor
associated with with heart disease there are natural hormones that improve our
health we’ve known since 3000 BC and here we are approaching the year 2020 so
that’s over 5,000 years ago ancient Chinese knew that they could take the
hormones from young females and mix it up in such a way extracted from the
urine of these young females 22 year old females and apply it to the individuals
who were aging in their 60s 70s and 80s and they noticed the hundreds of
different hormones present within the urine of these young individuals could
reverse and slow the aging process the wrinkles the issues associated with
hormonal decline and the men they took the urine from these young males and
they were able to apply it to the older males in their society they knew this
5,000 years ago that the natural biological hormones present in an actual
urine collected and concentrated it’s interesting that dr. Jonathan once said
they were dealing with multiple hormones not just isolated hormones we now know
we can take an extract or synthesize hormones from wild yam the plant from
plant derivatives we don’t have to get them from animal derivatives and
currently pharmaceutical companies are deriving hormones from what horse urine
it’s synthetic it’s even by identically different its synthesized to be
different so they can patent it but that difference may not be a good thing right
dr. Gehringer absolutely and again when we talk about testosterone the slices
symptoms of low testosterone can be low libido low motivation you feel like
you’re lacking your mojo again you know you want you want your testosterone
level to be at a certain level where you actually feel good and not only that you
want to look good as well absolutely and so as we kind of go through the science
of looking at symptoms because if we’re talking about testosterone we also have
to understand the symptoms of estrogen because that is kind of the oh I shall I
say the challenging horn it tends to offset the benefits of
testosterone sure men and women need estrogen but in the right balance and
not excessive so that’s where we talk about a condition called estrogen
dominance what are the symptoms of estrogen dominance then and what should
we watch for particularly in women in this case and we’ll discuss men’s issues
as well yes well there’s all different forms of estrogen so the estrogen that
we’re gonna focus on right now is the bad estrogen which we call it s3 own so
a lot of scientists symptoms of high estrogen dominance is bloating
unexplained weight gain swelling and tenderness in the breast tissue area
fibrocystic lumps in your breast or even breast cancer decreased sex drive
irregular menstrual periods increased symptoms of PMS mood swing irritability
depression and also migraines and headaches those are signs the symptoms
of high estrogen levels so we know there are several things that can cause excess
estrogen it’s certain factors what we call environmental chemicals that mimic
estrogens these are largely described as endocrine disruptors toxins heavy metals
magnified in the food chain deep-sea water fish such as tuna contain
heavy level levels or higher levels of synthetic chemicals and of course we
know that soaps shampoos perfumes and nail-polish parabens even alcohol coffee
increase these bad estrogens so that is part of the problem and we see it as
what’s called estrogen dominance dr. Gehringer what is it about men that
form these fatty bellies and tissues what do they have to do and what are we
dealing with when we talk about what’s called gynecomastia and even men like
Bruce Jenner who actually had a sex change become email instead of male and
the rock it was shown that he had to undergo surgery because he had had so
much testosterone it aromatized were converted into excess estrogen and you
can see kind of his in his nipples area and of course the podcast people can’t
see this but the webinar broadcasting were showing even the Brock Lesnar
also had gynecomastia issues in others man boobs and they had to surgically
remove them so this is a problem that we’re facing a large number of athletes
if you really do a survey of what’s going on so men don’t want to become
women if that wasn’t their original intent no so what are we going to do to
inform people that there are some elegant things we can change within the
diet the herbs we can actually balance out these issues with detoxification I
think it’s really important because estrogen excess symptoms can be managed
starting with very specific herbs but let’s look at again these conditions and
issues that need to be managed I think you mentioned many of these conditions
but how can these particular herbs play such a role in decreasing body fat and
weight gain particularly men and women because they’re struggling especially if
they have this hormonal imbalance they’re gonna struggle with weight games
truly right yes absolutely and again you want to make sure that the testosterone
was funneling down the right pathway and also if your estrogen dominance make
sure you have enough DIMM in your body which is really helps to increase your
good estrogen and keeps the baddest Jeanette Bay especially for the men and
women out there men belly fat that’s a form of low testosterone as well and and
we talked about bamboos once I have man boobs and of course depression anxiety
headaches poor sleep patterns and of course we know excess estrogen
interferes in our prior talk with thyroid hormones and regulation which is
the metabolic hormone that helps us to feel good and helps keep our body weight
under control and of course excess estrogen can impair
blood sugar control as well and to say the least the higher risk of breast
cancer in people women with high estrogen levels and increased risk of
prostate cancer there is a perfect kind of balance we know that herbs such as
dim Dino methane eye 3c indole-3-carbinol d-glucose lactone
wasabi root beta sitosterol tumeric so we’ve gone about
assembling these very important detoxification herbs that help to
regulate and metabolize these hormones to safer levels and these items are
available if you take the hormone quiz questionnaire and go to live performance
dot store not calm but dot store life performance dot store they’re gonna get
quite a about the products that can help with these imbalances now again going
back to symptoms of low testosterone it’s quite an unfortunate issue because
so many people associate this with aging and truly aging will come about much
more rapidly if a man or a woman are not paying attention to one of this one of
the most important hormones we know of is testosterone so what are some of the
things that people should watch out for and at least discuss with their doctor
exactly um low bone density low energy low endurance minimum sex drive like low
libido high body fat imbalance fat ratios as well and thin skin the skin
starts to thin out quite rapidly mental decline depression that’s huge or lost
interest you just don’t feel motivated anymore or general weakness and fatigue
those are signs of low testosterone and I mean at our office we also see that
men coming in at the age of twenty six twenty nine complaining about low
testosterone and we run these laps on these men and I’m so shocked that
they’re only in their late 20s early 30s having really low testosterone levels
yeah and and I think back somewhere around age twenty eight for myself I
noticed my libido was declining there were certain factors that I noticed that
I didn’t quite respond to the same kind of work out as I had before I started
getting bone density measurements to kind of see where I was at I could kind
of get an assessment of my general energy level and these are just kind of
telltale signs you think well age 28 and I was already starting those decline
well yeah I mean hormones start to change they start to drop
certainly by my age 30s by my 40s I notice further changes fortunately at
about that time I started utilizing certain herbs and supplements and
optimizing through various interventions that helped to restore my ideal hormonal
levels but as I reached age fifty sixty and and so forth now I’m approaching 65
I realized that each person has an important intervention that they can
choose they can either ignore these factors and just let aging take its
place or they can intervene optimize their hormone levels and utilize the
herbs the supplements and the essential for steps that we know to balance
testosterone because the benefits of balanced testosterone let’s just
summarize briefly because it’s so important that those of you who want to
have these healthier outcomes here’s the things that you can expect once you have
ideal hormone levels and here are some of the supplemental herbs that will make
a difference exactly enhance focus the ability to have a stronger drive to
succeed improve self-esteem improve bone density improve endurance healthier
organs that’s so important because testosterone is cardiovascular
protective as well testosterone pellets actually is something that we usually do
at our clinic it’s very very effective and it’s delivery system is absolutely
amazing we embed it into the adipose tissue subcutaneously and sometimes
there are creams out there doctor make that patients actually use we have some
amazing creams yeah really optimize hormone levels for specific hormones
DHEA pregnenolone balancing out the harmful estrogens and restoring androgen
testosterone and a lot of this stuff even if you have low testosterone
supplementing your body with the right kind of herbs actually helps you bring
it up to that therapeutic level and if a patient comes in and if they’re really
really low what we need to do is again we might have to take a step further and
just bring it up to that therapeutic level and help them maintain it more
naturally with the right kind of supplements absolutely so check it out
about the supplements tune in and share and review this is dr.
NIC Delgado and dr. Kathleen Gehringer be strong be well tune in to our

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  1. Thanks Nick and Cathleen for this informative discussion. I am about to enter my seventieth year of life, and so far am not suffering from any of the commonly known markers for low testosterone levels. I feel great every day, sleep nine hours nightly, awaken refreshed, have boundless energy during the day for two hour resistance training workouts and alternate day endurance training. I watch these discussions on low T, and thus far have concluded that it is not an issue for me, at least not in any form that I am able to detect. Perhaps my vegan lifestyle for nearly twenty years has a lot to do with it, along with the fact that remaining physically and mentally active are big players in my life philosophy. I know a fellow who is ten years younger than myself, who is tired during the day, and feels he may need to get on TRT soon. He also eats a standard American diet, high in animal foods of many types. Of course, it is far more complex perhaps if we wish to analyze all this, but on the surface at least, one's dietary model seems like a highly likely culprit for hormone levels not being ideal to the point of causing a noticeable disruption in one's life. I have had a doctor friend I know say he is on TRT (one year older than I am), and says I ought to try it, but I am not seeing any compelling reason to follow his suggestion. Using my typical marker for whether I should do something, I ask myself if TRT is natural, and my answer is no, because it is a human technological advancement that I cannot acquire in nature. I prefer to live my life adventure naturally, so I am highly motivated to stay away from artificial solutions to problems, assuming a problem even exists in the first place. Whatever is working in my favor, I am very happy for it, and plan to continue what I am doing now, which is working quite well for me.
    Old Man Muscle

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