NBCC Food Truck Week

Food Truck Week consists of six teams all with
three different departments working together. Last year it was the senior
marketing students in collaboration with the Culinary and Hotel Restaurant
Management students. This year brings a fantastic third part of it with the Graphic and Communication Design students. It was an amazing experience, really.
Teamwork is a big part of what we do. If I’m gonna venture out
into the world of hospitality, teamwork is extremely important to how we operate so
getting the marketing and a graphics team and the kitchen guys, everybody has
a different part to play so to get everybody to come together and make this
whole thing happen was really an amazing experience. The designing I guess is
obviously going to be our favourite part because I can’t cook at all. Like, not even close! So, trying the product is very good as well. Well, we’re in charge of quesadillas, so this is something Mexican-American style. First thing that we were given is that our marketing and culinary
guys they wanted to have something like a candy skull so it’s like a Mexican-American stuff. This is our first food truck ever. I had never done it before and my team is Try and Go. It’s a symbol of a team triangle, so just try to
make a similar name to that and on our menu we have meatball sub. We have
three kinds of different sauce so people can change every day and they
will come back, and we also have a side dish is a deep-fried pickles and a cheesy
fries but people really love the deep-fried pickles. So the theme for our group is crepes so it’s called The Great Escrepe.
It’s a tropical theme so it’s the hashtag that we have for our project is
#howwillyouescrepe mostly just because that was coming up
to March break and a few other things like that and tropical is very appealing as well. Yeah, we’re strictly burgers. Burgernators. We had four different types of burgers. So again we just wanted to do something
with a twist not a regular cheese burger. We did mainly gourmet burgers, so we had
our signature burger was the Burgernator, comes with a double patty. We also
have the regular toppings like tomatoes, lettuce, onions and so on, but the sauce
was what made the difference. We also had a Tex-Mex – you know avocado topping, salsa, you know, red peppers and yellow peppers you know, sprucing it up, it makes it look inviting, it looks good and people want to try it. Though the preparation was kind of stressful but actually getting there and getting in
the room and serving people and seeing everyone smile and everyone work
together, it’s just great. As an instructor, to do something like this it
really brings real world to the classroom. They’re working on deadlines,
they’re working on the requirements of, and in this case it’s an event, that
has a specific time to it. It can’t, it can’t wait, it can’t be done two weeks
from now, so the calendar that they got is something that would
mirror the deadlines of a calendar in a corporate setting. It’s been really cool. Working with our classes is like a really amazing opportunity for us to meet and understand about each other’s majors. So, going all out and making this
happen, you know, this is the biggest part of it for me. I really enjoyed it. It’s fun
and you know, I’m a people person so getting out there, you know, trying to woo
the customers and getting them in having somebody say to me for
example, oh you should be a car salesman because I did not come inside here to
buy a burger but, you know, after you started to talk I’m like, let me get a burger!

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  1. Nice video; I've had my food truck for one year and we are loving it. We are located out of Houston in Summerwood close to Lake Houston; these are some of my video's J. Harvey's Grill https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLx4vVC-JkearemQpCM8mYJqHG0gccVVus

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