New Polish food truck already a hit with Valley locals

There’s another food truck rolling around the Youngstown area — this one specializing in Polish food. Earlier tonight it was parked outside the city’s newest bar — just up the hill from downtown. More details on what’s called Babcia’s Lunchbox. [A26]20180126 POLISH FOOD TRK-PK Inside the white food truck parked this evening outside Youngstown’s Noble Creature Cask House — 30-year-old Elisha Veon of East Palestine was grilling Pierogis. “I MEAN I COULD PAN SEAR THEM BUT IT WOULD TAKE ME 800 YEARS. I MEAN THERE’S TIMES WHERE THIS WHOLE THING IS GONE IN A MINUTE.” Elisha Veon’s the owner of Babcia’s Lunchbox. Babcia is Polish for grandmother — the recipes are her those of her Polish born great-grandmother. “WELL THIS WAS THE WAY WE WERE ABLE TO CONTINUE HER LEGACY WHILE STILL NOT BREAKING THE BANK.” “OK I’D LIKE TO GET AN ORDER OF THE HALUSKI.” Youngstown’s Phil Kidd ordered outside — then ate it inside the bar. He started his critique with the haluski. “WHAT I LIKE ABOUT THIS IN PARTICULAR IS THAT IT HAS A THICKER NOODLE, ALMOST LIKE AN EGG NOODLE TYPE, AND THAT WAS GREAT. AND THE PIEROGIS HAVE A LITTLE BIT OF A SMOKEY TASTE WHICH IS JUST PHENOMINAL.” “THIS IS THE SECOND TIME THAT WE’VE HAD HER OUT, AND I LOVE…SHE CHANGES THE MENU, EVERYTHING’S HOMEMADE AND I KNOW THAT SHE TRIES TO GET AS MANY LOCAL PRODUCTS AS SHE CAN.” “SO WE GET ALL KINDS OF BEER CHEESE ON THERE.” Today she was adding beer cheese to the haluski — the beer one of Noble Creatures homemade brands. And then she added bacon. “WE DID THAT TO KIND OF SPICE UP, SPICE UP, GIVE A LITTLE TRADITIONAL FOOD A TWIST.” Elisha’s the owner — but she has help. Today her grandmother was in the truck, too. “PEOPLE KIND OF FOLLOW US AROUND, BECAUSE THEY LIKE IT…LAUGH…” “THANK YOU.” Elisha bought the vehicle in August — and a month later Babcia’s Lunchbox was operating. She’s made about 20 stops so far — but is expecting the warm months to be busy. She’s already booking into September. “OUR COMMUNITY IN EAST PALESTINE, THOUGH IT’S A SMALL VILLAGE, HAS REALLY JUST SUPPORTED US SO MUCH AND BEEN REALLY EXCITED.” [A27]20180126 POLISH FOOD TRK-TAG The next stop for Babcia’s Lunchbox will be Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania — and three days of celebrating the groundhog.

4 thoughts on “New Polish food truck already a hit with Valley locals

  1. Looks and smells so tasty. Its time for "pierozki" or this thick noodle with cream
    (mniam, mniam 😉 )
    A good idea with this "Babcia's Lunchbox".
    Hopefully the owner will prosper and get many satisfied customers.
    This cuisine and the recipes seem to be executed properly

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