Nick Smolyar — Goulash (Life of Boris diss)

What’s up guys it’s Nick Smolyar again and
firstly guys I wanted to say thank you to all of our patrons who supported us on
these people are Ian Gallagher, Virginia Bowman and Kendra Mary Cook Thank you guys! This is really good and I appreciate that
that’s a lot of money like 12$ stay with us,stay tuned and keep it up let’s fucking go! For today we gonna make some goulash, that
is hungarian food and don’t say pls… don’t tell me in the comments like I stole this
fucking Life of Boris idea again because Idk who that is,because I don’t care about it
like that is just a person who plays with this “russian accent” and shit like that shit
like “Dmitry blyat we gonna make some goulash today” no! I don’t fucking care pls don’t tell me that
shit again ok? So, for today I got this japanese knife that
wasn’t an advertisement but… you know “samura” pls contact me
Ok, so we have beef… chunk of beef, we have some bell peppers, a tomato, a hot pepper,
also we got some onions and yeah I forgot about garlic but we have it, we have some
tomato paste and potatoes but actually we forgot about that.. sweet peppers which is
called “paprika” but I don’t care about it, we are not Hungarians ,so Hungarians who watch
me pls write in the comments that I’m a sick bitch that forgot about some sweet peppers
ok? The first step as always take these onions
and peel them let’s fucking do it! I use this dull, old knife wtf is this? That’s what we eat in this communist country,
look at this, what is this? I don’t even know maybe it’s some kind of
bacteria “Novichok” maybe Idk, have you heard about “novichok”? Like, this shit is hilarious, two dumb spies
in Britain failed the mission I like how they acted on TV, like on russian programm or shit
like that they just sat and started talking like “that’s not we, nah, we just, we are
tourists in “not english” we just came to look ath this church that was fucking hliarious
man, and yeah guys I probably failed with the name, cos it’s Salisbury, not Salesbury
or whatever I said, so sorry guys, sorry British people who hate me already for this, cos I
don’t know English, I’m a stupid Russian fuck who tryna cook some real good shit, you know,
yeah let’s try out the knife, I’m fucking scared you know, daamn, that’s so good, I
hope I don’t cut my finger today, so if you guys heard about this “Novichok story” pls
write down in the comments what do you think about this? Because, I’m pretty sure that’s [trying to
speak egnlish but failed again] wtf am I saying? Sorry guys, I apologize for that, my english
is so bad We’re puuting these onions into the bowl,
is that a cook show or? political show? idk It’s kinda changed you know
we’re just talking about political situation in Russia and in the world
And I don’t know guys why you think like we stole Life of Boris content because this fucking
sucks like nobody had ever tried to cook borscht before him, right? Ok, we take this chunk of meat, ow yeah, this
knife is sick, we gotta have like small-sized pieces of meat, these fucking tendons, they’re
annoying Ok, as you can see guys, we now can afford
some meat and we’re not starving anymore in this communist country and that’s why you
donated some dollars to my patreon, pls guys keep doing that, and yeah my main goal is
earning 50$ a month and as you can see guys now I have like 11$ so in case I have 50$
a month I don’t have to kinda use my pocket money for making food that would be great,
so 50$ a month is great, we can make like 3 or 4 videos for this money, like you know,
this… how much does this cost? this goulash idk like, my cameraman just said it costs
like, the meat itself costs 5$, so overall it costs like maybe less than 10$,so just
imagine, for 50$ we can provide like 5 videos a month, so yeah, pls do that, pls check patreon
down in [struggling to pronounce] get a few dollars for us ok? where’s my knife? where’s my rusty old knife? ok I’m gonna smash this garlic, Why we need
garlic? Idk, yeah I don’t really know why do we need
garlic Idk it’s just in the recipe, don’t ask me, the cameraman just asked me why do
I need this fucking garlic? probably cos he hates it, but I don’t care,
that was in the recipe, so don’t judge me ok? Let’s cut this garlic, this is so scary, this
knife is sharp, this is the sharpest knife I’ve ever used in my life, and I’ll do it
like this, now we gonna survive, look at this! like do you wanna take a look at Russia? look at this! [autistic scene incoming] Ehm, yes, so we’re waiting for this oil to heat and then we’ll add onions, garlic, and
meat and then we have to wait like maybe 5 mins aaand after that we just add all of these
ingredients into the pan, add some boiled water and then we have to add some potatoes,
some bell peppers, tomato paste and stuuf like that and we just have to wait for like
maybe 40 mins I think maybe more idk whatever, whatever it takes
so we’re adding onions, we’re adding garlic, where’s my spatula? you know what is spatula? spatula is like this or like this, it is a
spatula [obviously] mix it up, let’s peel the potatoes, yeah as
you can see we have some tomatoes, and potatoes, I would like to add a fresh slice of potato
on the top of my goulash [being aussie] Gordon Ramsay style you know? Ok so we have to cut the potatoes, peel the
potato, fooking potato, adding meat, add a little bit of water
Yo, we have some tea, a cup of tea, a slice of potato and tomato [sipping]
We have to cut potatoes, this size idk that’s kinda medium-sized I think not a big one not
a small one just cut it in half and do it like this
Ok, the next step is cutting the bell peppers, we have seeds inside, that we have to remove,
cos they’re very bitter I think we should cut it in half, what’s the
apocalyptic sound outside? I don’t understand [autistic scene] These claps go to Life of Boris channel I stole his idea, thank you Life of Boris I have to relocate the meat, the reason why we do that is because there’s no enough space
in this pan, so we just relocated our meat, we’re adding the vegetables, the potatoes
and stuff Fuck! my life damn it’s juicy and we have this little boy
you wanna try it out? with the seeds? no? ok
I’ll remove the seeds you still don’t wanna try? ok
[chewing] [coughing]
damn son where’d you find this? [dying]
[autistic look] eat it! I barely feel my throat, despite the fact
I love spicy food, that was pretty good What is the spiciest thing you have ever tried
in your life? Pls write down in the comments below, we’ll
check it out And I’ll like it, I’ll personally like it
because I’m a spicy food lover you know [what is this song]
ok, we’re adding some spices, this is turmeric+coriander+pepper and salt and this is a pepper mix [Gordon Ramsay is shook] Ok guys, our meal is ready and we have to
try it out, did I say 40 mins? forget about it, cos it took like hour and
a half so yeah [what is this song]
that’s good, I’d say that’s a bit stiff, beef takes a lot of time to cook, so yep, you gotta
make it for like hour and a half I’m sorry that’s really hot in my mouth, or maybe even
2 hours, so yep let’s try some potatoes, that is really soft, I think it was enough to cook
it So guys, our stolen recipe from Life of Boris
turned out to be really great today, if you guys watched my video with Olya, so you should
remember her, check out her channel, the link will be down in the description and maybe
even here, so yeah guys don’t forget about it and yeah guys, pls check my instagram,
follow me on instagram and check, my patreon profile down in [the] description
and so any donation will be highly appreciated, thank you guys for your
attention and cya in the next episode, good bye

71 thoughts on “Nick Smolyar — Goulash (Life of Boris diss)

  1. Hello Nick! Keep up the good work my man, also the spiciest thing I have ever eaten is this stew my grandma used to make and she would use like 9 chilis.

  2. Based on news articles in the US it looks like Russia is at fault but when I check the Russian side of Quora they say its western propaganda to make Russia appear evil. Right now i side with the evidence lol

  3. Spiciest stuff I've had would have to be the carolina reaper, you don't feel much in the start and then suddenly it hits you and your mouth goes numb and it feels like that your entire esophagus has corroded.

  4. The spiciest thing I have eaten was a chili I made in my Foods class. It had a shit ton of jalapenos and serrano peppers. It was a bowl of pure pain and it was great.

  5. I was making this and my Mexican grandma decided to throw in extra chilies,

    "No puede enchilar un raton"
    "It wouldn't be spicy for a mouse"

  6. Don't read my name lol it is a fake one xD
    I will try some of the recipes once i get the time to cook 😀
    Thanks bro !
    i love the knife, really sharp 🙂

  7. we have to eat garlic to survive in these, полдня орал с этой фразы, настолько она жизненная

  8. The spiciest thing I have ever eaten was made by my older brother's ex. It was a salsa, and she left in all the jalapeño seeds. I think everyone who ate it started crying, haha! Either that or my multiple failed attempts at Paprikesh. I always accidentally use spicy paprika, instead of sweet.

  9. Gotta say Borsch is great. Specifically when grandma makes borsche. When Babushka hits the kitchen to make Borsch is when shit gets lit cause that shit’s good.

  10. i had to live off this and turnip sou every night for 3 months while i was living in ukraine for an exchange programme. it became one of my favourite dishes. keep up the good work btw

  11. If you like spicy shit, than you should try Erős Pista! It's a hungarian paprika sauce and it's pretty damn hot. Or if you are a hardcore spicy guy than try Haragos Pista, it's like Erős Pista but 1000 times stronger.

  12. At least boris has a proper bayonet, not some shiny ass japanese showoff knife. And if you don't know who he is – why do you know about his fake accent, eh? AND he seems to be a better cook. Don't diss your betters tovarish….

  13. It was habanero homemade sauce that my brother made and he gave me a whole tablespoon of it and I died. Also love the vids man, love from Hungary!!

  14. Man, let me tell you diss:
    I tried both recipes, yours and life of boris's, and i have to say, they both taste good, they both keep the hunger away.
    You? Just a hater. nothing more, nothing less.
    Judging by your subs count, you're basically nobody, which makes me think if this video is a tactic to get more views, by harnessing hate from another youtuber fanbase…
    Let me explain: your ''diss'' tactic is quite common:
    1: Target a..somewhat popular youtuber;
    2: Make a hateful video about how you're better than him/her;
    3: Profit off the Life Of Boris fanbase that click on your video, because they want to see who the fuck is this guy that spits hateful shit on their favorite channel.
    4: Sit back, and wait for a views-boost. (remember, positive advertising, or negative advertising, is still advertising).

    I also saw your Patreon revenue after you so kindly thanked them for supporting you: 5$/month. You better watch Life of Boris budget cooking videos if you want to stay alive.

    I also downvoted, and reported your video for harassing another Youtube channel.
    This whole video is a SCAM. And you know it.

  15. In my opinion, the Novichok poisoning incident was cowardly, dishonorable and at the same time really disturbing. Here in Iceland, it was all over the news for weeks. Many were outraged and openly criticised the Putin regime for it.

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