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All praises to the Almighty ALLAH, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful, Peace be unto you Welcome to MJ’s Kitchen today’s recipe is No Bake Chocolate Cake also making a quick to make frosting with it very simple, easy recipe & yummy cake it will be let’s start to make No Bake Chocolate Cake we need: 3 cup Biscuits (chopped), 1 cup Water, 3 tbsp Sugar, 3 tbsp Cocoa Powder, ½ cup Walnuts (chopped), 3 tbsp Butter, 1 tsp Vanilla Essence, & to make frosting for it: 1 cup Dark Chocolate, & ½ cup Dairy Cream turn on the flame & add cocoa powder in pan sugar, water, & vanilla essence mix & cook at medium flame cooked for 3~4 minutes now add butter keep it on flame for 3~4 minutes sauce is cooked for 4 minutes, now turn off the flame sauce is ready, let it cools down a little add biscuits in a mixing bowl walnuts mix these now add sauce mix these well mixing is done very well transfer this to the cake pan, greased with oil transfer all the batter in pan make it even by pressing with spatula put this in fridge for half an hour to make frosting for cake, add chocolate in a bowl & cream microwave it for 30~40 seconds if you don’t want to use microwave, heat it on stove in a pan mix these frosting is ready cake was in fridge for half an hour pour frosting on it put it again in fridge for one hour cake was in fridge for one hour, let’s remove it from the cake pan garnish it with chopped walnuts put cherries in center our recipe of no bake chocolate cake is ready Give it a thumbs up if you like this recipe, share it forward & subscribe to my channel, Good bye.

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  1. Wah zabardast yar dekh kr moo me pani agaya 😋 i love chocolate cake 🎂😍 Thanks for the amazing recipe 💖

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