NO pierdas tiempo en la cocina con estas albóndigas sin freír

If we don´t fry the meatballs, we win 3 things: They are very easy to make, they have less ingredients… …and they are more healthy! Let’s see who gives more! Hello cooks and wellcome to “Que Viva La Cocina” I´m Gorka Barredo and the recipe of today you already imagine it. Lets go for it! We are gonna start to put in a bowl, some mince meat. It is advisable that it is half pork, half beef to make it juicier. We add also an egg. The egg give our meatballs a more cremously texture. And if creaminess is what we are looking for… … bread crumb soaked in milk! We soak well it, we drain the breadcrumb from the milk and we add it. It is an indispensable ingredients in any meatball. We are going to add also a half teaspoon of ground cumin. This ingredient give more flavour to the meatballs. Test it! A tablespoon of breadcrumb. This ingredient is from a grandma recipe. There isn´t a grandma that she doesn´t add breadcrumbs to the meatballs. We add a pinch of salt. And we add some freshly ground black pepper. That talking about taking to another level, this spice taking another level everything. We continue! We add a little handful of chopped garlic. And another handful of chopped parsley. Up to here, we done a normal meatballs. We have added the same ingredients that a conventional meatballs. For the moment, we mix all the ingredients to integrate with each other. And when the ingredients are integrates, we sape of meatballs. We catch a pinch of the mass and we shape of a little ball. The size of a pinpon ball more or less. Let’s not get excited in this step, that we know each other, And to want to finish earlier, we give form here of balls of basketball. They are a little balls, please! We continue! When we have prepared the meatballs, we are gonna make a sauce. In a pan, put a little oil to heat over low heat. And when it is hot, we add some more chopped garlic cloves. We add also a chopped onion. We put another pinch of salt. And we add freshly ground black pepper. We are going to mix all this ingredients while we let to cook them for about 10 minutes, more or less. After that time, with the onion well soft, we add some tomato sauce. It is true that we can make the typical spanish sauce. That one that has a lot of onion. And also, some oil. But if we want make a meatballs without frying, Well, I think it does not make much sense to add here more oil. In this way, we make this tomato sauce. You can make in your home this tomato sauce or another sauce. When we add the tomato, we mix it and we cover it. We are going to cook here for about 15 minutes more. Over low heat! After that time, the tomato will be cooked. It will be reduced slightly and now, we continue! We are going to add a spoon of soy sauce. Yes, what you hear, soy sauce. Try it, this ingredient raise an another level this sauce! As surely, it will be very dense, we will add some beef broth. In this way we give more flavour and we liquefy the sauce. And now, we mix all the ingredients. So that these new ingredients are integrated with the tomato. Then, is the moment when the trick comes. Instead of to coat the meatballs in flour, then fry them and remove them from the oil… …we are going to add here directly. As they were before, when we had given them shape. We are gonna add one by one inside the sauce. And when all the meatballs are inside the casserole… … we shake the casserole to impregnate the meatballs well of the sauce. As you are imagine, we are going to cook the meatballs inside the sauce. We let to cook here for about 20 minutes and then, we obtain something with this. A soft sauce and a delicious meatballs. If you enjoyed with this recipe, please, thumb up! You don´t miss any recipe subscribing you to my channel. In Facebook, in YouTube, or wherever or better still everywhere … …And… “Que Viva la Cocina”!

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