Nordic Ware 2 Cavity Egg Poacher Kitchen Cooking Gadget Review

Hey what’s going on welcome to the 9malls review of something that I saw at my local grocery store it’s the Nordic egg poacher perfect results every time cooks one to two eggs and under two minutes BPA and melamine free and it’s just kind of a little plastic container these seem to be very popular for eggs so this is kind of a different one it’s a different type of plastic I’ve noticed and so maybe it’s a little bit healthier so there we go it’s just a little plastic container that opens up all right to make the eggs all you have to do is crack one egg into each cup of egg poacher base pierce each egg yolk with a fork and add 1/2 teaspoon water to each cup add water to empty Cup if only cooking one egg and one egg cooks for 30 to 45 seconds to a clips for 45 to 60 seconds cooking times may vary based on different microwaves let’s take stand for 30 seconds before removing allow eggs to finish cooking all right so I’m taking the eggs out of the fridge here there’s one two all right there we go there we go and so you have to pierce each egg yolk with a fork all right so it’s been sitting 30 seconds inside of the microwave cooked for a minute just kind of here are some explosion sounds in the microwave but luckily this lock stayed in place and it didn’t get all over so it was nice alright so there we go there’s one and two and I think to space on what I’m looking at right now I probably put on a little bit less time but let’s try this out see how it tastes because it looks a little bit overcooked but let me try it here we go and yet not too bad definitely better in a frying pan but I’d say if you’re in a pinch and you want to cook eggs really fast um you know there’s not much cleanup with this little plastic container so yeah and best of all this product only caught $2.99 so I wanted a good deal you want to cook eggs in the microwave I think this is a very good choice it’s a Nordic microwave egg poacher it’s made in America family-owned it says so I do recommend it and if you like my videos please subscribe and if you want to support my content you can go to go to

24 thoughts on “Nordic Ware 2 Cavity Egg Poacher Kitchen Cooking Gadget Review

  1. Takes some experimentation since every microwave might be different, is what I've found.  I hate it when the whites aren't done but of course I don't want the yolks overdone, lol.  I think it's something like 58 seconds in mine.  I picked my Nordic Ware thing up at a garage sale for 50 cents.  Like you, I like my skillet but in a pinch, it sure is quicker.

  2. The problem is the yolks are hard, I like mine soft. The solution to the exploding eggs is that you have cooked them for to long, The water has evaporated so they eggsplode. Solution is to add more water than they say and/or not cook them for so long? Try 45 Seconds next time, You can always cook for another 15 seconds if they need them but go for a shorter cooking time and let them stand.

  3. I've had one of these for ages, its hard to get the egg yolk runny, usually by the time the white is cooked , the middle is hard.

  4. I have a similar egg poacher. No need to pierce the eggs. Just fill a third full with water. Drop eggs in and microwave for a minute or more depending on how you like you eggs.

  5. I found one of these while unpacking after I moved recently. Didn't have any directions or packaging so this video was very helpful. My father in law bought us a microwave that looks like it's fit for a restaurant!!! It has higher wattage than any recipe so I did 2 eggs at 49 seconds and the top exploded open! lol!! definitely going to go with less time next time but it's very useful because I make my husband egg and cheese on a roll every night so while his coffee is brewing and he's getting ready for work he just warms it up for the hour ride to the city. It's such a time/money saver to stopping at Tim Hortons or DDonuts so this will be my new best friend. Not sure what your contents are to your videos but I'm subscribing due to this straightforward to the point and helpful video. Thanks!!

  6. I just pulled mines out of the cupboard, dusted it off and gave it a good scrubby. The trick, is no trick. Drop your eggs in, fill rest with water, DONT STAB THE EGGS!! I sprinkled my eggs with garlic salt. Put in the micro for 45 seconds, rest for 15 seconds, check, mine needed another 15 seconds and a rest while I sparked up 2 pork sausage patties, the whole thing slid out onto my pork sausage, yum! Its not that hard to do. I like mine barely running or half done yolks.

  7. I have one and used it several times and eggs are either over cooked at 60 seconds like yours or your undercooked at 45. I threw mine away. I now use a measuring cup with 1 cup of cold water a pinch if salt and 60 seconds in microwave.

  8. Our key to perfect poached eggs is adding a pinch of vinegar to the water. Just found a NordicWare Microwave 4 egg poacher in my mil's cabinet after she died. Will try water & vinegar and 3 min on 7 power. Let stand for 1 min. I'll be back after my experiment.

  9. I use one of these but find one egg cooks perfectly and the second is undercooked. So have to remove the well cooked one and put the other one back in for a few more seconds. Cannot work out why they both would not cook to the same level

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