NOT MY ARMS CHALLENGE – Decorating a Cake

Ro: Hey guys it’s Ro! Today I’m here with
my sister Mo. Mo: Hey Everybody! Ro: And Mr. Husky! Husky: Hello! Ro: We got so many requests from you guys
to play the not my arms game, so today Ro: I am gonna show you how to assemble and
decorate the perfect cake, Ro: but with a twist, I won’t be able to
use my arms, they are gonna be behind my back Ro: and Mr. Husky, who cannot see, will be
my arms! Ro: Alright, are you ready team? Husky: So
ready! Mo: Yeah. Ro: Alright, put it in, we’re gonna do perfect
cake on 3. 1, 2, 3! All: Perfect Cake! Ro: The first things that you’re gonna need to do
is grab a little hat, you want a little Ro: chef bakers hat, Molly, I got you one
too. Mo: This is so cute! Ro: Yeah, it’s got a little Velcro in the
back so you can like, adjust it, Ro: to find your, the right size. It’s good
to keep hair out, out of your face! Mo: Oh yeah. Ro: In front of us we have two round 8 inch
cakes, and they have chilled in the fridge Ro: so that they won’t crumble, they’re
really easy to work with and now we are gonna Ro: level them. You’re gonna put your cake
leveler flat, and wiggle it back and Ro: forth, back and forth and saw it all the
way down the cake. Ro: This is gonna make our cake nice and flat
so that we can stack them. Mo: Oh! Ro: Yeah, we don’t need, yeah! Mo:
Oh OK! RO: Who needs it! Ro: We’re gonna put the first cake on the
cake plate, and then I’m gonna place it Ro: on the turntable, this will help us decorate
later. Ro: There we, look at that! Look at that! Mo: Woo! These are pretty fun! Ro: Isn’t that fun? Mo: Err-roo-err-roo! Ro: So you’re gonna grab your icing, I put
it in a plastic bag with a little circle tip Ro: at the end for a little bit more control.
Mo: OK. Ro: And we’re just gonna ice, ice, ice,
the top of this cake. Ro: You can make a circle all the way around,
smooth out the icing, you just want it Ro: nice and smooth before you add the second
cake. Ro: Here we go…. Gotta eyeball it, make
sure it’s right. Ro: Oh, oh! Ro: The next step is to ice! We are going
to ice our whole cake, Ro: so you’re just gonna take a big bag
of icing. Again, I put it in a plastic bag, Ro: with an icing tip, just for a little bit
more control. Ro: We’re gonna start on the top, we’re
gonna ice the top of our cakes first. Ro: Thin amount evenly around, letting a little
bit hang over the side. Ro: Then you’re gonna take your big spatula,
and we’re gonna smooth it out! Ro: Smooth out all the bumps, the wrinkles. Mo: Can we just eat it now? Ro: Oh! Mo: Oh,
you are! You did it. Ro: Yes we can eat it now! Ro: Now that we’ve frosted the top of the cake, we are gonna take our icing and frost the sides of the cake. Ro: And this is where that turntable really
comes in handy! Ro: Because you’re just gonna hold that
icing steady. Mo: Mmmhmmm. Ro: And frost it all the way around as you
spin the turntable. Ro: Alright, done-sies! Ro: You know what I was thinking Molly? Mo:
What? Ro: What’s the next step there? Ro: Let me just get my hair out of the way
here. Ro: So now, the first thing that we’re gonna
do is decorate the sides of our cake. Ro: We’re gonna be making little loops that
go loop, loop, loop, loop, loop! Ro: And that is called swag! Isn’t that
funny? Ro: Watch a pro do her work Molly! Ro: Watch a pro in action here. Mo: Yeah.
Ro: Let me show you how to do this. Mo: How do you do it? Ro: So you’re gonna start at the top of
your cake. Mo: Uh-huh. Ro: And then you’re gonna do a loop on the
side, just loop, loop, loop. Mo: Oh, OK. Ro: You’re gonna go all the
way around, you’re gonna use the turn table as well. Ro: Just incase you forget, oh I got a little
out of control! Ro: Now we’re gonna take our pink icing,
I put a little bit of pink icing in a Ro: plastic bag with another star tip. Ro: This tip is a little bit larger than the
other one that we use for the swag designs. Ro: And, we’re gonna oooh! Ooopsie-doopsie! Ro: We’re gonna start on the bottom, we’re
gonna put a border all the way around the Ro: bottom, just boop-boop-boop, little stars
all the way around. Mo: Just little stars? Ro: Come on! Mo: Hey! Ro: Come, come on! Mo: You’re scaring me over there! Mo: You’re scaring me over there lady! Ro: Yeah, I take my baking very serious. Ro: I over-filled my bag. Mo: Oh. Ro: So,
this is another tips and tricks for you Ro: guys at home, you don’t want to fill
your icing too full. Ro: I got a little over-zealous, I just got
excited! I love frosting! Ro: Now we’re gonna move on to the top of
the cake, we’re gonna put little Ro: stars all around the top. Mo: Oh! Ro: But
mine looks so good, that I’m gonna skip this step. Ro: Because mine looks really good! Ro: But I’m gonna supervise to make sure Mo’s doing it right you guys, because… Mo: Yeah, can you just give me some tips.
Ro: Hagh… Yeah. Ro: Yep, there you go. Mo: Is that OK? Ro:
Mmmhmmm, mmmhmm. Mo: Uh, you know I think I got it, I’m almost
done. Ro: I can help, I can help. Mo: I’m feeling
really good about this. Ro: Gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme! Mo: No, you’re
just gonna eat my icing. Ro: I will. Mo: So you just stay over, I can see that you’ve been eating it, I see the pink. Ro: You know me! Ro: Now we’re all done piping, now we’re
gonna add some sprinkles! For design! Mo: I love sprinkles. Ro: Me too! Mo: Jinx! Ro: Here we go! Ro: Make it rain! Mo: Oh, my gosh! Ro: Oh wow! Mo: You used
all the sprinkles! Ro: Ummm, I… Might have some extra. Ro: I have these cute little candles, these
are birthday candles, and I thought Ro: we could use those today to decorate. Ro: They’re little candles that spell Happy
Birthday. Ro: Place these in the cake to spell Happy
Birthday. I’m gonna put this… Here! Ro: Alright, and now I’m gonna add one more
set of candles, just for fun. Ro: Oh, here they are! Mo: These are adorable! They remind me of
little emoji’s at the top! Ro: Bewwww! Pscbhbbbbbbbbb!! Ro: There we have it, let me spin my cake
around so you can get a good look at it. Ro: Bew! Mo: Whoa, pretty good! Mo: Are you gonna eat that icing? You better
put that back on the cake! Mo: Oh my gosh! Ro: Just one more bite. Both: Ta-da! Ro: Here are the cakes that we made today,
they are perfect for any occasion. Ro: Mo’s is for a birthday, a birthday cake.
And then mine is um, for me! Ro: A big thank you to you guys for suggesting
a not your arms challenge, Ro: And a big thank you to Mo, and Husky for
being my arms today. Ro: And lastly, a big thank you to Wilton
for partnering with me to make this video. Ro: I teamed up with them to make a real video
of how to assemble and decorate a cake, Ro: with some awesome tips and tricks over
on their channel. Ro: So I’ll put a link down below for you
to go check it out, if you’re interested. Ro: And if you guys have any other ideas for
any other games we should play, Ro: please leave me a comment down below.
And, Molly, should we do a taste test? Ro: I mean this has been looking pretty good.
I’ve been nibbling a little bit throughout Ro: the day, but, do you want to have a bite?
Mo: Yeah. Do you just want to grab a piece? Ro: I don’t have a knife so I’m just gonna
karate chop it. Mo: Oh wow. Ro: Yummy little bite. Mo: Oooh! Ro: Oooooooh! Mo: Mmmmm! Mmmhmmm. Ro: Yep… Ro: Did I get a cake on my face? Right here?
Mo: Just a little. Ro: I feel like I got a little somethin-somethin
on there. Mo: I would just, I would just lick your lips
a little bit. Ro: Molly, you got a little something on your
nose, let me get it for you. Mo: Well, that…

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