[♪♪♪] [studio audience applauds] Welcome back,
everyone. Welcome back, and boy, do we have
a treat for you today. So we’ve all heard about this new craze
sweeping the nation called “vegetarian”? [applause] Yes, people left,
right, and center are ditching meat in favor of
healthy vegetables, but I think as all
of you can attest, vegetables can be unbelievably
difficult to manage. Let’s just take a simple one. An onion, for example. Try preparing an
onion on your own. Go ahead, Bill. [chuckling] Okay… [clock ticks] Who needs it? Argh! [horn honks] For god’s sake. Oh, it’s just impossible. Well, Bill,
that is exactly why we are lucky to be presenting our
new product today… [applause] designed to create
delicious, healthy, vegetarian meals while also dealing with those
impossible vegetables for you. Wow. Wow, wow, wow. And this puppy can make
any vegetarian dish, such as… you just put the
vegetables in here… So much nutrition. Mmm. Eat your
cauliflower. [chuckling] Keep away the vampires. [audience laughs and applauds] And, oh… we have
to remember the water. Now, we don’t need too much. Just a cup or two. Just a cup or two,
but we put it right in there… there we go. And we close the lid… and press the button. [applause] [beeping] The PrestoVeg will now assess
the best dish based on the ingredients. [audience oohs]
[beeping] [beep-beep beep-beep][mechanical voice]:
Zucchini patties.
Zucchini patties! Ooh! Now, the entire cooking process
happens in under a minute, and will be piping hot. [ding] And…done. [flies buzz]
[audience gasps] [Bill]:
That’s something, isn’t it? Let’s see it. I can’t wait. Oh, no. Uh… Bill, oh, my God. Oh… Oh, this is… sorry.Oats!

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