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Hey guys, welcome to Nyonya Cooking, the place for Southeast Asian comfort food Now, when I talk about comfort food, I’m referring to food that makes you feel good… feels like home For me, it has to be Chinese soups Now, Chinese soups are really delicious because they are slow cooked Today, I am going to show you how to cook old cucumber soup This is how to prepare it The first step before preparing the soup is to blanch the meat or the bones that you’ll be using as the base of the soup In this recipe, I’m using pork bones You may replace it with chicken, if you like So, over here in a pot of boiling water, I’m going to add a few slices of ginger We will be adding the pork bones As you can see, just now the water was boiling vigorously Now, once we add the pork bones in there, it’s going to settle a little It’s going to cool down We’re going let it boil for about a few more seconds Once it starts boiling again, that’s when we’re going to remove the pork bones As mentioned, you may substitute it with chicken meat or if you like, you may also use dried anchovies I’d used that in my other soups recipes So, if you want to check that out, the link is in the description box or in nyonyacooking.com That’s where we have a whole collection of recipes So, this is already boiling We’re going to remove the pork bones Discard the water What we’re going to have right now is to start with a fresh pot of water So, over here, I’m going to let the water boil This is how old cucumber looks like So, please do not be mistaken It is not old rotten cucumber It’s a different variation of cucumber and it is also mostly found in Asia So, I brought this from Malaysia I couldn’t find it in Germany If you can find it in Europe, please leave a comment in the comment section below Also, just tell me if you could find it in other places You just need to cut them into chunks and remove the center of the old cucumber This is boiling right now We’re going to add the pork bones again Dried scallops… Dried oysters… Dried scallops and dried oysters will make the soup slightly salty Therefore, we’re going to balance it with some sweetness So, we will also need some red dates Goji berries would also contribute to the sweetness According to Chinese traditional medicine, goji berries and red dates are very nutritious to our body Therefore, having them in the soup would be very beneficial The last step is to add the old cucumber We’re going to let this cook at maximum heat Once it starts boiling again, reduce the heat to its very minimum We’re going to let this soup simmers for at least one and a half hours You might think that it is long Believe it or not, a lot of Chinese households cook soups like this for at least 3 hours The result is amazing You get the flavour of each and every ingredient The sweetness of the red dates and also goji berries I absolutely love it To me, the minimum (cooking time) should be one hour 30 minutes Nothing less… If you want to go longer, it’s really up to you So, use a heavy pot, like what I have here That would actually help you during the cooking process If you’re going to boil it for so long, it’s going to evaporate The soup is going to evaporate A lot of water would be lost So sometimes, you might want to add a bit more water Add more water so that there is enough left as it decreases during the cooking process For now, I’m just going to let it cook We will be back with the final result Now, before we look at the soup, I just want to give a big shout out and thank you to Funan for sponsoring the location for our meet and greet in Singapore It was so nice to finally meet you guys and to know who is behind the computer, who are actually behind the comments To know that there is actually support for Nyonya Cooking It really makes us very happy Here are some photos that we took at Funan For those of you who haven’t been there, Funan Suite was the place where we had our meet and greet That’s where they also have events sometimes So, check out their facebook page where you could also be updated for events once in a while This is how it looks like right now Everything looks so beautiful Because we had already blanched the pork bones earlier, so you do not really see much residue on the top layer of the soup Now, if you noticed there is a thick layer of oil which usually comes from the meat, you may remove it Over here, everything looks good So, I’m just going to get a spoonful, as usual just to taste Now, I did not add any salt because I do not really like using salt especially if it comes to soups Only when it is really needed Just because we had dried oysters and also dried scallops, so you would not really need salt in this This looks so beautiful Just going to taste Perfection… This is perfection Every time I taste a bowl of good soup, it makes me happy As I’d mentioned before, it feels like you’re getting a big warm hug Really feels like that Delicious… So, just let me show you the cucumber It’s really soft I really like eating this with a teeny bit of soya sauce Hmmm… it’s so delicious It tastes a little like winter melon Uhmm… At the same time, you get this really smooth, creamy texture of the old cucumber that had been boiled for hours So, always taste the soup first before adding some salt If you really want it, feel free to do so I hope that you had enjoyed this video and also the soup recipe If you’re looking out for more soup recipes and also nutritious Chinese recipes, check out our videos where we have delicious and also healthy recipes So, till then, I wish you, as always, happy cooking!

25 thoughts on “Old Cucumber Soup | 老黄瓜汤 | Lou Wong Kua Tong [Nyonya Cooking]

  1. The old cucumber look like sliced pears. But the soup seems tasty. Do you need to add any salt and pepper to taste; I know you said salt is optional but most soup recipes I've seen include some sort of seasoning. Thanks!

  2. Menarik lah. Please make some more chinese sup. And desserts yang macam dalam sup. With manisan inside. I always see my chinese friends post tapi i tak pernah lagi try

  3. Dude…. why did u add the ginger in the first place? Just blanch It in plain water next time. It’s a waste of good old bentong ginger

  4. I made a soup like this with winter melon. I didn't use dries scallops and oysters but used fish sauce instead. It was delicious! I hope I can find the ingredients to make your soup.

  5. This recipe is so interesting for me. I have to try it with some of my overgrown cucumbers. what a great way to use a vegetable that I thought 'got away'! I've seen some other recipes for other vegetables, where in the West we would normally discard, but in Asian countries there is a good use for them. It adds a whole new dimension to my gardening. Unfortunately, those vegetables rarely make it to market here for lack of knowledge. I appreciate the knowledge you share.
    That being said, I was wondering, if in your knowledge, would dried scallops and oysters substitute well in recipes calling for dried shrimp, shrimp paste or dried crab? I am allergic to shrimp and crab (how sad for me! as this developed later in life, so I know what I am missing). I have tried dried anchovies, but the flavor is just not the same. Thanks for any information or suggestions., From Julie

  6. Thank you! Maam, for sharing this videos.im a Filipina, whatching u,first time.but i make this for my Family.thank's.

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