Good Morning Good Afternoon and Good Evening My name is Anurag & Please accept my greetings at whatever time of the day you wish to watch this video if you are a fitness enthusiast the chances are pretty ripe that you love olive oil I mean you want everything to be cooked in olive oil you want olive oil olive oil olive oil everywhere But is this the right decision I mean is olive oil is better that all the traditional thing that we use is olive oil better than ghee, sesame oil mustard oil or any other oil that we normally use in India for the past decade or past centuries Well To decide this and to decide what oil to use for what purpose it basically boils down to two simple factor The first factor I would like to illustrate with the help of an example My friend Akash who is just right behind the
camera he loves this everybody in India knows what it is This is the most favorite snack that we love to indulge ourselves in This is Samosa and what he did he bought a big can of olive oil and poured it in a container and then he poured lots of samosas in it So according to him those samosas which would made of olive oil are supposed to be healthy but is that really the case I think No and this brings me to my first point which is smoke point of an oil Guys presenting to you SMOKE POINT An you never want your oil to reach at this
point because if it will reaches this, it reaches
here all the good benefits they get evaporated see they are evaporating right and its get infested with all coins of free
radicals For those of you who are unaware of what free radicals means well thee are your enemies which you are trying to kill with the green tea or other fruits or vegetables which are loaded with anti-oxidants So Anti-oxidants kill free radicals You don’t want free radicals in your body because they are bad they are toxic On the basis of smoke point Olive oil is not a great choice at all what is that mean you should avoid using olive oil for all the high flame cooking that you intend to do So, what should we use then you know what Desi Ghee gets some serious ass there Desi Ghee has a way higher smoke point then your olive oil So it is much more safer to do all the high temperature cooking in desi ghee so the bottom line is next time whenever you choose your cooking
oil Please check its smoke point the higher the better You know what every homely women on the television is trying to sell me the cooking oil some with advance technologies some with some abc technologies some I don’t know what I mean every new day I see a new cooking oil which some new technologies so how do i decide what to use and what not to use The Answer lies in the understanding of two essential fatty acids Omega 3 and Omega 6 Our problem I would say our ignorance is the fact Whenever see anything with the prefix omega we automatically assume, that this is heart
healthy but its not The main factor that you have to look out
for are Omega 6 to Omega 3 ratios A ratio of 1 is to 10 is the upper limit After that you get more omega 6 than you actually
require what is that that causes inflammation inflammation is like like this pinch impression when somebody pinches
me skin becomes red in color so whenever you have too much of Omega 6, your internal organs and cell membrane they become red in color and that is not the very good state to be
in because it promotes a lot of diseases a lot of them even you know life threatening
also. Look out for Omega 6 to Omega 3 ratio it really very critical So As per as cooking is concerned Ghee, Butter, coconut oil they are much better choices than something like Olive Oil but does that mean olive oil sucks well no But please only use it for your low flame
cooking or for your salad topping or some other dressing its a perfectly healthy ingredients to befriends
with One more thought about cooking oil Please stop using refined oil reason well process from oil seeds finally made to refined oil is brutally industrial and if you happen to see across how that is being done we come to know that everything nutritional in oil seeds is been ripped apart by the process So please stop using that instead opt for healthier and more unrefined
versions instead look out for oils that are cold pressed or organic admittedly you know, they are expensive but they worth every penny that we spend on
them so guys I hope this was helpful and I wish you stay healthy stay fit and I see you next time.

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