One classic van – five fantastic food trucks.

I have started Jean Sur Mer in 2010. My cooking is pretty simple, straight forward. You don’t have to be a master chef or a Michelin chef to let the fish shine by itself. The freshness of the fish is going to be the star of the dish. I have spent some months travelling around India. Eating. Cooking. And soaking up their culture. I love their spices – “masala”, as they say in Hindi. And suddenly there was a guy who wanted to sell his truck. In six months we were ready to rock’n’roll. If the Diesel engine runs, the rest is just balls and nuts. We want to be special so we are looking at the edge of the highest possible quality we can sell. And we are handcrafting products that you can’t buy in a supermarket. We had a dream two years ago.
We never imagined it’s gonna be like this. The truck and us became one. Specialty coffee is a new thing in Portugal.
The taste, the flavour is completely different. We roast small badges, so we get more control of the quality. And when the clients try our coffee, they get this good experience and in the end they are happy. This is Thecla May. And this is Ewan Murray. Thecla and Ewan love food and cooking. The recipes are developed by Thecla and Ewan themselves: Inspired by the rich cuisine of the Middle-East, which gains a lot of flavour from the Turkish mangal grill.

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